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  1. You wait til you’re on a ship !! I cry nearly every time 😊 Especially if Captain Camby is on the tannoy giving a speech thanking all his crew!
  2. Hearing the horn is making me quite emotional
  3. That’s brilliant 😊 thank you.
  4. It’s normally 2 per week but the new ship Iona is going to be 1 per week. The short cruises are normally 1 formal night, not sure about these seacation ones though. Judging by posts on Facebook there is one formal night. It usually shows on the Cruise Personaliser after you’ve booked.
  5. We often go about 3pm on a weekday as John works 6-2 and it’s ok then as it’s school picking up time.
  6. Actually talking about black and white night reminds me ... On our first cruise I somehow thought black and white night was a casual night. When I realised it was the second formal night I was glad I had a black dress but I didn’t have anything white. The ship had one of their ‘table stall’ sales and they had some white pashminas for £7.99. I couldn’t decide, then decided to go back and get one - all the white ones had gone!! So- woman’s logic - I ended up buying a black and white necklace and earrings for £25 😂
  7. Im guilty of that too! Wait til you’ve had your first cruise, sometimes it’s months before I have a cruise and I see a black and white dress ‘ooh that would be ideal for black and white night’ 😊😉Hubby just groans!
  8. Good afternoon all. Been very miserable weather here today, drying up a bit now. As John couldn’t do his gardening we went to Bluewater! First time in 7 months, was so nice to just be somewhere different than my local shops. No restaurant lunch of course which is what we’d have done in normal times! I may have bought a couple of items of clothing in Next 😁
  9. Hope all goes well this time Sarah. Well done, you can be very proud 😊
  10. P&O SUE

    NHS App

    I get loads of data on my phone so I should be ok, I can access the internet without having WiFi (as long as there’s phone signal!) Others should too.
  11. P&O SUE

    NHS App

    My husband didn’t get asked (I was) but he’s got a digi identity thing he set up on the Gov.co website when looking for his NI contributions. I didn’t set it up and I had to scan my passport page in and have my face scanned. The message said I’d be told within 7 days but I got confirmation in a few hours.
  12. It’s discrimination against glasses wearers! 😉
  13. That’s a good OBC for a short cruise! Starting to wish I’d booked one now!
  14. I’m more thinking will I fit in them again 😛 It’s sad I’d normally be looking round the shops looking for things for my holiday, annoying hubby by buying another handbag!
  15. Morning all, feeling a bit grumpy this morning, I’m not happy with this weather, I think we were spoilt last year! John is off this weekend but of course the weather is looking dreadful! Now he’s finished our hall he was going to spend time in the garden! Ho hum, count my blessings etc ….
  16. I have the link sent today as well, bit worrying it says make sure your device is as close as possible to the router 🤔
  17. Yes I love the Glasshouse too 😊
  18. I’m so jealous as we had a similar cruise booked last year, obviously cancelled due to covid. I really want to see the Alhambra from Malaga! I got a little sad when I saw the “to the ship” sign! Never fails to excite me!
  19. Hope your lunch went well, our weather doesn’t allow for outdoor dining does it? We had quite a heavy shower about half an hour ago in Kent, hope you’ve been luckier. I’ve booked a NT jaunt for Sunday, the weather looked good when I booked it, doesn’t look so good now! 🙄
  20. Afternoon all, it’s all very miserable here, lots of rain. I nearly put my light on 10 minutes ago as it came over so dark. Is it my imagination or does everyone sound a little down? This time last year it was much warmer! When John gets home from work we’re going to pay for our carpet, that’s the most exciting thing I’m doing today 😊 Can’t wait for restaurants indoors to be opened, I’ve got one booked for next Thursday as it’s John’s first day off after restrictions are lifted.
  21. I remember the faff of taking my glasses off for my passport before last. It told me to in the photo booth but I will always be wearing them when I check in as I’m short sighted! It was a faff because I then couldn’t read the instructions 😂
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