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  1. We were also on the Regal in early February and attended the first couple of nights of Liam's performance. I found him not that engaging with the crowd. He was an okay singer/piano player, but we didn't care for the way he changed the way of singing some of the old favorites.
  2. YEG Cruizr 68

    Because sometimes we just feel like a little Princess...

    Oops, my bad! It's a great picture of one of my favorite ships.
  3. YEG Cruizr 68

    Because sometimes we just feel like a little Princess...

    Nice picture. I was surprised to hear that the Sapphire Princess is back in North America already. I thought she was based out of Southeast Asia this winter.
  4. YEG Cruizr 68

    FLL taxi question.

    Just got off the Regal at Terminal 2 this morning....plenty of taxis, no line up and the fare was $15 including tip. Not that much more than Uber would have been.
  5. YEG Cruizr 68

    On Regal right now...

    Thanks for the reply, Goldie. Appreciate the feedback about the wind.
  6. YEG Cruizr 68

    On Regal right now...

    I'm loving your posts, H-Sar. As a fellow Edmontonian who will be boarding Regal in early February for the first time on a Royal class ship, I've been following your posts all week. Question- did you have any opportunity to use the Sanctuary? I was wondering if it gets really windy up there on sea days? We've been up there on the Caribbean Princess, but found it windy and noisy from the flapping panels when the ship was moving.
  7. YEG Cruizr 68

    Regal Princess Guarantee Cabin - When Was It Assigned?

    We booked a BF guarantee in mid-August on the Feb 4/18 sailing on the Regal and received our cabin assignment/upgrade notice this weekend. BC (mid-aft) on the Marina deck.
  8. YEG Cruizr 68

    Golden Beds

    We were on the Golden last week in an obstructed cabin on Emerald deck. The mattresses were firm, but not lumpy, like we've experienced on previous cruises. The mattress felt like memory-foam and were quite comfortable to sleep on.
  9. YEG Cruizr 68

    Couldn't Book

    I think the problem with this itinerary is because Princess sells the Alaska cruise both as one 14 day cruise or two separate 7-day one-way cruises. If looked at from the perspective of the two 7 day cruises, the second leg (southbound from Alaska) and then the B2B onto LA would indeed violate the PVSA because you'd be going from Whittier to LA without a distant foreign port stop. That might be what the Princess reps are struggling with. Try to get them to treat the Alaska leg as a single cruise and then you shouldn't have an issue with the PVSA. You might, however, lose the extra cruise credit.
  10. DH and I were on the Star on Friday night and both of us noticed how empty the ship felt. It was a marked difference from the other cruises (Mexico, Caribbean) we have taken in the past.
  11. YEG Cruizr 68

    Maroon Colored Door Tags

    I think that maroon is the color of the new "Medallion" level in Captain's Circle (for those on their 3-5th cruise).
  12. YEG Cruizr 68

    Chefs Table on Carribean Princess

    We were on CB on the 1/26 sailing and they only had one Chef's Table. It was on the night we sailed from Aruba. The Maitre D explained that they could only fit one seating on this cruise because of the itinerary (Monday/Thursday were formal nights, couldn't have it on the last night, couldn't have it on the night we were leaving late from Curacao, etc.)
  13. YEG Cruizr 68

    quickest route to sanctuary on CB

    The fastest way would be the forward elevators/stairs to the 16th floor, go through the spa to the doors to the pool and head up the stairs to the left side of the pool and the entrance to the Sanctuary is right there. We didn't get to reserve for the week when we were on there Jan 26, so I don't know if there was a discounted rate, but the daily rate was $20 ($10 for half a day). We were able to get in the afternoon at Princess Cays and found that it was nice and relaxing while we were anchored, but as soon as the ship started to move, it was too windy/cold to stay up there.