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  1. Leave it to the Germans to be organized, orderly and on top of things. We were recently there....everything, including roads, train stations, main Blvds. were spotless! No surprise they have already published an article.
  2. We had booked back to back cruises starting on the March 1 cruise that was supposed to start in Hong Kong (now Manila) . We cancelled and Regent allowed us to apply the money towards another cruise. Why go on a vacation when things will be so difficult? Even if we are allowed to dock at a port (and maybe be allowed to disembark) just getting back on the ship and going thru all the inspections and fear is not my idea of relaxation! No trip is worth that. Thanks Regent for stepping up to the plate and allowing loyal clients an option! Hopefully for those electing to brave it and go, I wis
  3. Interesting.....but that is not much help to those of us boarding in Hong Kong on March 1! So far, Regent has been silent in even attempting to assuage our concerns! I’m not a happy camper right now. Everything I’m reading is just adding more fuel to the fire. More cases, especially in places where we are supposed to be going. I realize for Regent it is about $$$$$$. I called Regent to see if we could exchange this trip for another......HA!
  4. Thanks for your information. We also are supposed to be leaving for a March 1 cruise on The Voyager. Starts in Hong Kong ends in Bangkok 28 days later. Needless to say that along with the riots in HK as well as the virus, we are questioning this trip ( we are seasoned travelers but have never been faced with quite this much doubt). Unless Regent takes some serious steps, the travel insurance that we purchased won’t allow us to cancel.
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