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  1. We went to the Brevard County Zoo last year - our 2yo DD loved it!!
  2. My wife and I used to take a week in September nearly every year (usually the second week in September) and cruise to Bermuda. We've been there (or attempted to) four out of the last five years. We were thinking about doing it again this year, but there are no ships from NCL heading to Bermuda for a seven night cruise in September!! Why did NCL stop doing these cruises??
  3. How's the weather? Looks like you guys got the first named storm of the season....TS Andrea.
  4. Correct, if you wanted to book February or March, the prices are friggin' expensive, because it's a last minute booking and inventory is low and it's spring break season. You really need to look 6-9 months out for a fair comparison. For the cruise, they clearly have rooms to fill so they dropped the price. And I'm guessing you priced out an inside cabin. And you probably priced out Carnival. None of these are fair comparisons. If you really look at a fair comparison, of which your comparison was not, the prices are very similar. Anyway, the point of my original post was not to sway "Beer Belly" from doing a cruise. My point was that Aruba is not a place to do an All Inclusive resort. And who the heck only spends $100 on incidentals for a 15 day cruise?? I'm done here. Buh bye.
  5. I think your math is a little off. I went back and checked my invoice from last year, and our flight and hotel (2 people) was $4,200. And, yes you're probably talking around $1,000 for food and incidentals. So let's say $5,500 if we're being generous. For the cruise, not sure where you are finding that NYC - NOLA cruise for $1,300. To be comparable, I found a cruise on NCL (since we're on the NCL board) that stops in Aruba (since the poster was asking about Aruba). For a "sail away" balcony, it is $4,422.38 plus gratuities. And that does not include any of the packages. Also, not sure how you've done a 15 day cruise with only $100 for 2 people's incidentals. For shore excursions, specialty restaurants, pictures, etc, you're talking probably at least $1,000 for the two weeks. So I'd say they're comparable.
  6. Do NOT do an all inclusive in Aruba. One of the reasons to go to Aruba is all of the great restaurants. The only decent all inclusive in Aruba is the Riu. We walked through there when we stayed and it didn't seem that great. I would advise to stay in a regular hotel and enjoy all the great food Aruba has to offer! We stayed at the Hyatt and were not disappointed. Here are some of the great restaurants we enjoyed: Gianni's - if you eat here get the cheese wheel pasta! They make your pasta in front of you in a giant wheel of Parmesan cheese and light it on fire. Flying Fishbone - the food was amazing here, and the tables are on the beach. The Lighthouse Restaurant (I think it's called Faro Blanco)- if you go here, make reservations for about 45 minutes prior to sunset and try to get a table by the railing. The view is quite spectacular! Madame Jeanette's Smokey Joe's Dutch Pancake House
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