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  1. Food Snob also posted on Oceania. I answered the post but it was lost in the chatter. I agree with Mudhen and MamaFej . There are people who actively seek to be disappointed and then share their disappointment with others. Have encountered this onboard more than I care to. Every meal becomes a " meh " and my favorite " Toscana is a joke" multiple times from the same woman.
  2. My experience with the food on Oceania has been excellent. Is it world class? That is subjective. I have eaten at some top restaurants all over the world and some surprising places that one would be hesitant to go in. If you don't like your meal send it back. What I have a problem with is people who go on an Oceania cruise looking to be disappointed and then loudly proclaiming such to anyone who will listen.
  3. We where on the same cruise and I am glad we were both reimbursed so quickly. Sorry we did not sail, worked so long and hard on arrangements. But we are healthy and well so we are ahead.
  4. Cruise July 16 to August 7 Marina Back to Back Oceania cancelled May 20 full refund posted to our CC June 25 Excellent turn around
  5. Article posted on Yahoo today from Barrons reports the cruise industry is burning thru cash and that the liquidty is 5 months for Norwegian. However another, article forget where it was ,said Norwegian was better positioned to weather this than Carnival or Royal . Makes you crazy especially if you have skin in the game.
  6. Just checked the Regent boards and they are reporting all cruises thru the end of June are now waitlisted after being available for the last few months. Meanwhile on Oceania website some cruises in Europe are listed waitlisted from being totally available last week thru the end of July. Maybe it will be a big cancellation coming. Let's hope so because this cat and mouse game is getting tiresome. Realize they have to preserve cash but it is leaving a very bad taste with a previously very loyal base.
  7. Cunard has just cancelled cruises thru July but not sure where Oceania is in terms of cancellations.
  8. We have a Nautica cruise for April 21 and plan to cancel. Until they come up with a vaccine I won't be going that far (Japan) from home. Don't want to get sick or stuck on a Voyage of the Damned. Also there is the not so small logistical problems of airlines flying, ports and countries opening or not, hotels, excursions etc. Now that the whole world is shut down you can't just flip a switch and the whole thing comes back
  9. I find the corporate attitude of Oceania truly appalling towards its passengers. I understand that logistics take a tremendous amount of time to work out however I believe in this instance full refunds should be given to those who don't want to travel to Asia at this time given the risk to life. When you hear that Crystal is giving people the option of cancelling with a full credit why can't Oceania do the same? We have been long time cruisers with Oceania with close to 10 cruises and I am seriously rethinking my loyalty.
  10. We cancelled in early November. Final Payment was due early December and our thought at the time was this was not going to end well despite what others were saying, Little did we know the virus was going to appear. I think it is very irresponsible for Regent to come up with a response so close to sailing. Where are they embarking from ? And what other ports are to be cancelled ? We had planned to spend a week in Hong Kong exploring a place we had never been to before. We book based on itinerary and suppose you don't like the new itinerary? FYI got notification yesterday from Medjet that they would not evacuate due to the virus .
  11. Keep in mind given the time constraint and ongoing maintenance as described above I would guess any improvement will be as needed and mostly limited to public spaces where wear is the most evident.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Yes I see the same break in late April right after the trans Atlantic. I always feel the ships are beautifully maintained so was somewhat surprised at my friends opinion . It is amazing what they can do in a short period of time. Don't think I would want to be on the voyage just prior to though. JMO We will be aboard in July/ August so I will see for myself.
  13. Some friends just got off Marina and said she needs an overhaul. Does anyone know when she is due for one? Thanks.
  14. As to why this is being discussed on the Oceania board.....Just wait a few hours I am sure it will morph into a dress code discussion. LOL
  15. I totally agree! The endless and I mean endless discussion of the dress code is ridiculous. How difficult is this anyway.
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