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  1. Thanks for your, as usual, great review. Hopefully you will review your March trip as well.
  2. hank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures. It'S very much appreciated. Are you happy with the new lens? As a Canon owner, I am interested in others' opinions.
  3. Favourite: any Oasis class ship as I absolutely love the Solarium, Beach Pool, Aqua Theatre Shows and Central Park. Least Favourite: none
  4. While on Harmony last year, the many of the "ceiling" sections in the Solarium were ripping, and the crew would have to cut them off as they made quite a loud flapping noise. This did not appear to be an issue on Oasis. how are they on Symphony?
  5. I agree about your having a "wonderful eye" for selecting what to photograph. I need another cruise on an Oasis-class ship! Thank you for taking time out of your vacation to let us sail with you.
  6. Excellent pictures from the British Colonial Hilton and of the ships in port! Thank you for allowing us to enjoy them.
  7. We stayed at Lago Mar this past March. Absolutely loved it. Was the perfect way to begin our vacation. It is not close to shopping or stores, but the atmosphere, amenities and walk to the private beach more than make up for it. You can watch the ships sailing by as they leave the port.
  8. Thank you for another great review and photos. Unlike you, I love the solarium on the Oasis class. I find it so peaceful, and just love getting a chair facing the ocean.
  9. An absolutely wonderful, thorough review, pictures, and scopes. At the outset, you said that you wished to incorporate some humour, and you succeeded in injecting just the right amount. Thank you! Wishing you safe travels. I look forward to reading your final thoughts on the cruise.
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