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  1. I know what you mean! I often say to John ‘I suppose I’ve got to organise all this’ and he replies ‘but you love it’ and mostly I do 😊
  2. Ooh very good for a newbie! 😉 It took me a couple of years to find that site! It does seem to be laid out differently to before. I’ve bookmarked it, thanks.
  3. I agree that’s what this site is for, great you posted your thanks! Come back and tell us how you enjoyed your cruise 😊
  4. Hello all, haven’t been on this thread for a few days as I knew I didn’t have time to respond to all the posts. Nice to see people out and about and hugging and eating again! I had my parents over for hugs on Tuesday afternoon and my lovely grandson came for another 2 hour visit Wednesday afternoon. First time he’s been inside for months, lucky as the weather wasn’t great. He’s so funny ‘you ok nanny’ being one of his favourite phrases 😁 On Thursday afternoon John and I had an indoor meal inside a pub/hotel. It was lovely but the dishes we wanted were sold out before we got t
  5. Oh no Jean, you’d been doing so well. I hope it’s ok.
  6. Enjoy your meal and hugs Graham, and big hugs for Pauline too.
  7. Anyone take a guess what time Iona will sail on her maiden? I’ve looked on Southampton cruise ship schedule, it says 6pm for Britannia but ‘TBA’ for Iona?
  8. “Poor “ and “old’ was just a phrase 😊
  9. Hello all, I’ve been watching you tube videos on cruises, I really want to be on a cruise ship soon! I had a pedicure yesterday and a hug with my mum and dad today 😊
  10. I’ve got that too. I haven’t clicked on the link yet to answer. I agree with most people that poor old Paul hasn’t got much charisma.
  11. I’m sorry to those that like it I but I don’t want a park on a ship! I want to see the sea! All I need is the sea 😊
  12. Morning all, Kalos I watched Jane MacDonald last week but haven’t watched yesterday’s yet as I was singing along with Gary! 😉 That Princess ship she’s been on is in Southampton this year so I was very interested, I agree with zap and Sarah, a naming ceremony isn’t normally anything we’d see anyway! I think with Britannia we just saw the Queen smash the bottle! Would have been nice to have an inside tour but hey ho!
  13. I was going to say I could see he was standing in front of the ship when it panned out.
  14. I think the light show must have been round Gary. They might have fireworks etc for the maiden?
  15. It was exclusive don’t forget 😉 Even though I saw people on Facebook posting links 😡
  16. It was fine, only 30 minutes! Would have liked to see inside though
  17. Me too, could be tempted by a seacation if they extend into October!
  18. I didn’t but I did when she came in this morning tooting her horn! My friend and I were messaging each other as we watched it, she said she felt tearful.
  19. That’s my view at the moment 😁 1 min 35…
  20. Have you seen the Iona thread? Was really great watching her come in this morning on a web cam! Ive just put the link on and as my new tv gets you tube I have it counting down on there! Probably crash at 9pm! 😉
  21. I like them both but Azura is my favourite because it was our first cruise. We have also done more cruises on Azura ( just co-incidence just right itinerary and time) It was also poor weather on Ventura the first time and that made the indoor pool area really crowded.
  22. Good to know 👍 I’ve been on a train in the Netherlands, they are so efficient. I would have probably just done the P&O coach but it’s a silly price.
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