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  1. Just rechecked and Mariner and Navigator will be there on Nov 3rd. That's a lot of people. Almost 8000 I think I'll keep the bed
  2. I spoke to Shorex by email today. They told me that the Cabana area on South Beach is closed but the beds remain open and on my Nov 1st cruise, I will have a bed at South Beach. Just found out there are two ships at CocoCay that day, so I'm glad i have one
  3. Does anyone have recent info on South Beach beds? I am on Navigator Nov 1, in 3 weeks, and yesterday booked a beach bed at South beach. Will it be cancelled? Will it be moved? Why would they be selling something that is not available?
  4. I was wondering about availability of umbrella chairs but we will be on Navigator and only ship (3800 peeps) vs 5800 on other ships. So maybe getting chairs in the shade won’t be impossible
  5. Going in 3 weeks.....Nov 2019 wondering how far from these beach beds at south beach, you have to go to get food or go to the restroom my hubby needs shade too!
  6. Oh, I missed your post about wifi works in CocoCay. I can live without cellular for the couple hours I may be off ship in Nassau. Then all I really need is their wifi Thank you for the information
  7. ...AT&T is $10 a day unlimited calls, text and data in the Bahamas. Same plan as I have in the USA Just had it when I went to Eleuthra. It's just that on the ship I need their WIFI, so I need 2 plans!!
  8. So WhatsApp will work on ship if you have the wifi. What about in Nassau or Cococay? Do you need the $10 ATT plan for off ship?
  9. Which will be the better side on this cruise? https://www.rssc.com/cruises/SPL200924/summary
  10. Thank you so much! I just switched to an F2!!! Every aft is different and I wasn't familiar with Regent but a blocked view while seating sorta defeats the purpose. Hey bigger bathroom! I'm good. Appreciate the speedy answers I was looking for!!!! Yay Cruisecritic.
  11. On a G2 aft, I noticed it has a solid balcony wall. If you are sitting down, can you see over it or do you end up having your view blocked by the solid balcony wall?
  12. We love an aft cabin but can't afford the corner afts, plus they are not available. Our choices are G2 aft or F2 side There is very little price difference, so that is not the problem. It looks like neither one has a chaise lounge, just a chair. Are there any aft lovers who have been in both that could advise us whether the smaller cabin with smaller bathroom is still worth the aft view? Appreciative of any help.....thank you
  13. so it’s just not the bid? it’s the bid plus the cost of my 2 balcony deluxe owners suite? i don’t need a 3 bedroom either but i bid a little above minimum which was like 2600 for two plus our suite was $14000. I probably won’t t get it but figured it might be now or never lol. Right now there are no 3 bed GV available, so it would only be on the minute chance someone cancels at last minute i suppose?
  14. mike. so a balcony could bid on a 3 bedroom garden villa? i ask because that’s the only suite higher than ours and i bid. but i didn’t realize i was bidding against half the ship for it. Is that true?
  15. Some people say you are offered two cat upgrade to bid on. But i’ve seen people with balconies saying they could bid on Haven. What’s the real story here?
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