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  1. Do you know what the flat rate is? I have the same thing, but I don’t want to waste hours on the phone if it’s not a comped Cruise.
  2. Has anyone heard any news on if Adventure Ocean will be open when cruising starts. My kids will be devastated if AO isn’t open and I could see Royal not announcing it.
  3. I have no problem getting food in the windjammer, my issue is getting a table that is cleaned. if they take care of that problem, I’m all in for breakfast or lunch there. I prefer more formal dinners.
  4. Royal needs to change this policy immediately or they will definitely have people sailing when they shouldn’t be. A 1000 refunds are better than having a ship quarantined for 14 days off the coast. Somebody isn’t using the smart side of their brain. Hope it works out for the op.
  5. My daughter will turn 6 two weeks prior to our cruise. My other daughter will be 4. Does anyone know if they will allow a 6 year old to drop down to the 3-5’s? They will be fine either way, but would prefer them together.
  6. It has to be for a sailing between 4/1/20 and 3/31/21. You can use your prime cruise on a cruise you already booked as long as it is not past final payment. Royal will give you the cheapest interior cabin rate off your booking. Give yourself 2 weeks extra, because the prime rewards aren’t always available to use on 4/1.
  7. We’ve taken both our kids on cruises once they reached 6 months. The memories I have of them on the cruise are so much clearer in my head than the everyday stuff. We loved it and had no problems with either of the kids. We also used the nursery which helped out a lot. I think you’re getting comments from people that have never taken real young kids on a cruise before vs people that have. 6-9 months is easier than taking a 2 year old.
  8. And even when you find a station that has gas, you have to wait in an hour long line to get it.
  9. I agree with 0-100. The last 3 cruises, I went directly to the concierge on night 1 before dinner in CK. I explained one of my kids needed a high chair and in the past we would wait up to 15 minutes to get one (night after night). I don’t know why it seems to be so difficult getting a high chair in CK. That’s all we use him for. If the high chair is there each night, he gets $100, reasonable time $50 and if I have to wait 0.00. Last 3 cruises have been $100 tips.
  10. Park cafe is definitely not a secret anymore, seating is very difficult unless you get there early. You can usually find something outside, but don’t forget you’ll be in 90 degree weather with direct sun shining on you. Is El Loco open on Symphony on embarkation day?
  11. Thank you for this thread...we have come close to booking Adventure a few times, but just ended up going with Oasis class instead. I just assumed all ships had the nursery (except Majesty and Empress) so I’m glad I read this. We are getting close to our youngest being 3, so thankfully we will be done with the nursery. It’s so much easier just dropping your kids off and not being on a schedule with AO. Some of my my best memories with my kids are from cruises. My oldest took her first steps on Allure.
  12. I do wonder how often cards get declined when Royal does this. My typical spending on a cruise is around $2000. What if I added another $2000 on a watch or something like that. They would basically be needing $8000 of available credit to run the card at the end of the cruise. I really think they should tell you this prior to boarding.
  13. When this thread started, I knew it was Citibank related. Same thing happens to my credit card each time I use it for a cruise. Last time it took over 2 weeks for a $850 pending charge to fall off. I called Citi and they blamed Royal. Called Royal and they blamed Citi (they told me They continually get calls about this issue from Citi card holders). Nothing I could do at all. Just stinks for you because it’s a debt card. Good luck.
  14. Does anyone have any info on what happens if I booked a cruise, applied a $500 off casino discount and now I can’t go. My wife is still going and the casino certificate was in my name. We are past final payment so my thought is to just not show up and hope for the best. I would rather pay the $500 than have the cruise repriced if I call and cancel. Also don’t want to get in trouble with the casino for using the certificate for someone else.
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