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  1. Riviera deck would be ideal, but what is the cover over the balcony like? As much as on Dolphin deck?
  2. Thanks for that 'heads up' regarding the soot. I'll take that into consideration when booking. The pictures really help!
  3. The hubby and I are looking at Mexican Riviera cruises out of L.A. next November. Hopefully, most will have had the vaccine and there won't be any social distancing/masks required. Would like to cruise earlier, but just not sure about earlier in the year.
  4. I'm looking to book an Aft Penthouse on the Majestic Princess for late 2021. Do any of these have covered balconies? From what I've seen, most of them can be seen from the cabin above. I'm hoping to get one where the balcony is at least 75% covered. Thanking you in advance for your answers!
  5. No way, Jose! Not until there is a vaccine and everyone cruising has received it. Just one person with the virus can cause a lot of heart ache and death.
  6. Hi Balboa 79! I just wanted to check with you and see how you're doing. You were so kind last year in giving me advice. Hope you are well - Take care!
  7. Bruce, the balcony on Koningsdam suite 7087 is not the one you're describing. Check out a layout of the ship, Schubert Deck, and you will see what I mean.
  8. Thanks for your comment. Still wanting to find out about the angled balcony, hope someone will answer. Happy New Year!
  9. DH and I are getting ready to book Neptune Suite 7087 on the Koningsdam. I notice that the balcony juts out on an angle, thus giving the balcony a larger size. I'm wondering if anyone has been in this suite? What are the pros and cons? Additionally, we'll be doing the Mexican Riviera in October 2020 and I'm worried about the weather that time of year. Anyone out there who has done this cruise in October, I'd love to hear from. Many thanks for your comments!
  10. My husband and I snorkeled with the sting rays in Bora Bora a number of years ago. It was great fun!
  11. Thanks for your encouragement, we had a wonderful cruise. No problems to speak of, my hubby handled his rollator very well. I wish I had asked for a wheelchair at disembarkation, but other than than things went smoothly. Your support is greatly appreciated.
  12. I remember a Disco Pool Party on some of my past Princess cruises. I'm going to be on the Royal next week and was wondering if they hold such an event? Don't want to bring my '70s disco shirt if there's no party.
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