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  1. With a cruisetour, some tours are already included. The cruisetour description should specify which ones are part of the package. You can do some things on your own, but in Alaska, my experience was that you usually had to book tours through the cruise line as Princess, at least, seemed to have an arrangement with the tour operators to handle it this way. I would recommend booking any tour you really want to do ahead of time, as many are sold out well in advance of your arrival at the lodges. Here is a link to the Alaska boards, which is filled with loads of great information:
  2. Another thumbs up for the forward viewing areas on these decks. We enjoyed our time in Alaska from the forward Caribe deck.
  3. Well, we booked a new cruise for November, 2021, for destinations that have closed borders currently. I think that's optimistic! We already have all our cruise accoutrements. We did get new passports in March of this year for a May cruise that was cancelled. Does that count?
  4. Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts and experiences! We were lucky enough to secure an assigned cabin when our Travel Agent called Princess to book the cruise. They gave only a few options from which to choose, but at least I know our location, which will be much less worrisome. I did request no upgrades in order to forestall any surprises, as recommended. Like many others, we prefer a deck with cabins above & below. And as mentioned, a larger stateroom with balcony space is ideal should we be confined to quarters. We selected a mini suite (our first!) A402. Here
  5. What have been your experiences when having Princess "choose for you?" We are looking to book a deluxe balcony or mini suite on the Royal Princess for a sailing over a year away, but are unable to select a cabin for either of these categories. The only option available is having them reserve a stateroom. This has never happened before. I like to select our location and have never done a guaranteed stateroom on any cruise line. Is it worth the gamble? Or should I expect to end up in a noisy location or in the worst cabin? Thanks in advance for any information you can share!
  6. Another vote to consider the "obstructed" ocean view cabins. These are often priced similarly to inside cabins, and if you check the link Thrak provided you can see that many of the Emerald deck cabins are not really obstructed at all. (Thank you, Renmar!) You can see what's outside without spending the extra money for a balcony. While a balcony is nice for Alaskan cruises, you will want to go up on deck to see as much as possible from all sides, especially when viewing glaciers or spotting whales and other sea creatures. For me, I would enjoy the cruise more if I were in affordable accom
  7. When we did our cruisetour in 2016, we had to book it with Princess through our Travel Agent.
  8. I realize this is an older post, but hopefully you are still planning to visit Italy and Europe in the future! Most Mediterranean cruises are very port intensive, so I think the itinerary is more important than the ship or cruise line. You will be spending most of your time ashore, and won't have the time (or energy!) to do a lot of on-board activities. As mentioned, the smaller ships can go into more ports than the huge ships. We had a wonderful Mediterranean cruise on one of Royal Caribbean's older, smaller ships. Happy planning!
  9. We arrived in Fairbanks in the wee hours, and Princess had a bus available for us, as there were a lot of folks arriving at that time. Be sure to look up at the sky as you depart the airport. We were lucky enough to spy the Northern Lights. Quite the welcome to Alaska!
  10. Whether the Connoisseur guided tour is "worth it" is totally dependent on your preferences and budget. We did an Alaskan cruise tour with Princess in 2016, but did not do the Connoisseur tour. At that time it cost several thousand dollars more, and I was able to price out would have been included, and we were able to do all of our meals and extra excursions at a much lower price. We do not feel we missed out on anything. Our room locations and travel between the lodges and cruise ship were fine, even without the deluxe tour version. It is nice to have everything arranged for you, and paid
  11. You described my feelings exactly! But I am lucky in comparison to those experiencing illness or loss of livelihood. Definitely hope to re-book a similar itinerary at a later time when things are less uncertain. Thanks!
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