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  1. Good Advice from Aquahound! Over the years of sometimes traveling with friends we've found it's good to have a bit of time alone.
  2. Yes! I carry TWO concentrators plus back up batteries.
  3. Turtle excursions are almost always offered as shore excursions by the cruise ship. The longer 4/5 hour ones are expecially good.
  4. Thanks for your comment, Lois. I always appreciate and trust your opinion.
  5. Has anyone been able to reach Joe by telephone? There was no other family. Yonnie often said, "All of our friends have either died or moved to Florida."
  6. On Princess (own by Carnival Corporation) we did not rebook or cancel by the date stated but were automatically sent the refund ... $400 in our case.
  7. At some point things will be enough back to normal that it won't matter. 😉
  8. Does anyone know if the very close by island of Bequia is having a problem with the ash, etc. from the volcano?
  9. Sadly, Yonnie & Joe had no family except each other. Also, Joe is in bad health. It's a bad situation.
  10. Same as many of you ... always and forever a favorite song of ours.
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