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  1. Yuk!! However I’ll look forward to your review.
  2. The Limelight can normally be booked 90 days in advance but my CP says ‘no need to book’ on all the select venues including the Limelight and we have less than 60 days to go! Like the previous poster I booked Eric and Ern on my first Britannia cruise on the first day available and was right at the front. I saw on Facebook recently someone had contacted P&O and they were told there was a problem with the CP! So my advice is to keep checking regularly.
  3. Totally agree with most of you that we just don’t drink enough alcohol to make the drinks package worthwhile. We have a glass of wine each at dinner and a couple of cocktails later in the lounges/bars.On a sea day I might have lunch in the glasshouse with wine. I can’t remember how much my last bill was but I looked it up when the packages came out and our total bill wasn’t enough and it also included odd things in the shops (a pandora charm was one thing) We don’t budget, just have what we fancy.
  4. We went in July, lovely place although of course the weather helped! Lots of places selling coffee and beer on the prom (though they may have only popped up in the summer!) We had a beer overlooking the beach then a walk along the pier. Then of course bought some chocolates! The giant babies are sort of sculptures ‘crawling’ up some of the buildings!!
  5. My friend is on this cruise, she got onboard at 8pm and they left Southampton at 10pm.
  6. Last year we booked in advance through the CP for the evening on Oceana. However for my next cruise on Britannia on my Cp says book onboard so I don’t know if it’s the new CP glitch or not as the restaurants were definitely pre-bookable last time we were on there! Back to cafe jardin- It’s in a fantastic location and we enjoyed a breakfast and lunch there on a sea day - very relaxing!
  7. I got it and all my details were correct! My husband’s weren’t correct as it said 2 future cruises and not 3 but I only booked the third one recently and it didn’t have a space (I booked online) to put his number in! I intend to phone P&O about it but as the cruise isn’t until 2021i thought I’d wait a while as I’m sure they are busy with coronavirus etc!
  8. P&O SUE


    I’ve just been reading on the Princess forum that the Sapphire’s cruise out of Singapore today was cancelled yesterday!! How gutting would that be? Of course many passengers had already flown out to Singapore - what a mess!
  9. I’ve seen several reports on Facebook from new cruisers on this cruise who had a great time and we’re booking another cruise!
  10. I’m surprised they’re not stopping in Belgium overnight- especially if the weather is supposed to be bad on the Sunday!
  11. My next cruise is just a 2 night break but even I got an email. My husband was considering not bothering with the formal night this time but it does say we’ve got a formal and a smart casual. We enjoy the formal nights but when we had a 12 night cruise we were glad there were no more then 3!
  12. I’m going in October so looking forward to seeing her all spruced up. She is the ship I’ve sailed on the most and I’ve only once noticed the slight smell (near the art gallery?) but I haven’t cruised on her since 2016. I would hate that smell if it was anywhere near my cabin so can understand concerns but we’ve always had lovely holidays on her. Let’s hope it’s sorted.
  13. Castle Cornet is good if it’s open, very close to where the tenders drop you.
  14. Also don’t forget it takes 3 days to get down to Madeira so you’ve got our normal April weather for the first two/ last two days.
  15. Yes, I always go with the mindset I'm going to enjoy myself so I do! Before my first cruise I read reviews and got a bit nervous - after I read reviews of the cruise I was on and didn't recognise it as the same one! I'm not a fan of bingo so I avoid it. I know the sailaways are cheesey but I just go along for the happy atmosphere - if I didn't like it there are plenty of spaces to avoid it. We try not to go in the buffet at midday - etc etc
  16. A most interesting discussion! I'm just going to say I've been cruising with P&O since 2012 and the only time I saw rowdy passengers was last year on a Princess ship!!
  17. Not Iona specific I’m afraid, I am on Britannia in less than 80 days and mine says the same even for the Limelight!
  18. I’m on Britannia in April and mine says the same!! well past the 90 days too.
  19. I'm on B008 and it stil says "no need to book" against all select restaurants even the Limelight club and it's 79 days to go! Normally it shows at 90 days!
  20. I have done two 4 night cruises and a 5 night one and I don’t remember any problems with waiting for a drink. I hope this is not a new thing with the new iPads/ drink packages as my next cruise is a two night one!!
  21. is it possible to phone P&O to book excursions? I don’t know if it’s an option but like you I would be concerned. I’ve managed to book one for April.
  22. When I went in 2018 the shuttle bus took us to a square in town. There were lots of HoHo buses right by where we got off and a land train. It’s a lovely place.
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