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  1. Poor little thing, must have been a shock! I’m sure you’ll be an excellent nurse for him 😊 Did you see my post about a week ago Jane? My son has got his first jab finally, a month short of his 31st birthday! He was so pleased. They really raced through the 30’s!
  2. That pizza oven sounds fabulous Purdey! We don’t have a BBQ never been a big fan of burgers but we’re having a birthday lunch in our garden on Sunday for my mum with my son, his fiancée and our grandson. We’re doing salads and quiches etc. Weather looks good so fingers crossed.
  3. Oh no Harry I don’t understand it. So sad for you.
  4. Hope it’s good Brian! A sea view and a balcony can’t be bad. That’s near Margate isn’t it? Hope you get the sun, we have a random day of rain here after days of sun!
  5. I spoke to a friend yesterday who has booked for Britannia in August! She’s only been on one cruise before, one of Oceana’s fly cruises from Malta so it will be interesting to see what she thinks of Britannia. Her daughter wanted her to go with them and their 18 month old granddaughter on MSC but she declined because she just wants to chill and relax! She looks after her granddaughter quite a lot.
  6. Good morning everyone. Sorry haven’t managed to read all the posts yet but hope all are well. Picked up my grandson again Wednesday on the bus. He was SO excited when I arrived to pick him up! Had a new garden set arrive yesterday via Amazon but not sold by them. John unpacked it all and discovered we are without the parasol 🙄 Luckily it’s the best thing they could have missed as we do have another one and we wanted more chairs and a bigger table for Sunday. I’ve emailed the seller and had a reply apologising and saying they’ll send the parasol out. So hopefully all good.
  7. I had to wait a long time for Open Reach to fix my phone line last year in the first lockdown. Finally a nice young man finally came in my home and fixed it. They kept saying they’d fixed it ‘remotely’ but they needed to be inside to see the problem. I was without internet for 3 weeks. Hope you sort yours soon.
  8. I agree but what makes life for me is seeing my friends and family and looking after my grandson. I missed a year of his life 😞 Also going out for meals was our social life, lunch mostly nowadays not evenings 😊 As we’re able to do those things now I would be ok with the release of lockdown being delayed as long as we don’t go backwards again. Seeing on the news today all the jobs that could be lost in the travel industry is very sad.
  9. I can understand salesmen get bonus’s or whatever but to say to you ‘no one buys with cash now’ is downright rude! We don’t normally buy for cash but had an inheritance to buy our last car. I would go somewhere else ! I will never forget years ago at the Ideal Home exhibition a lady tried to get me to buy a DVD subscription I said (truthfully) I didn’t have a DVD player. As I walked away I heard her say ‘yeah right’ I kept walking but now I’d turn around and tell her it was the truth. How dare she assume!
  10. Morning all, the promised sun has arrived and I’m writing this in the garden. Have done a bit of housework before I came out here. Don’t intend to do much else today except watch John cut the hedge 😀 Regarding social media I have one account which only my friends can see. Better not post on here my Lake District photos til I get home 🙄
  11. I’m sure you’ll enjoy . I normally avoid weekends if I can but now I don’t have every Thursday and Friday off like I used to it’s difficult. I think I may know the ice cream place you mean, if it’s on the front there was a long queue outside yesterday! We stayed in the Royal Albion once with a fantastic sea view, it was fabulous.
  12. Me too, can’t believe it’s nearly June and our first visit this year! Thanks Graham, the conservatory had the doors open so lots of fresh air ! Your Yorkshire puddings look enormous!
  13. Hi, I suffered a lot two years ago. Foot insoles helped a bit but I honestly found shoes with a chunky sole helped the best. Although I like my sketchers and they are comfortable I do find they don’t actually help the heel pain. I’ve got my chunky sole M&S sandals out the last few days and its better again. To my surprise if you google it it does say completely flat heels aren’t good for it. I now live in my ‘fit flop’ boots or M&S sandals. I also changed my flat slippers for ‘sliders’ that have a small wedge heel. Hope he finds some relief, it is miserable.
  14. Afternoon all, lovely and sunny here as I write this although we’ve just got back from a jaunt to Broadstairs and the sun never really got through there and it was quite chilly at one point! Our son had got us a Prezzo voucher and the Prezzo in Broadstairs is right on the seafront with a conservatory with a view. That’s the main reason we went. A nice lunch was had, shame we didn’t have more sun though. Busier than we’re used to but not too bad except the parking! Luckily we left plenty of time. Here’s me and the view from our table.
  15. Well John has been battling with hedge today! Very dull and overcast this morning but the sun is finally out! This is the state we found in the middle of the hedge this morning and this is the pile John pulled out where the neighbour had put up a sort of fence and pushed the hedge into our garden!
  16. I think I’m the only one in my group of friends who puts sun cream on in the garden. Since I turned 50 my face goes very red if I don’t when it used to gradually go brown!
  17. Oh no what a time you’re having! Sending hugs x
  18. Sorry I missed your post earlier, good neighbours are precious! I can’t afford to pull the whole hedge down and put up a fence - anyway it’s ‘his side’ - why should he get the benefit 😆 John went and got some bamboo to put up there this afternoon and my privet plants arrived early today 😊 They’re going to have to grow quite a bit but I suppose we’ll get there.
  19. Thanks all, I’ve ordered some ‘privet hedge’ plants after googling ‘fast growing bushes’ they should arrive next week, I ordered them a few days ago so was hoping they’d arrive in time for this weekend. Trouble is the neighbour has put a really ropey looking fence his side he’s cobbling together with bits and bobs! My old neighbour would be horrified if he could see it now, I call it ‘The Somme’ because it’s just mud! I know they’ve got three kids and two dogs but my old neighbours have two kids and one dog and they had a perfectly good lawn. It was funny because whoever trimmed the he
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