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  1. I find the corporate attitude of Oceania truly appalling towards its passengers. I understand that logistics take a tremendous amount of time to work out however I believe in this instance full refunds should be given to those who don't want to travel to Asia at this time given the risk to life. When you hear that Crystal is giving people the option of cancelling with a full credit why can't Oceania do the same? We have been long time cruisers with Oceania with close to 10 cruises and I am seriously rethinking my loyalty.
  2. We cancelled in early November. Final Payment was due early December and our thought at the time was this was not going to end well despite what others were saying, Little did we know the virus was going to appear. I think it is very irresponsible for Regent to come up with a response so close to sailing. Where are they embarking from ? And what other ports are to be cancelled ? We had planned to spend a week in Hong Kong exploring a place we had never been to before. We book based on itinerary and suppose you don't like the new itinerary? FYI got notification yesterday from Medjet that they would not evacuate due to the virus .
  3. Keep in mind given the time constraint and ongoing maintenance as described above I would guess any improvement will be as needed and mostly limited to public spaces where wear is the most evident.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Yes I see the same break in late April right after the trans Atlantic. I always feel the ships are beautifully maintained so was somewhat surprised at my friends opinion . It is amazing what they can do in a short period of time. Don't think I would want to be on the voyage just prior to though. JMO We will be aboard in July/ August so I will see for myself.
  5. Some friends just got off Marina and said she needs an overhaul. Does anyone know when she is due for one? Thanks.
  6. As to why this is being discussed on the Oceania board.....Just wait a few hours I am sure it will morph into a dress code discussion. LOL
  7. I totally agree! The endless and I mean endless discussion of the dress code is ridiculous. How difficult is this anyway.
  8. Thanks for the update. Newport is a tender port and rough seas even on a sunny day can make a tender impossible to load or unload. We did get to Newport but they had quite some time with the boats. Boston was beautiful but then things took a turn for the worse. Bar Harbor was cancelled and that night all hell broke loose. No one allowed on the decks. We were in a Ocean view and the waves were hitting our porthole. Trays, plates , glassware and bottles crashing to the floor. Sounds like Riviera has managed to deal with it better. Try to be up early for the sail in. Beautiful !
  9. Just asking because it seems fall cruises to New England are very dicy with timing . There is a big storm off the New England coast with 50 mile an hour winds ,a bomb cyclone. People are always asking when is the best time for these cruises to see fall color but neglect the possibility of bad weather affecting the voyage. Last year we missed 3 ports, Bar Harbor, Halifax and St John due to rough seas. Then we had snow and pretty cold temps in Quebec and Montreal. This year the weather seems to be just as bad but a week or two earlier. I was also wondering how the larger ship the Riviera was handling it.
  10. Anyone on this cruise that can report back weather conditions and how it may have affected the voyage? We were on the Insignia last year 1 week later and it was not smooth.
  11. I don't know if I would sell NCL based on this incident however the stocks poor performance for some time now might prompt me to sell.
  12. Regarding Hong Kong, we have just cancelled our Voyager cruise out of Hong Kong on March 1. Have been monitoring the media for months and felt we did not want to put ourselves into the chaos. We were suppose to go in a week early as we have never been there before. However the situation seems to grow worse by the day. Even if they, the government, get the upper hand, there will be a definite pall over the citizens. Just don't want to deal with it. As to Cabo we go there every year as we live in LA and have never felt unsafe. The people are great and we just are careful where we go especially at night. Finally as Americans don't you think it's dangerous in this country with all the mass killings? Just my opinions.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Love these pics we took from our balcony morning of disembarkation .
  14. Is this a week day or weekend? Big difference in traffic . LGA has a lot of construction as a previous poster noted. We disembarked last month on a Sunday morning. Under 30 minutes to JFK. I would still leave plenty of time.
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