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  1. Boy!! I can hardly wait too see what 'new' rules and roadblocks the 'chicken littles' of the world and the CDC will dream up with next to handicap the cruise industry !🙄--> CDC spokesperson--'Oh ?? you've fixed this air transmission thingee out ?? Well! How's about... lemme see, (taping chin) 'This problem with folks ACTUALLY breathing on the ship at ALL !' (beaming) 'Let's see you get that problem fixed !' You can bet it'll some kind of 'emergency OR current virus variation right around the bend that they'll come up with should CLIA eve think about starting back up. Mac
  2. I guess it makes sense in Royal Caribbean's new business model to kill two birds with one stone i.e.: Unload the 'R' ships of Azamara thus allowing RCCL to concentrate on the bigger floating 'family' amusement/malls that are being launched. Does this signal the end of Viking Ocean and similar cruise lines ? What's your opinion...I'm curious what do you think. Mac
  3. That's refreshing to hear, Chief. That attitude (no blame assigned, just find out what caused the incident and FIX the problem) should be used by companies here. Mac
  4. Holy Smokes !! 😨I HOPE it's also payroll deductible for some poor slob who had to explain how and what in blazes happened !! Gonna be some 'finger pointing' in the boss's office tonight and the usual brown substance is gonna flow down the chain and land on somebody's head! Mac
  5. Thank you so much for those kind words.🙂 I know what you mean about everybody's world becoming turned upside down. We've had to cancel two cruises so far but hopefully our upcoming ones next year will come about. We had gotten spoiled, always planning a spring cruise for our anniversary in March and one at Xmas, so this situation kinda brought us back to earth. Speaking for myself, I will NEVER take cruising as a given ever again. Mac
  6. Well, it sorta 'happened' and it certainly wasn't a planned retirement cruise.🥰The summer before my 63 birthday (we had already paid for a cruise the following Sept 15 my company came up with an early retirement package for those who were 62+ and had 30 years+ w/the company which I qualified for, so my wife , after studying our financial situation and the benefits package said, 'GO for it !!'. and the target date ended up being the 8th of Sept ! So, a week later my 'retirement' cruise was a wonderful gift ! We never looked back. I sometimes wish I had waited till I was 65 BUT I'm glad I didn'
  7. 🙄OMG !! That was the reason I could NOT get my wife to try a cruise for twelve years after we were married ! She believe ALL aboard were 'tuxedo-ball gown wearn snobs' who looked down their noses at normal folks. Had book our 1st cruise a five day Nassau-Freeport out of Mobile at Christmas, in 2006 for our anniversary in March of 2007, without telling her till a week before the cruise for fear she'd back out. She went, fell completely in love with cruising, and we spent the next ten years doing two cruises a year. Mac
  8. LOLLLLLLLLLLLL ! 😄 Nooooooooo kidding you'll notice some 'size difference' between the old and the new Mardi ! I also fell in love with cruising but waited over twenty years (2008)before I was able to take another cruise because, unlike you, I married a woman who NOT take a cruise because of the TV show 'Love Boat' !. (She thought , because of the show' the ONLY people took cruises were nothing but tuxedo-wearin,champane swillin snobs. Try as best I could I could never convince her otherwise.😬 Until our first cruise then she couldn't get on a cruise ship fast enough ! Mac
  9. My 'first' cruise !!😄 (Yup, I was a 'cruise virgin' in 1987) . Had a cabin on the lowest deck, could look out the porthole and the ocean seemed too be about ten feet below. Thought the Mardi was BIG ! Now, considering the mega-liners, she's a tugboat. But, I had a blast !! Mac
  10. You're so right chief, with the last sentence. But 'they' (the premium passenger, you're referring too) do book these lux lines too feel 'superior' if only in their own egos. And while it's some but not all of them who do it for that reason it's still the same reasoning why this type of mentality buys a Caddy for a twenty mile drive to work when a Ford or Chevy would accomplish the same trip. Mac
  11. We LOVE Seven Mile beach (the 'old' Holiday Inn location, now owned by the Ritz-Carlton and a close runner up would be Megan's Bay in St. Thomas Mac
  12. You pretty much said it up at the end. 'ALL' (some of the items on the list, much more than the others, but all were important, to a lesser degree. To myself and my wife we love the the ship, Sea days, being spoiled by the crew, sitting on the balcony watching the sea. the specialty resturants and even the food in the MDR and Buffet. While we've met a few boorish folks, they'd make up maybe about the same number on one hand and out of 15 cruises that is a small fraction. Mac
  13. Chief, when I was in law enforcement, we had a saying that went (and it's the same for every emergency situation) when you think you've learned EVERY aspect of your job, when the chips are down, watch out !! That's when something is about to bite YOU in the rear (and of course, I'm being delicate language-wise)🙂 Mac
  14. I agree completely. Which is why I've often wondered HOW the powers-to-be (law passing political-types) pass laws that are almost impossibel too enact in real ife situations. The event I refer to is the ADA rule that in case of a airline crash (which can be firery disaster) landing the flight attendants WILL help any disabled passenger after those able to exit the plane on thir own. Soo let me understand how this is going to work.. You have 200+ passengers, screaming, clawing to exit over anybody or thing to get out and 5 or 6 passengers who cannot even stand up and yet, with the cabin on fir
  15. OMG !! 😠 That DEFINITLY would make a deck officer mutter (to hisself, of course) 'Where are this people !!' And of course I'm being very delicate, language-wise.🙂 Mac
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