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  1. Not to put a damper on anyone planning on cruising in the near future, but I just read this morning that a member of the House of Representatives just tested positive for COVID19. He had received his SECOND vaccine about five days ago. Supposedly the second shot becomes fully effective between 7 and 10 days. My point is that the vaccine does NOT prevent someone from catching the virus, it just gives one a better chance of avoiding it or, if you do catch it, have a much less severe case. I am afraid that many people think that getting the shot means no more masks or social dis
  2. No matter what you choose, be sure to stay in Denali for two nights. That way you can take the eight-hour bus tour into the park. It is not to be missed. An absolute highlight of any visit to Alaska.
  3. Another good thing about the Moderna vaccine is that it requires only regular refrigeration, not the 95 below zero F. I think I also read that it is a one-shot vaccine. Let's hope so.
  4. If you want a cash refund of your deposit do you still have to cancel at the 120 day point? We have reservations on the August 14, 2021 sailing of the Bliss. Right now the balance due date is April 16, 2021. If I wait and decide to cancel 60 days out will I still receive a cash refund or have to accept FCC?
  5. We have a cruise scheduled next August on this Bliss. One reason is that the stop in Victoria is at 2 PM so you can spend a couple of daylight hours at Butchart Gardens. We have been there before, both during the day and at night, and there is NO comparison....daytime is much, much better. I believe that on the Encore its shore excursion begins at 7 PM, a non-starter for us. Also, we have been to both Glacier Bay and Tracy Arm. IMO if you don't see any glacier calving it really doesn't make that much difference. As I said, just my opinion. This will be our third Alaska cruis
  6. We have an August 2121 cruise to Alaska scheduled. If it was this August I would have canceled by now. Will definitely keep my eyes open to all developments. No cruise is worth risking your health. I do hope, however, there is a vaccine by then.
  7. Nita, May I ask what great cruise you are going on in December? Is the date the first part of December? That's when we have found really good prices. Thanks. Kathy
  8. If you arrive at a decent time (early afternoon/lunchtime) it is doable. You can then have a lovely lunch overlooking the caldera and go over to Oia after lunch. No matter what time you go to Oia, however, it will be a complete zoo. Don't even think about going there to see the sunset. It takes all the fun and enjoyment out of the experience whether you go with a group or on your own. Sorry.
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