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  1. Yes, this is why I'm a little torn on keeping the UDP, b/c the majority of our group is doing the early dining, and then there is another couple who purchased the UDP. I agree with the above post, part of the fun is doing different things during the day then meeting at dinner to talk about what everyone did, etc. And yet...another couple is doing UDP. Ugh! Our sailing isn't until 11/29, so I have some time to ponder on this.
  2. Thanks everyone. Not sure if I will keep the UDP or not. It's not inexpensive, but may be something nice to splurge on for this one cruise. To be honest, I've never eaten at a specialty restaurant on Royal - only on Princess. The main dining room fare was "meh" at best in my opinion, and I felt the same way on Princess. Yes, it was edible, not horrible, but I wasn't overly thrilled. I DO love the Windjammer!! If this was just my husband and myself, I'd have no reservations about purchasing the UDP but we are traveling with a fairly big group of friends, so we will dine in the main dining room with them on a couple of nights - the rest of the trip, we'll just have to find other times to visit :-)
  3. It does seem silly at first glance to purchase the UDP when all meals are for free in the main dining room. To each their own, right? I am not a picky eater about WHAT I eat but I didn't feel the food in MDR was prepared very well on our first cruise on Royal back last October. I felt the same way about Princess. Meh. Not bad, but not great. For most cruises I would not purchase the UDP but this is going to be a treat for our upcoming cruise in November, leaving 11/29. It is a 9 night cruise. I love Chops and I want to try Giovanni's, and we also love sushi so looking forward to Isumi, plus the lunches on sea days will be nice - I love the food in Windjammer (go figure I think it's better maybe just b/c so many options!) but on sea days it is so crowded.
  4. Hi, I just purchase the unlimited specialty dining package for myself and husband for upcoming cruise in November on Explorer of the Seas, 9nts out of Miami. We are going with a group of friends. If we choose to eat in the MDR on a couple of evenings so that we can visit with our friends, do we have to stick to the MDR menu or can we order "off menu" at all? I guess I am a bit picky, but have not been a big fan of the MDR fare on either Princess or Royal. It seems to me I've seen other posts about possibly ordering some items (not sure exactly what or if it's very limited) off menu and not being charged extra. I know there is a $35 surcharge, and I did confirm with Royal that we would not be charged for this, but just curious if anyone has done this and, if so, were you able to order a variety of things ? Thanks so much!
  5. Hi, does anyone know the nights Explorer of the Seas will have formal nights and also if there are any "themes" for a 9-night sailing out of Miami, going to the ABC islands, leaving the day after Thanksgiving? Thanks!! Last year, a friend of mine and I went on a cruise on Adventure of the Seas, and for example they had a "disco" theme night but I didn't know about it prior to the cruise. It'd be fun to know about any themed nights so I might bring a little something! Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone. I'm just beginning to do more serious research, so not really sure exactly what I want! I had not considered the Hurtigruten ships, so I'll take a look at those. I love the shows, but not the most important part of my trip. Especially for Northern Europe, for me it is more about the places we visit and not what is available for entertainment on the ship :-)
  7. Hi, my husband and I have always cruised in the Caribbean, and not to sound snobby but feeling a bit "been there done that" and I've turned my attention to Europe. I've been wanting to go to Norway and/or Iceland for a long time. Do you guys have any recommendations for a Norway or Iceland cruise with a specific cruise, like Princess, Royal, etc.? I'm not sure we can do a 12 night, may need to keep it to 7 due to work, and of course adding in travel time. Royal is having a WOW sale right now, and have several itineraries to Norway and also Arctic Circle that look great. Some are out of Copenhagen, some out of Amsterdam. Suggestions welcome!! Thank you
  8. Hi, does anyone have dive op recommendations for Curacao? We will be there on the Explorer of the Seas in early December. Thanks!
  9. Hi, My friend and I each brought two 8-packs of diet coke and water on board the Adventure of the Seas in FLL. No issue at all. After doing this, however, I would not bring it again! I would refrain from drinking soda for the week, and the water on board is perfectly fine. I'll bring an empty water bottle, but that's it! I know my friend, who is a huge lover of diet coke, said she would bring her diet coke again, as I think it was $3.99 for each one she ordered.
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