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  1. I'm surprised it actually took this long for someone to sue.... My opinion, I can't see the Carnival Cooperation(which owns Princess, pls correct me if i'm wrong), 'giving in' to this. If so, they will end up bankrupt. Once you pay the first lawsuit, how long before the class action suits begin?..... Sad situation all around
  2. I'm actually sailing on Brilliance the end of the month solo.. (my guy would rather ski so he misses out :) The thought of doing nothing, or everything, and not having to consider anyone else's feelings is wonderful. Just me, my kindle and a drink, bring it on I enjoy traveling alone and do it whenever I can. I too have heard those comments, and seen those looks made by others, some nice, some not so nice . It doesn't even register to me anymore. Best comment I've ever read on these boards was this: "What someone else thinks of me is none of my business" Do your own thing, and pay no mind to anyone else opinion. Life is too short..
  3. HI all, I'm looking at a week long solo trip next Feb on the Caribbean Princess. I've been on Royal and Norwegian and wanted to try another line for comparison. If anyone has been on her, or a sister ship, i'd appreciate your thoughts and input about how it was. I'm 52 years old, and a bit more on the relaxed side- don't need crazy activities or to be running all over the place 24/7- but do enjoy meeting people and trying new things. Thanks
  4. Lois, Congratulations on your retirement. I've got a little over 3 years to go and am finally starting to see the light at the end of that very,very long tunnel. It's a tiny pin light at this point but i'll take it} I wish you a great trip and a healthy outcome from your treatments when you get back. I"ll be sending positive thoughts your way. I don't post a great deal on here(no time with the whole working for a living thing:) but I've enjoyed reading all your tips and advice for many years. I look forward to many more...
  5. Hi all, I have a question for all the Destination brides out there. How did you fly your dress to your ceremony location?. (preferably either American or Delta Airlines) Did you buy it a seat-yes I would consider it if absolutely necessary-or bring it as a carry on, hoping there was a first class closet to hang it in, or last resort, put it in the overhead bin(yikes). Checking it is not even an option.. I wouldn't let it out of my sight under any circumstances. Would it be worth it to bring a portable garment steamer in case there were wrinkles needing to be taken care of once we get to our location ? Thanks
  6. If I can jump on the train and request the welcome letter as well it would be very much appreciated. Flm150@msn.com Thanks
  7. Seaturtle-808 Your photos are Beautiful...:) We are leaning towards a wedding at sea and were wondering about the pictures. Were you able to pick your locations or do they tell you where you have to go? Also how long did you have for the pictures?. We were hoping for at least an hour but preferable two so we wouldn't be rushed.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I'm feeling better about San Juan with each. Definitely going to keep doing my research.
  9. Thanks ladies, I appreciate the input. Everything I've read so far says Old San Juan is the best area to stay for a cruise so the hotel recommendations will come in handy. Did either of you have any problems with customs or getting in and out for your flights?
  10. Hello all, I've sailed solo several times and never had issues with feeling 'safe' in a port before. (very aware of the precautions a woman alone should be taking when traveling alone) I've been looking at a cruise from San Juan P.R. which is a new location for me, and wanted some input from other solo women who've flown in the night before, staying in a hotel overnight, before heading to the port the following day. Have you felt comfortable talking with strangers for assistance or venturing outside the hotel? I'm 51, with minimal knowledge (enough to be respectful and polite) of the Spanish language. Any advice as far as the airport, where to stay, taking taxi's or shuttles to from locations, etc, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Patty
  11. Hi all, Does anyone happen to know if either Royal Caribbean or Princess have Make up Services offered in the salon you can use on the day of your wedding? I can;t seem to find any definate info. Only thing that comes up is the hair and spa services. Thanks for your help...
  12. Steve20832, Do I have to make arrangements in advance with Uber or Lyft or can I walk off the ship and find one waiting in a certain area? Can I pay in cash or do I need a credit card with an account? I've never used them and don't have anything set up. Thanks
  13. Hello all, Does anyone happen to know how much a taxi from the Port of Tampa back to the Tampa airport after debarking is? Do they charge by the mile or a fixed rate before getting in? I've looked into Supershuttle as well, and they are another good option, but if its just as easy to walk off the ship with my suitcase and hop into a taxi i'll do that. Thanks for your help
  14. I'll be on Brilliance of the Seas Feb 27th 2020.. Very excited, its been too long since my last cruise.. My bf is going skiing for the week, and since I don't ski, chose to run in the other direction. He can have the slopes and snow, i'll take the sun and fruity drinks by the pool every time :}
  15. Thanks everyone for your replies. It sounds like they do a few things here and there, and the rest would be up to me. That works...:)
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