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  1. We cruise on Princess. Often there is 50's-60's-70's music. 💃
  2. OCruisers

    What are you having for dinner tonight? Part 5!

    Went to the grocery and stocked up on the "we always have" items. Won't be using any of them tonight because we're going to the cc for Pub Night! LuLu
  3. OCruisers

    Testing 2.0

    Same here! Guess it's just a matter of getting use to it!
  4. OCruisers

    St Kitts/Nevis

    The Sugar Train was enjoyable ... saw parts of the island we had not seen before.
  5. OCruisers

    Emerald Princess vs. Island Princess

    For that cruise we would pick Emerald for sure and look forward to having a wonderful time!
  6. OCruisers

    Emerald Princess vs. Island Princess

    Ep0 .... Are you considering a full transit or a partial?
  7. OCruisers

    Travel Garment Steamer on Princess

    Happily, Princess has irons at no cost in their laundry rooms so you won't need to take a steamer with you!
  8. OCruisers

    Return to top of page button?

    On your computer clicking "Home" will get you back to the top.
  9. OCruisers

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    Like Pam & others .... You never really know until you are aboard the ship.
  10. OCruisers

    Emerald Princess vs. Island Princess

    We have been on both. As much as we love Emerald, we've also really enjoyed Island which we didn't find crowded even after the unfortunate renovations. For a FULL Panama Canal sailing we would pick Island ... but Emerald for a partial.
  11. OCruisers

    What makes Royal special?

    When we cruise on RCCL, the specialty restaurants are what we enjoy most! 👍
  12. OCruisers


    Paper Straws are better than no straws at all! 😉
  13. OCruisers

    The Morning Doves

    Hoping ALL Doves can get here and will continue to post. While I don't care for the changes, seems we'll just have to get use to them. It's their playground and their ball ... we just play here. LuLu
  14. OCruisers

    How to spend OBC ???

    Possibly consider taking a few ships excursions rather than paying for the private ones you normally take.