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  1. We are a group of 7, ranging in age from 8 to 70. We want to take the train in Skagway, but are unsure of which excursion to book.. The trip to Bennett Lake sounds ideal, until I read the fine print about the seating options. Some in our party are large bellied individuals who would not feel comfortable being crammed into crowded table. On the other hand, some of us are physically fit and looking for adventure. Should we break up the group in order to accomodate everyone (not my first choice)? Recommendations from those who have done this trip are greatly anticipated and appreciated. I should add that all of us are fully mobile individuals.
  2. Waiting to see results also. Would like to see more room reviews posted on Halfacts. I will be sure to post mine after my first HA cruise next summer.
  3. Sorry, about Donna-hope she resolves her health issue. Also, sorry that you did not receive the answer you were looking for. Your best bet would be to call your insurance provider first and speak with them. Then ignore some of the responses you get here.
  4. ours came back in 42 days, start to Finish, no expediting!
  5. We were lucky enough to go on a tour with Michelle and Island Wings! One of the high points of my life!
  6. So, just to be clear.... they do not offer upgrades or transfers after final payment is made?
  7. Yes, I agree that the wine selections leave a lot to be desired. I'll be bringing my own onboard as well.
  8. Caribill, Thanks for that info on Meta upgrades! I learn so much from this site.
  9. I have been on the phone for more than 3 hours today to try and correct Princess moving our cabins. My sister and I are RN's and originally booked a Carribbean cruise before Covid. Well, turns out we had rebooked twice after that in order for us to coordinate our work schedules. We were very spedific in our cabin placement. Everything has been fine up until today. They moved both of us to different decks! Not even anywhere near each other and neither of us received any notification. In our original reservation we had requested No changing of cabins, however, the person who rebooked us failed to click that box. They felt it was an upgrade from Cat. BE to BC. We don't want either of these "upgraded" cabins. I am still on the phone with my TA and Princess trying to settle this, but it doesn"t look good. Will keep you posted. BTW the cabins are on Carribean Princess R746 and R742. They gave away my coveted R746.
  10. We sent our 15 YO daughter"s off for renewal July 19. The check was cashed on Aug. 5. Waiting to hear from them....
  11. Thank you very much! My husband does not want to sail out of NYC because of past miseries ( very long time ago), so I am trying to convince him that I have it figured out ahead of time. Your help is very much appreciated.
  12. Live your best life...that is all anyone can hope for........ RIP and prayers for all.
  13. I think Princess sails out of Brooklyn Port near Redhook. Can anyone verify this? I also wish to know what airport to fly into and which hotels are a good choice for this terminal? I don't plan on doing a lot of sightseeing before my cruise, maybe just explore area around hotel. Like to keep price around $300-450 a night. Any help with logistics would be greatly appreciated since my last visit to the" Big Apple" was over 30 years ago. Also, what is easiest way to get from airport to Hotel with luggage?
  14. Is the mini-bar use similar to hotel mini-bars? Does HAL stock it before you arrive? Are you allowed to use it for your own personal use?
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