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  1. In my opinion this is where Carnival failed. The total lack of information and constantly changing situation has led to confusion, frustration, and burnt up a lot of good will that people had. I would hope they give you a refund, I personally think it's the right thing to do, but will they - IDK.
  2. If it is through Carnival - the answer is no. I just went through this. I'm just out the $288 for Carnival's insurance. But I do get a FCC in the amount of our deposits for 4 people in the amount of $588, that I'll likely never be able to use.
  3. You can cancel and the penalty amount will go towards a future cruise credit (FCC). You can call at a later date to have the FCC applied to a new future cruise within 1 year of your original sale date.
  4. Don't buy Carnival's insurance. In hindsight I've discovered it's overpriced and useless. Go look up insurance from other independent insurance companies that will actually give you cash back and not just 75% back towards a future cruise. I'm out the $288 I paid for insurance. Sucks. That's a lot of money for our family. And I don't actually think we'll be in a position to book a future cruise using the FCC - so we will also be out that money.
  5. Did you call to cancel or do it online? I canceled online but still haven't received an email confirmation.
  6. You know I'm still holding my breath for the first email. Never did receive it. And once again, John posts vague info and everyone is complaining and second guessing and still absolutely confused about the whole thing. I canceled online yesterday morning. I still haven't received an email confirmating my cancellation or the penalties or what will go back on my credit card. I don't have hours to spend sitting on the phone trying to get through to Carnival. On Carnival's FB page a rep said the cancellation fee/penalty automatically gets applied to your account as a future cruise credit.
  7. I'm confused. I thought if you canceled you had to rebook by March 31st (the end of this month) to get the future cruise credit in the amount of your penalty. Am I wrong?
  8. I canceled today. I used the online option to cancel. But others reported they got an email about the cancelation shortly afterwards and I've received nothing. I really don't want to spend hours trying to call Carnival. I pulled the trigger while I would only lose the deposits because I'm not even sure we would be able to use the FCC by the date given. I still need to figure out where the FCC is - do I need to contact Carnival? And did I read it correctly that to use the FCC I'd have to rebook by the end of the month? I don't even know everyone's schedule to be able to rebook. The
  9. I'm planning on canceling. My husband and I are both considered in the high risk category. He is a type 1 diabetic and I'm on meds for my rheumatoid arthritis. While I know not going doesn't guarantee not getting Covis-19, the thought of being restricted to our room and then quarantined at some military base sounds like a nightmare. Just not a chance we are willing to take considering our underlying medical conditions.
  10. Or do I need to call? I know what my penalty is, because is tells me on my booking webpage. What I need to know is does the amount that is refundable automatically go back as a credit to my credit card? How soon do I have to call to get the penalty amount applied as a FCC and how soon do I need to rebook? I know the credit has to be ued by March 31st, 2021.
  11. On another thread someone had said that the FCC had to be used for the same Cat. or above. Was you told anything like this when applying your FCC to your booked cruise or was this not an issue because it was the same Cat.?
  12. So, the FCC can only be used for the same category or higher? Was that in the fine print? That's not cool, if that is the case. There already aren't any dates between now and March 2021 that would even work for the 4 people in our group. Two of us were hoping to just use our FCC on a real cheap lower cat. room cruise.
  13. I have a question about Carnival's cancel for any reason insurance - if my penalty is the deposits for our cruise will the insurance kick in and refund 75% of the deposits for a future cruise? Isn't this what the insurance is for to refund your cruise fare/penalty should you have to cancel. I'm considering just canceling and not rebooking because there really won't be another opportunity for the 4 of us to cruise together due to our schedules.
  14. I don't know. The whole thing seems confusing. People can't get any answers from Carnival because of the phone lines being down or super long waits.
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