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  1. We are getting married May 30th 2022 on Caribbean Princess. Princess cruise line. Our first stop is Princesses private island on Sun, day before the wedding, then St. Thomas the day after the wedding on Tuesday, and finally St. Kitts on Thursday which i'm very excited about. It's a 7 day cruise Sat to Sat so there's a few sea days as well. We actually mailed out the invites yesterday afternoon with an RSVP date of March 1st. This gives those who haven't booked yet time to do so, and make plans with work, etc. We sent 22 total. Of those we expect several no's and estimate a head count between 10-16 people. But who knows. Time will tell, right? There's just a few more things for you both the get through, I can understand your fiance' being so nervous. You've come such a long way!! I'm sending you positive vibes everything works out great 🤞
  2. I am so excited for you both! Two weeks from today you'll officially be married. 👰🤵 That's awesome you two are the first couple to be married on the ship. Hopefully the captain makes an announcement over the PA system to let everyone know:} We've still got 7 months to go and I can't wait. I can only imagine how you both are feeling. If you get a chance come back here before you leave and let us know how you're doing. If not, I wish you a fantastic wedding and a wonderful honeymoon. 🥂
  3. What are you two doing for a 'cocktail hour' after your ceremony? We are doing an hour for pics, then just dinner in a specialty restaurant for everyone.
  4. So happy to hear you don't need to wear your masks. That's awesome!! As far as pics around the ship, maybe they'll tell you to wear them as you walk around but once you're in a spot for the pics you'll be able to remove them. Three weeks away for you two, you're at the home stretch. Are you nervous, how is your fiance' doing? I can only imagine the feelings of excitement around everything. Our planning is going well. We're still in a holding pattern of sorts. We're bringing our own music for our cocktail hour so i've been searching YouTube for classical music pieces we want to use for our playlist. My guy is in charge of that. He's much better with the music on your phone stuff that me. :} Since it's only an hour it shouldn't be too hard to put something together.
  5. I just realized I forgot to ask if you two did itinerary cards/programs for your wedding day? If so, how did you word them? We are leaning towards a single sheet of cardstock paper with the essentials only. Time and place of ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner. We plan on putting them in the welcome bags for the out of town guests who come in ahead of time. Since that will be just about everyone who's attending we aren't worried about missing anyone.
  6. Hi Cheif, I am a bit on the introverted side as well, and I agree it can be very daunting getting on a ship alone while everyone around you is happily chatting away with their companions. It used to make me a uncomfortable until I read a quote that made me stop and think about things. The quote was "its none of my business what anyone thinks of me" For some reason it just rang true to me and made things easier for me. Now when I cruise as a solo, I don't worry about what someone 'sees' when they look at me alone, I think about how all those groups or couples have to accommodate each other, or deal with bad moods, or not wanting to do the same things, while I get to do or not do anything I choose, anytime I want. As far as talking to strangers. Sometimes i'll approach people if they are doing something i'm interested in and ask a question or two. If they aren't receptive I just thank them and move along. If they are, I'll stay and chat a bit. No harm no foul. I'd say, go on as many cruises as you'd like and don't worry what someone else says about it. You need to like your own company before you can be good company for someone else. That's how I feel.
  7. Hi Thjeepster, Was wondering if you heard back for Royal yet regarding facemasks on your wedding day? Hopefully they give you the green light to go without them.. 🤞 I was also curious about how your fiance' was transporting her wedding dress on embarkation day, but then I noticed you're in Florida so i'm guessing it's not a big issue. I have to fly so it's being rolled in acid free tissue paper and put in my carry on. 😲
  8. HI all, We have 2 cruises booked next year. We were logged into our May Cruise and ordered our Medallions no problem. My question is, will the medallion for our January cruise automatically be ordered as well? I tried going into the January cruise in the app and checking but it doesn't seem to want to be helpful right now. thanks
  9. Hi all, Does anyone happen to know if Carnival loyalty points are recognized by Princess Cruises. I'm getting married on Princess and several of my guests are pretty close to top tier loyalty members on Carnival. I'm hoping they can use their status while onboard. Thanks in advance
  10. You be safe as well. Not for nothing, I feel if you have a wedding onboard, you should be given a ton of loyalty points over and above the ones you normally just get for cruising. After all, you are bringing a bunch of people with you for the week and Royal is reaping the rewards for that😁
  11. Glad to hear you dad liked the ship we're on. She's actually going into drydock in April and first week of May next year for routine maintenance,( Hopefully they don't find any unexpected serious issues that delay the rest of the sailing for the month) so she will be nice and shiny for us when we get onboard. We also talked about doing a first year anniversary cruise to Alaska in 2023. The plan is to research what Royal and Princess both have to offer for sailings in May and if we like Princess we'll book while onboard. If nothing looks too interesting/appealing we'll wait until we're home and book with Royal. I'm leaning toward Royal mainly because i've been on several of her ships, I like the atmosphere onboard and i'm only 18 loyalty points away from Diamond status 🤣.
