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  1. This deal sounds good at first. But in reality they increase the price to cover what they claim as free. I am not going to fall for this scam
  2. Samaritans Purse. It is run by Franklin Graham who is Billy Grahams son. They are equipped to help disasters all over the world. You can also do volunteer work.
  3. We live in florida. The night before our cruise we got a call for a move over offer. We were upgraded to a brand new ship the Royal. Moved from inside to deluxe balcony and $1000 credit. So we took it. Booked the cruise for the next year. Got $500 cash back. Then had $500 obc. Did not use it all. Got back cash at end of cruise. Nice deal!!
  4. What is it like to take a holiday cruise ? How do they celebrate it? I like the traditional carols. Do they even mention that it is about Jesus birthday? Or is it all secular and Santa claus?
  5. I am sure the cost of food on a ship in alaska is much higher also
  6. Love the santuary. We like the double loungers. Loved it on the crown. Did not do santuary on the royal. The deck they chose for the santuary was like being in hurricane winds!! Also very few in the shade. But just outside by the pool you could find lounge chairs. Lots of shade on the crown and carribean. But getting there was a maze. Going thru lotus spa around the pool up a flight of stairs
  7. We live in florida. How many hours different in time is it in alaska? If we normally eat dinner at 6 then what time would it be in alaska? So with time change is early or late dinner best?
  8. Why exactly were they disappointed? John hall lives in the villages fl. He has lots of tour shows. He makes it sound so good. But i dont have $12000 to do this. Like you see more wildlife. Meals paid for which are expensive in alaska
  9. John halls kiss alaska. If i ever spent money to go to alaska would use them ALL included. Everything meal tour hotel. Locals do the tours not collage kids. He has been in alaska for 50 yrs. He has lots of tour shows in fla. He goes the full distance into denali All the way to kantishna. Not like the natural history tour does
  10. Dont care for princess cays. We stay onboard that day. Much nicer beaches in fla. Too rocky. Too crowded. Food is so so. Get a massage on the ship. First time we went we got one of those clamshells. It was awful like a sauna. Rocks are terrible. Sand feels nasty. Prefer daytona beach
  11. They did this offer at 6pm on friday night. The cruise was the next day. I was leaving first thing in the morning!
  12. I got this once. They moved me from inside cabin to deluxe balcony on the new ship royal. So i booked the new cruise for the next year. They gave me $1000 When i booked they sent me $500. When onboard i got $500 obc. I did not use it all. I got the balance in cash while onboard ship!! I live in fl so they probally did it knowing i would drive not fly to ft lauderdale
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