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  1. We are doing our first river cruise on Uniworld in 2021! Have only heard good things. Very excited!
  2. Well it was true! Bottles of wine were included at dining venues. Now a moot point I suppose...
  3. 1) Agree but perhaps this realization occurred as she was leaning forward/slipping out of his grip 2) the windows are at least 3 feet tall and if she was over 3 feet at 18 months that would be extremely abnormal I agree that was a horrible accident.
  4. We got the premium plus beverage package as a perk for Sky this coming weekend. Am I reading this correctly, that bottles of wine are included at dining venues?? It’s a 3 night sailing. If so does anyone know what wines are included?
  5. #1...if you can manage going to St. John on your St Thomas day you don’t be sorry!
  6. All I can say is that show must be really amazing 😉
  7. Loving your review as always! We had a very similar interaction with staff on Freedom but having to do with dining. They insisted we had late seating but I had booked early seating and had proof...and were just overall NOT helpful. I requested to speak to a manager and they said he was busy. We liked the Freedom overall but that interaction really rubbed me the wrong way.
  8. We didn’t encounter any mosquitos. We did need sunscreen on our glacier bay day though! We did whale watching and a short hike to the Mendenhall glacier in Juneau. The glacier is pretty far away. We saw this before Glacier Bay and College Fjord, so in retrospect we would have skipped it, but if you aren’t going to GB or another prime glacier viewing area you might want to see Mendenhall. Skagway we took the train up/bus back. Definitely recommend. When we returned to town we had some spare time and decided to take a plane ride over Glacier Bay...this was actually my favorite experience of the trip! We just walked to the airport and we joined some other tourists for our ride. The views are like nothing else! ketchikan we did a rainforest hike. This and all our excursions were through shore trips and we had no issues. We like smaller groups - there were a total of 8 guests plus a guide on our hike. We saw banana slugs, ancient trees and a baby black bear. Didn’t stop in Victoria so I can’t offer anything there. Alaska is amazing and I’m sure you will love it!
  9. Is there anything specific you have questions on? What’s your itinerary? Here’s my general advice: We saw temps from 40 and drizzling to 75 and sunny. Definitely bring a lightweight raincoat that you can layer under, a hat and gloves, shoes that are good for walking and can handle moisture. We loved using our binoculars from the balcony and from the pool decks and promenade...lots to see! We didn’t bring true winter coats and instead opted for layering (at the coldest, long sleeve shirt + sweatshirt + fleece jacket).
  10. We did the ciccheti bar tour with Alessandro (along with some of our fellow cruisers) a couple nights before the cruise. It was so much fun, highly recommend, especially if it’s your first time in Venice.
  11. We spent a lot of time on our balcony and out on deck too in September...I’m imagining the weather to be similarly variable in May.
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