  12. I thought I read Royal wouldn't guarantee the Captain would be officiating the ceremony, saying it 'could' be a first officer if something came up. (but that may have been another line, I went through so many at first they started to blend into the same one) I talked to my guy about it and he is so excited I didn't want to risk it🤣 I would hope Royal will let you go without the masks for the actual ceremony and pictures if nothing else. Especially if you and your guests are actually vaccinated. Is your ceremony inside or outside?, that may determine things as well. I would hate to think they expect your fiance' to put on a face full of makeup and then risk ruining it with a mask! Our wedding is day 3, the first formal night and full sea day. I'm hoping the salon will do my hair, so my first stop when getting onboard is to go there and confirm and/or make my appointments. I'd like to do a dry run the day before the actual day, i've got lots of curly hair and sometimes people who've never worked with curly hair have a hard time with it. I'm betting a lot of the 'older' ladies will want to have their hair done for formal night so better safe than sorry. My ship, the Caribbean Princess isn't even sailing from Ft. Lauderdale yet, think it starts next month??, so I have no way of knowing what capacity it will be sailing at. Hopefully 8 months from now we won't be dealing with testing, masks or social distancing at all any more and she will be full. While i'd rather and emptier ship, if a full one means no more extra covid protocols i'd glady deal with the extra folks.
  13. Hi ThJeepster, We are going through the online wedding coordinator for Princess. So far she has been amazing. I'm very lucky, between my travel agent, who specializes in wedding cruises and was actually married on a cruise herself, and my online coordinator, all my questions have been answered which definitely makes me feel better. As you did, i've got copies of all emails and price quotes etc. just in case anything should happen going forward. One of my biggest fears is leaving paperwork behind. I've already told my guy he will also be carrying copies of all paperwork in his suitcase, and i'm also thinking of mailing a copy to his folks in Florida. For something this important you can never be too prepared right:)
  14. I'm so excited for you to finally have you day! I check out the Princess pages for info on my cruise line an then go over to Royal's page and do the same. I've sailed Royal several times and really like them. Were it not for my fiance' wanting to be legally married by the Captain of a ship, we probably would have gone with Royal too. I was thinking of buying the at home test as well. We have a 4 day trip planned in Jan and it seems to be so much easier than trying to find a Cvs or Walgreens with open appointments. I know what you mean about the guest count changing. We started with about 25 and it seems as though we may end up with barely half that. Our 'official' invites go out beginning of October so we should have a good idea of the real head count shortly after that. (We just keep telling ourselves as long as the two of us are there that's all that really matters. Any one else is a blessing:). I'm chomping at the bit to start buying the items for our out of town bags but holding off until things get closer. We did get a block of rooms for the day before we sail( we leave on a Sat) so i'll have to be satisfied with that for now. At this point, I honestly don't feel Royal will cancel any sailings unless it's absolutely necessary. They have been the leaders since cruising was originally shut down as far as making a plan for sailing safe and getting folks back on board. From what i've read, people seem to feel safe sailing with Royal so why give that up now? I am curious though, did Royal say you have to wear a mask during the wedding ceremony and/or reception or can you all go without? I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending positive thoughts to you every day😁
  15. Hello Thjeepster, I'm so glad to hear things are finally falling into place for you. It seems to me like you've been waiting forever so I can only imagine how you have been feeling. I think keeping a positive attitude is key to keeping your sanity at this point. (We keep telling ourselves, as long as the two of us are on the ship when it sails that's all that really matters). Things are coming along for us. Our date isn't until May 30th of 2022 so we've got a ways to go. We're trying to be a proactive as possible when it comes to paperwork, deciding on a location for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner etc. We want to have as much as possible done ahead of time so when it does get closer and its 'go time' we aren't running around too crazy. As i'm sure you know, getting friends and family all the info they need, (hello wedding website with all the info)l earning how to use the cruise lines app for checking in, worrying about all the changes happening with cruising right now can all be so daunting. It's so stressful sometimes I have to just stop looking at these boards because I'm overloaded. Anyway, I'm excited for you and keeping my fingers crossed, hoping you have a wonderful day and it exceeds all you expectations🤞
