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  1. baja mama

    How to get to Canada Place

    Thanks a cab will be good.
  2. baja mama


    This will be our first time on the Zaandam and we are in a vista Suite category AA. Any thoughts on this ship and are the Vista Suites bigger then a balcony cabin on another HAL ship? Thanks so much
  3. What is the best/cheapest way to get from the Vancouver airport to Canada Place. We do not do Uber so any other suggestions? If we take a cab what would it cost? Thanks
  4. baja mama

    Dancing wait staff????

    Do they do the singing and dancing on 4 night cruises out of Long Beach, CA? We are on the Inspiration in August and my grandson would love it. Thanks
  5. baja mama

    Just became a 3 star Mariner

    Thanks, now I have 122 more days until I become a 4 star Mariner!
  6. I read that we get 25% of specialty restaurants and wine packages. Is the discount just taken off when they put the order in the computer? What about any wine packages or payment for Pinnacle I make before the cruise on-line? Thanks Lynn
  7. baja mama

    HAL cruiser going on Carnival with grandson.

    Thanks for all he nice comments about how much fun my grandson will have. He will love the towels at night and he has been to a special camp on the other side of Catalina for about 7 years and loves it and I think he would like to see what Avalon looks like. We will not get off in Ensenada because his parents think it is dangerous even though we live there fulltime. It might be fun to be on the ship when it is empty no lines. Lynn
  8. baja mama

    HAL cruiser going on Carnival with grandson.

    I saw some pictures and it looks like the pool has slides and other things in them. I was just wondering what the pool area is like? I know Carnival is not like HAL which is fine for this cruise. The timing works out for both of us and this will be his first cruise. He is a big boy and loves to eat and loves crab, shrimp, and lobster. Is there a upscale dining room that I can pay where he can get lobster? He will love to watch stupid pool games and mini golf and just walking around the ship. He maybe 16 in age but is really about 10 from all his problems. He is very excited. Lynn
  9. We always cruise HAL or Celebrity but I'm taking my 16 year old grandson on a 4 day cruise out of Long Beach for his birthday. He does have some disabilities so he probably will want to stay with me and not go into the teen club. He loves lobster and shrimp cocktail will they have that on this short cruise? Are there things to do in the pool if he does not swim that well? What about the dining room will long pants and a nice shirt work? Any other information would be greatly appreciate. Thanks Lynn
  10. baja mama

    Westerdam so Far

    We will be on her next cruise and are so very excited. Love hearing more about the ship. Have fun.
  11. We are on HAL Westerdam who just arrives from Europe so the crew has to undergo a immigration inspection and a US Coast Guard Drill is required for all crew members therefore it will delay passengers getting on the ship. They are boarding by deck number and the first decks to board at 1:00pm and then 1:45 and 2:30 and then 3:15. I thought if we could drop our luggage off at the pier and then go to a restaurant within walking distance and maybe meet up with people on our roll call.
  12. We cannot get onto our cruise ship next month until 2:30pm. I was wondering if we could just drop our luggage off and go to a restaurant near the port.
  13. baja mama

    Activities and Entertainment at Night

    What is Adagio? Thanks so much.
  14. Do they give you some kind of card to put in the machines so they know how much you gamble? We have been buying casino chips every month since we booked our cruise so when we get on board we have money to gamble with.
  15. baja mama

    When do you buy shore excursions?

    KWB, Our roll call booked a tour on Gio tours in Costa Rica. Lynn