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  1. Bless him! I hate the magpies noise too! And crows! The magpies are often squawking in a tree outside my home office- very annoying! We have so many sparrows in our back garden though 😊
  2. You can’t beat baked beans on toast with plenty of pepper! Lovely! We also put baked beans in a chilli if we don’t have any kidney beans. We ordered a new cabinet for our hall a couple of months ago, we had to get a different one as they couldn’t get stock due to Brexit 😩
  3. Evening all, another couple of busy days here. It’s been so uncomfortably hot here last few days but strangely I’m sleeping ok! I can’t decide if it’s my heart medication or my hay fever tablets ( bad for me too this week.) Yesterday was the hottest day of the year. John was on his rota day off and of course being Wednesday we had Joshua. I was thankful for the air conditioned car rather than the bus! We took him to Minster first thing which is a pebble beach but he loved throwing the scenes into the water. We only stayed about an hour as there was no breeze at all!! So hot. Looking after
  4. You’d have thought they would have only allowed 1000 Pax to book at first then opened up for more nearer the time. So disappointing for everyone. I’m still wondering how they’ve picked the ones to be cancelled.
  5. Yes I’ve had easy refunds from them before. Excellent company.
  6. I’ve had a very busy day today and only just catching up on all the news now. So sorry for you Purdey and hope you have a lovely chilled time in London. Sorry for everyone that’s lost out 😞
  7. Looks amazing Andy, hope you all had a lovely afternoon.
  8. Afternoon all hope you’re all enjoying a good Sunday. It’s pretty hot here, I’m sitting in the garden and there’s more sounds about now from other neighbours than there was when I was sitting out earlier! Just watched England actually win and thought I’d come out again as it’s a bit cooler, only a bit! Had a lovely surprise visit from son and family yesterday afternoon so that was lovely. We all sat in the garden for about 3 hours. Apparently Joshua was saying he wanted to go to ‘nanny’s house’ 😀😀 When I have him this Wednesday I won’t have to pick him up on the bus
  9. Ive been to Rockfish in Dartmouth, it was fabulous, gutted there aren’t any around here.
  10. Just to lighten the mood a bit, I may be a bit mad but when we’re in the Lake District I’ve booked a train to Edinburgh! Just a day trip as I really want to visit the Royal Yacht Britannia! We’re going to drive an hour to Carlisle, stay overnight in a Premier Inn then the next day just over an hours train trip to Edinburgh! I booked the train tickets and hotel a couple of weeks ago and have now realised the night we’re in the hotel is the final of the Euros! So I’ve just booked the restaurant. Haven’t booked Britannia yet in case Nicola starts banning travel again.
  11. Hope all goes well with Teddy Jane. How lovely to have your granddaughter for the weekend, hope you have a great time together.
  12. Morning all, John’s day off today which is always a bit of a strange day for him to be off as I work 1-6pm so we can’t really do much. We’ve had a lazy morning so far and a leisurely breakfast. Also means he’s working this weekend so a quiet one for us. I predict I’ll be in the garden a lot and watching England on Sunday!
  13. Yes I love going to the theatre but I don’t fancy going anytime soon or to the cinema.
  14. Exactly, our vaccination programme is going brilliantly, until the other countries catch up it’s going to be a worry.
  15. I moved our 14 night Med cruise from this September to June next year. One of the reasons was that our longest cruise before this was 12 nights so this cruise is special to us. I don’t want to have ports cancelled or restrictions on going ashore. That’s why I would consider a round Britain cruise in the Autumn as I would know what I was signing up for. The Med cruise was a lot of money for us just to miss lots of ports. Be interesting to see what happens.
  16. Good point, I’m not sure I’d want too many restrictions on a longer cruise though. Let’s hope we’re all cruising soon though.
  17. Evening all, thanks for the lovely comments about the cake, I think perhaps she should consider a little business! She made one for one of her colleagues recently and just charged the price of the ingredients. You’ll be pleased to know our little grandson helped stir the mixture! I’m going out for a meal tomorrow night with three friends, heady stuff eating out in the evening. We met while having a Saturday job in Sainsbury’s when our kids were small and I left there in 2002! Old friends and we always have a good laugh.
  18. It looked a lovely patio area for a meal Graham. Your front garden is enormous! And immaculate, lovely!
  19. Interesting. I often look at menus online before I go to a new restaurant but I’m not a big fan of looking at a menu on my phone and ordering that way but I guess if it’s just the hubby and I on a cruise it would be fine. When I’ve done it it’s been in a group of girlfriends and it’s a bit of an effort to sort out as we just want to chat not huddle round an app!
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