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  1. Well John has been battling with hedge today! Very dull and overcast this morning but the sun is finally out! This is the state we found in the middle of the hedge this morning and this is the pile John pulled out where the neighbour had put up a sort of fence and pushed the hedge into our garden!
  2. I think I’m the only one in my group of friends who puts sun cream on in the garden. Since I turned 50 my face goes very red if I don’t when it used to gradually go brown!
  3. Oh no what a time you’re having! Sending hugs x
  4. Sorry I missed your post earlier, good neighbours are precious! I can’t afford to pull the whole hedge down and put up a fence - anyway it’s ‘his side’ - why should he get the benefit 😆 John went and got some bamboo to put up there this afternoon and my privet plants arrived early today 😊 They’re going to have to grow quite a bit but I suppose we’ll get there.
  5. Thanks all, I’ve ordered some ‘privet hedge’ plants after googling ‘fast growing bushes’ they should arrive next week, I ordered them a few days ago so was hoping they’d arrive in time for this weekend. Trouble is the neighbour has put a really ropey looking fence his side he’s cobbling together with bits and bobs! My old neighbour would be horrified if he could see it now, I call it ‘The Somme’ because it’s just mud! I know they’ve got three kids and two dogs but my old neighbours have two kids and one dog and they had a perfectly good lawn. It was funny because whoever trimmed the he
  6. Definitely! I have my son’s birthday the end of June and my Dad’s two days before we go. Garden entertaining again by the looks of it!
  7. As for me I always wear a dress on formal nights, not floor length though as being so short they’re very hard to find. On other nights I wear trousers and dressy tops or less glamorous dresses or tops and floaty skirts - depending on the weather and my mood.
  8. Exactly what I was thinking - a dress code thread! Yay! 😃 I will miss Debenhams for cruise clothes. Thanks for posting your photos - very dapper. I saw a gentleman on Britannia in a tartan suit - he looked amazing!
  9. That’s what I thought you meant Dave, if you work for the NHS you have these tests regularly. I would have thought they were more reliable than ones done at home.
  10. I must admit this insurance business is one of the main reasons I’m not doing one of these seacation cruises! I’m already thinking I won’t go out much in the week or so before my July UK holiday as I’m afraid I’ll get ‘pinged’ by track and trace and not be able to go! I looked at P&O’s recommended insurance for next years cruise - £200 for 14 nights!! I paid half that for an annual policy in 2019!
  11. I hope your weekend isn’t spoilt Sarah. I was really looking forward to the long sunny weekend and John is actually off all three days as well. However we have a hedge between a neighbour and ourselves and it’s ‘his’ side and he’s completely ruined it! A section of it is a different ‘bush’ and he’s done ‘something’ to it and it’s half dead. Came downstairs last weekend and found it’s sort of flopped down. On closer inspection he’s fashioned a fence type ‘thing’ in the space!! It looks absolutely awful 😡😡 I could go on but I won’t, I didn’t take my grandson out into the garden
  12. Aah I love it when the Captain says that, really hope I hear that next year!
  13. I ‘liked’ this Kalos but I really wanted a 😢 button.
  14. Oh no what a palaver! Good old Mum and Dad! Hope you get the bee problem sorted soon, I’m sure I’ve seen a few bee problems on the news recently 🐝
  15. This for Sarah, I posted this yesterday but it was near the bottom of a page! My iPad keeps jumping a few posts lately I wonder if this forum is playing up!
  16. Well I’m absolutely shattered! Went to collect my grandson today by bus. Luckily just a 10 minute bus ride but a bit stressful as he’s a good walker and my almost daughter in law didn’t think he’d sit in a buggy so I decided not to take it, as trying to hold onto him and the buggy seemed stressful. He was good but he had a teddy with him which he decided to give me to hold after 5 minutes and I had a bag and potty to carry too 😆So glad when we got home. I picked him up at 11 and my son and partner picked him up at 3pm. They actually stayed to 4-30 so I was shattered as he actually decided h
  17. Well I popped in for a quick bed time read and found lots of posts! Glad your eye appointment went well Graham. Purdey, I’m sorry your birthday didn’t go as planned but pleased you got your bubbles in the end. I must go to sleep now, I have to collect my grandson on the bus tomorrow, that’s going to be interesting!!
  18. Kalos , sorry to hear you had a bit of a rough time yesterday. Glad you’re feeling a bit brighter today, look after yourself.
  19. Oh Andy I have only just caught up with your news. I’m glad to hear Michelle is brighter today, take care both of you.
  20. Meant to say good luck to Kalos and Graham with their appointments today, I’d sneaked in between work calls as it was quiet and rushed my post 😊
  21. Morning all, I didn’t watch Eurovision, I used to love it but all the political votes used to wind me up! John and I did a home lateral flow test as our son asked us if we would, ready for us to have our grandson regularly. Both negative. This Wednesday I’m doing a trial run of picking him up on the bus! So that will be fun! (I hope) Have a good day all 😊
  22. That’s not good Dave, we had a coffee and cake in M&S yesterday, we scanned the QR code but I didn’t notice many others doing it.
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