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  1. Cruise date 21/3/20 cancelled a week before sailing by Princess. FCC’s given early May. Refund received by TA on the 12/6/20 and showing on our credit card today. We have to wait another 14 days for the bank to credit this back to our bank account. We also received FCC’s 3 weeks ago for a cruise we cancelled a week before the first Princess pause, which they included in the refunds - this also includes the amount we paid via Ez Air for non refundable flights with Virgin Airlines. I know it has taken a while for this to happen, but appreciate the work that Princess (and our TA) have had to do. Now we just have to wait to be able to cruise again - and this could be quite a wait as our Prime Minister (Australia) has announced today that international travel is likely to not take place for another 12 months.
  2. We are in Australia and were advised by our TA that they have received the refund for our cruise cancelled by Princess (21 March 2020) We now have to wait up to 14 days for the TA to refund back to our credit card. We received the FCC’s for this cruise over a month ago. We have also received FCC’s for a cruise we cancelled a few days before the first pause by Princess including FCC’s for our non refundable ez-air flights. It has been a long wait (90 days) but an end is in sight.
  3. We are using Princess transfers for the first time after a flight from Sydney to Melbourne. Just wondering how we find the transfer bus when we arrive at Melbourne Airport - do they have someone standing with a board with your name, or is there a desk where you register for the transfer? Have tried ringing Princess to get an answer but they are obviously very busy fielding calls regarding the Diamond Princess and I haven't been able to get through. Thanks
  4. It has been 3 years since our last Princess cruise and I understand that coffee cards are no more, and that it is loaded onto your cruise card. Previously my husband purchased a card (as he likes a flat white coffee) and when he ordered a coffee I also got a filtered coffee - both drinks off the same card but only his was punched. Can we still do this, or do we have to both purchase a card to be loaded on our cruise card. Many thanks
  5. Thank you for your reply - we have gone ahead and booked and so far everything is ok. We did get charged $100 overseas transaction fee by our credit card provider but we knew that would happen.
  6. We are thinking of doing a cruise with MSC that is sold out via Australian travel agents/websites. A cabin is available with a US online agency (sort of like 'go on a vacation') Has anyone used this online agency to book a cruise and did everything work out ok? They have assured me that there are no issues with them booking with MSC for someone based in Australia, but knowing that someone has done it and all been ok will set my mind at rest a bit. Don't fancy turning up to board in Venice and find we are denied boarding. Many thanks
  7. He has sent it to both the Australian and the UK addresses and both have advised that as his Military Service was in the UK then his booking has to be made in the UK not Australia.
  8. My husband was a Naval Officer in the British Navy, but because we now live in Australia he has been advised that he is not eligible. If we still lived in England he could get it, or if he had served in the Australian Navy he could, but not if you live in a different country to that you served in. I find that a bit strange - he still did his Military Service.
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