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  1. I met a 'stonewall' of bitter silence IF I ENVEN mentioned plugging in the stove and cooking for a change. She'd come up with some lame excuse about 'it'll heat up the kitchen, or I'll HAVE too do the dishes, (Yeah, like HER hands would touch dishwater ! LOLLLL) blah, blah,..' (you can see where her attitude was headed). SO I just got tired of beating my head against the marriage WALL. Besides her Dad gave her a plat AMEX card for dinner expenses saying HE would pick up the bill !! I figured, 'What tha heck'. I really did get sick of eating out EVERY night though. Mac
  2. Ha Ha !! Sounds like my Ex, she KNEW where the kitchen was, BUT never stepped foot in it, in fact she couldn't even boil water (ore even tried because she wasn't interested) but , in her defense, she really couldn't boil anything because she unplugged the stove🙄 We ate out EVERY night for eight years !! I knew EVERY local eating establishment's menu by heart ! Sorry, I know this was off topic about cruising😢
  3. Exactly !!!😀 That's what I do especally one day when we're at a port where I might not feel like getting offf at. The DH loves either the pool/casino during the day (she's very limited in her walking distances) so she and my sister are busy doing either or both during the day. While I will spend the day out enjoying the balcony then will walk around the outside and many of the inside decks, just exploring the ship. I LOVE the vastness of the ship,and enjoy exploring both inside and out. I'm not a roast in the sun 'pool' person, so I leave that too those who enjoy it. I know many love to sit in the sun, read,drink or sleep. And isn't that what its supposed to be about ? Doing what one likes OR doing nothing at all, if it makes them happy. Mac
  4. When the cruise shuttle turns the corner, and I actually SEE that BIG, white floating MOUNTAIN !!😁 Even sitting here (almost SIX months before our next cruise) just thinking about that happening, I get thrilled ! It's slow torture, slowly watching the days pass till....Well, you understand😞 Mac
  5. Women!!🙄Always know HOW to make us men look BAD !! And loving it ! As we men never seem to catch on.. Mac
  6. That is SO wonderful of you !! I'd never thought about trying to find either a group OR another person for a traveling partner.😉 Mac
  7. This is so true, especially the last sentence. Even though I was married during my last twenty years with my employer and had six weeks vacation my wife only had two weeks. I could and if I worked it out right did take advantage of my free flight benefits too do a lot of traveling for the remaining four weeks. But after 10-12 years I grew tired of just doing solo trips. The solo trip, that broke the camel's back, so to speak, was my week to Las Vegas (HER 'second love') after wandering around, visiting all of our favorite spots during the day and night I swore I'd never take another trip solo. Its extremely depressing to see something so beautiful, like the Irish countryside or London, and not have that 'special' someone there too share the beauty with. Of course, this is just MHO. Mac
  8. Thanks for the heads-up on Away luggage. I've seen them advertised on television and they definitely seem too be well designed and made of quality materials but never knew anyone who had one and could speak from experience. I was a baggage handler for the last twenty years of my thirty year career with Delta and Away luggage came out after I retired but it surely caught my eye when I saw the advertisement. In the twenty some odd years I saw my share of bags ( I worked in international bagroom where we were assigned bags coming into the US for delivery to our flights headed out to the other fifty states.) I guess the most common bag I saw was the typical BLACK🙄 two-wheeled bag w/the pop up handle. And NavyBanker, you're so right, you would not believe how many people will take the very FIRST black bag come-along suitcase they see ! Never ever even checking the airport strap OR name tag, to make sure it IS their bag. I hated the day when I saw the airline bean counters decide to end the exit door guards who CONFIRMED the bagstrap matched the ticket ID. Now you hear about people wandering in the exit, picking up a bag and exiting then returning to do the same thing over and over. One can only hope they can get down to the claim baggage are BEFORE their bag walks off 😨 Mac
  9. Speaking about aluminum suitcase, (and not sure if I can mention the brand name here) The name begins with A and ends with y. They appear metal and may be aluminum, if anybody has one can they advise me. Mac
  10. I was in the same situation seven years ago, I had already retired in 2012 while my DH has just retired the last of this June. It's strange having them home 24/7 after having the entire day to myself. I had gotten into a daily schedule, of doing things, I enjoyed and over the years it's easy too get set in it like a mental concrete. It's like having a new person, who used to only come in on weekends all of a sudden move in and they decide, 'Oh no, I don't like that or lets do this or that today. You learn too compromise about your daily habits. However the ONE thing we've disagreed about (Thank Goodness !!) is our love of cruising. Mac
  11. Next thing you know, RCCL will claim they've just decided (contrary to USCG laws) LIFEBOATS are 'complimentary' according to that line of reasoning, 'YOU ( the passenger did not PAY for the life boat, so presto bango ! they're GONE ! Mac
  12. Hmmmmm… A 'little' more information MIGHT be beneficial, like WHERE is this 'airport' located🙄 We are pretty smart folks here BUT.. we aren't mind readers. Mac
  13. Hmmmm..'Fair OR ethical' ??? Well, THAT certainly eliminates Frank Del Rio, doesn't it ?? Look how he gouges customers on Regents Seven Seas, his so called 'luxurious' cruise line ! Read some of the reviews that say, ' Beautiful ship BUT....Typical businessman. Mac
  14. Mira, Sad to say, and I hate to generalize but it seems MOST of the people who do submit a cruise review about ANY ship or cruise line are going too do nothing BUT constantly harp and complain about everything ! Just take their critical remarks with a grain of salt. As I tell my wife, 'SOME people, you can NOT please, no matter what you do, they're going to find SOMETHING to complain about'. Just relax and yall have a GREAT cruise and don't worry naysayers here. Mac
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