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  1. Most of us would like to know, but none of us can accurately predict the future. I am worried about my November 1, 2021 cruise from Athens. But, I am optimistic that almost all the passengers will be vaccinated and the majority of the ports will be open.
  2. I understand why Regent would not want the risk of having a non-vaccinated passenger on board. However, if a non-vaccinated person is allowed on board, I will not be worried since I am vaccinated. i frequently come in contact with non-vaccinated people. I got vaccinated so I can live a normal life and cruise.
  3. My wife and I are vaccinated. A few non-vaccinated people does not bother me because I am vaccinated. I am getting on the Splendor in Athens on November 11, 2021 even if there are some non-vaccinated.
  4. I have two booked next year: Kevklajvik to Copenhagen departing June 16, 2021 Athens to Miami departing Nov 11, 2021. Both became entirely waitlisted about one week ago.
  5. Thanks to you and the Belfast Taxman. This will be most helpful.
  6. Thanks for your response. You must be better at searching than me. I could not find the forum.
  7. I would appreciate any experience that anyone has with this Regent excursion. We are considering it while on the Navigator in July 2021. Thanks.
  8. Emirates Business Class is great. There is a lounge in the back. Remember the Jennifer Anniston commercials.
  9. We are on the Lisbon to Cape Town cruise prior to this cruise. Our final payment is due in June. Unless there is a remarkable improvement in the coronavirus situation, we will probably cancel both cruises. Otherwise, we would have a lot of money tied up with a lot of uncertainty.
  10. Agreed. Berkshire's comments should be removed. Leave politics out of this discussion.
  11. Carol, thanks for the comments on Botlierskop. I had it as a possibility on our list.
  12. Yes. Here it is: Cape Town to Cape Town Dec 8, 2020 By mj_holiday, March 14, 2019 in Seven Seas Voyager Roll Calls Unfortunately it is not very active. There is more activity here. I noticed jhenry1 also posted here asking for information on excursions.
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