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  1. OCruisers


    Whatever, the B2B folks even if they are totally off the ship for a while will be returning to the ship for the next sailing and the crew, staff, and officers will also be on the next sailing. Just saying ... many who have been exposed to Noro will be on the next sailing.
  2. OCruisers

    Temperature in public areas of the Regal

    Sometimes the a/c in public areas gets "hang meat" cold! Best to have some sort of wrap!
  3. OCruisers


    Let's all keep in mind the crew, staff, officers, and those doing B2B will remain on the ship so not everyone who has been exposed to Noro will be leaving the ship.
  4. OCruisers

    What do you do for breakfast the morning of leaving home?

    When we are driving, it's fast food for breakfast for us. When flying, we get something or other at the airport. Never anything at home the day we leave.
  5. OCruisers

    Can I bring this in board

    While travel irons are NOT allowed on Princess, irons at no charge are in the laundry rooms. Try not to worry about every little wrinkle ... everyone will have some quickly.
  6. OCruisers

    Back2Back Cruises??

    Taking a B2B is easy. Carnival will "mother hen" you though the whole thing.
  7. But then you end up with a dirty wet beach towel that you have to take care of washing & drying yourself.
  8. OCruisers

    Crowded? What to do?

    Havng 6 or 8 ships is normal .... If where you wish to go is booked, consider the excursion with the ship to Passion Island.
  9. Good replies above. We also get ours the day before so we'll be good-to-go the next day.
  10. OCruisers

    USing Medallion on Princess

    So seems you've always needed a lanyard for your cruise card so it really won't be much of a difference to you.
  11. OCruisers

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    Leaving for Florida tomorrow with cruise beginning on Saturday!
  12. OCruisers

    Panama Canal full or partial transit

    We've been on 5 full transits (some partials too) and never saw any wildlife of interest when actually in the canal.
  13. OCruisers

    Dietary needs for diabetics on NS

    When you are use to dealing with a diabetic diet at home, restaurants, etc., it's not a problem selecting from the regular menu on the ship. Enjoy your cruise!
  14. OCruisers

    Cruising in Caribbean in November?

    We've taken a couple of Thanksgiving cruises to the Caribbean and had great weather.
  15. OCruisers


    Do please keep us updated on the info you're getting ....