  16. Hey Thjeepster, Just checking in to see how you're doing. I think you will be the first of us brides to actually get married on a ship since Covid happened and everything shut down? From everything I've read, it appears Royal has their ducks in a row and they have a method for cruising that seems to be working pretty well. I excited for you and wish you good luck from now until your sail date😁
  17. Congratulations on getting married. A wedding in Bermuda sounds beautiful. I'm also getting married in May 2022 on the 30th. What is your date?. Time seems to by flying by, I can't believe its only 9 months away now. 😀
  18. Awesome... I wonder if we have the same person from Princess. Her name is Melanie. So far she has been great to work with. P.
  19. Dotty123, I'm assuming you are using the Princess Dream Wedding Planner. (I'm getting married May of 22 on Caribbean Princess and was told every couple has to use them.) When you're on the main page of the planner you'll see a whole bunch of blue tabs with drop down menus. Click on the one that says Additional Requests, and the first thing you'll see is Salon Services. Put in your request for a day and time in the box provided. Don't know if they guarantee you'll get it, but it can't hurt to have the request in. (I put a request for the day before as a trial run and one for the day of.) I'm also going to message the Princess wedding coordinator to make her aware, and when I get on board the first thing i'll do is go directly to the salon and confirm I do have an appointment, or if not, to set something up. Our wedding is the first 'at sea' day and i'm guessing a lot of ladies want their hair done for the formal night pics. I'll ask about the make up too, but I'm planning on being able to do that myself if absolutely necessary. i'm concerned with the Covid situation they may not want to touch any one else's makeup products. Anyway, good luck with everything, and feel free to share your experience when you get back. Patty
  20. Thank you 1965, that's the info I was looking for. 👍
  21. I know most of his info can be done on my phone, my dilemma is, if his info is not completely filled in, and mine is, will I be allowed to pick a boarding time for both of us, or will I be denied until his is completely done as well?
  22. Hi all, I've tried searching on these boards, and watching countless Youtube videos and haven't been able to find an answer, so I figured i'd post my question here in the hopes someone can help me out. We have a trip booked end of January, I've got the App downloaded and most of my info filled in, and some of my fiances' as well. ( I know he needs to do certain things on his own phone so that's not the problem.) My question is: when it's time to pick our boarding time, if he does not have all his info input in the app, will I still be able to pick one for us both, or will I be denied because he isn't finished yet? Also if he is not done but I am, will it allow me to pick a time individually and he can go in when he is finished and pick his own?. I know we may end up with different times if this happens. I have no time to call Princess Customer Service, with my job it's not even remotely possible to sit on hold for any length of time. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  23. I got the invite as well. I'm Emerald level if it makes a difference.
  24. Thjeepster, Congratulations!!! I'm so happy you will finally get to have your wedding. You two have been waiting for for such a long time. I'm excited things are finally falling into place after everything you've been through. I still have little over 10 months to wait so we're basically in a holding pattern right now. We've got half the cruise paid off, have a good idea of what we want for cocktails and dinner, the save the dates have gone out and my dress has been ordered. We can't do much more until we know the head count, that should be some time in October when the invites go out. We're so excited to get back on the water we booked a 4 day trip for Jan 2022 on a different Princess ship(our wedding isn't until May 30th 2022 and our ship only does 7 day trips) as a trial run to see how things operate. I plan on asking lots of questions while on board 🙂
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