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  1. Thanks, Rich, for mentioning Amelia Earhart Day! She and I were both born (though not in the same year [emoji3]) in the small Kansas town of Atchison and each year the town holds a 3 day festival celebrating Amelia. This year it had to be cancelled. Though we live elsewhere, we often visit the festival. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. I don’t ever remember using my SSN in a Princess account—or for any other cruise line.
  3. I have never been on a themed cruise before but wondered what this Malt Shop Cruise was like—how does it differ from a regular trip? We were disembarking the Nieuw Amsterdam last week when this cruise was beginning. Lots of maneuvering on the Lido deck setting up what looked to be a stage and dance floor. Anyone ever done one of these cruises before? Just wondering...
  4. Thanks so much DaveOKC for the suggestion to check the flights. I discovered we had a MAX flight & called SWA. Customer service said it could be as late as October 1st (cruise is 10/19) before we find out if our flight is cancelled or if another plane was substituted, so I just switched flights, at no charge, even though the switch was to a higher-fared flight with 2 legs instead of the original one.
  5. Thanks everyone. Even though this will be our 20-something cruise with HAL, I guess I never bothered about it before. 😊 No, we don’t book directly with HAL. just assumed they were like Princess who does let you see your OBC.
  6. I’m having a brain drain and can’t remember where in the online booking my OBC is posted. Help!
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