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  1. I was in Adventure last week, 7/31 sailing, and if all adults were not vaccinated and everyone has to wear masks, I would seriously consider not going even though being on the ship with 900 passengers was like a private cruise.
  2. I heard 900. Nice personal service! Our waiter had about 5 tables.
  3. To run the bluff correctly, you can’t have a luggage tag with you. It is the helpful to be wheeling all of your luggage with you. If you leave your luggage out overnight, I agree that if you are NOT at a port like San Juan or Nassau where all the luggage is laid out in one place, then leaving early may not gain you anything except waiting in a different spot.
  4. I have learned over the years that the departure numbers are suggestions. My daughter didn’t want to leave our cabin even 10 minutes before our “time” (820a). We walked out and told her she’d better come or she was getting left behind. No one asked us our departure number and we took the elevator down and got right off. No line no wait. We bought the transfer, so we walked off the boat and there was a guy holding a sign. From the same company that bussed us from Hilton to Pier. They had the buses closer to the ship than where we were dropped off to get on last week. So quick walk to bus. It’s a short bus so it fills quickly and quick ride to airport. Luggage was under tent in short term parking and cross a street and you’re in the terminal. Easy process and no cabbie hassle. We had come in two days early so only needed ride to airport. $20/pp. Through VeriFLY check in, security and US customs. 810a left cabin. 10a at gate.
  5. That’s the end. We are at the airport. We had a great cruise for our fourth time on Adventure. Clearly this was the best one of the four. I think wearing masks will be disappointing going forward, but I’d do it again, even with the mask rules as they exist starting today. At the airport, VeriFLY line had two people ahead of us. The regular check in line had at 30 people in it. If you fly American, do VeriFLY and you’ll save yourself a bunch of time. You do have to figure out where the VeriFLY line is. We asked an American rep and she put us in the right spot.
  6. Thanks to @HBCcruiser and @MorganClark for the inspiration of their July 17th live report. Thanks to all who read and participated and hopefully I’ve passed it on and inspired others.
  7. Final guess the animal. We are unanimous on our guesses.
  8. Everyone (except for you) said bunny. But it’s art and I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m just sayin’
  9. Last day. It must be Friday. We have a Water Park cabana reserved. Henry gave us great service in the cabana. Checking if we needed drinks, brought us funnel cake and fruit that we didn’t ask for but was perfect. That’s called anticipating the customers’ needs. There’s two slide towers. The small tower has three slides. One slide you ride a mat. One slide has single or two-person tubes. The last slides has a tube that takes up to 4 people. The tall tower has 6 slides of varying thrill levels that you ride one at a time without a tube or mat. Surprisingly, although it is a incredibly long climb to the top of the tower, that is not the scariest ride. If you are not a thrill ride enthusiast, the two shortest slides really aren’t bad. There is also a pool where you can get a workout. Holding onto a rope and climbing across Lilly pads. Or climb a rock wall in the water. The wave pool was a lot of fun. If you’re not a water slide person, really no need to go in Water Park. The cabana had great service but really we didn’t need it with the island so empty. We got it on a deal that wasn’t that much more then the Water Park entrance fees for 3 people. We never waited in line. Everything we did today was waiting for us once we climbed the stairs. It was truly a Perfect Day in Coco Cay.
  10. Animal guessing time. We have a unanimous guess in the cabin.
  11. The captain made an announcement that the person was stable but going to drop them off for medical treatment. He said we may arrive an hour late in Coco Cay, if so, we will stay an extra hour.
  12. I am on Adventure right now, 7/31 sailing. I agree with this. With the mask mandate, I wouldn’t have made the trip to Nassau. This was an expensive flight. No advantage to going out of Nassau and cheaper to go out of Florida.
  13. Today is Thursday. I don’t want to dwell on the negatives but tomorrow is the last day before they throw us off the boat. We are in port at Freeport. Freeport is an industrial port that is not scenic. I have been here before and didn’t leave anything behind that I want to retrieve, so we are staying on board today. The crew ran a life boat drill this morning that passengers didn’t have to participate in. They did blow the alarm horn (7 short and 1 long) multiple times and that thing is loud. They even launched a couple life boats for practice. Staying on board means late lunch at Johnny Rockets (please note finally some food porn below). Good news, they still dance and the drink package gets you free milkshakes. We also learned you can go and pay no cover charge and get a milkshake to go. All of you future cruisers, take note. In my walking today, I found on deck 13 forward where they have stashed all the missing deck chairs. The other reason for not getting off is that the ship leaves at 3:30p. Tough to get value out of a day pass at a resort. Goodbye Freeport, I hardly knew ya.
  14. I haven’t heard anything about cases this week either. Please let us know if you learn anything.
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