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  1. Thanks Keith! If I do decide to try Wasabi as part of my SDP, I will report back on how it all played out.
  2. Does anyone know how the dining package works with Wasabi on the Epic in particular? Is there an upcharge and then it's all-you-can-eat sushi? Or do you get a specific amount of sushi with the package? Or is that restaurant not an option at all? Thanks!!
  3. This is a great thread!!! I have booked a cruise in March and it will be my first one as Platinum and my first one with the specialty dining package. So this has really been most helpful! :-) I was wondering if anyone knew how it works with the sushi restaurant on the Epic (Wasabi) - can I use my SDP for that and how would that work? Thanks so much!!
  4. Sorry for hijacking this thread but I have a quick question for you Perry. You said in your recent Bliss review that your brother was in Cabin 11852. I am in that cabin next week and was wondering if you could tell me if the bed is by the balcony in that room? Thanks!
  5. So sorry for your loss Jamie. You have my deepest sympathies. ❤️
  6. I would follow your Atlanta blog too Sid!! You put so much of yourself into these reviews that we all feel like we know you and we are all rooting for you!!!
  7. To access the Internet, you actually have to go to a web page and log in. You will then be connected to the Internet. You need to make sure you log out when you are done or it will keep using up your minutes. To just view the information on the NCL app, you just need to be connected to the ship's WiFi but not actually logged into/accessing the Internet.
  8. Thanks so much twisterfreak! And welcome back to chilly Canada! I've appreciated your review and pictures. I look forward to seeing the dailies and the port photos!!
  9. Safe travels!! I am on the Bliss on March 2nd and am looking forward to hearing your observations/thoughts.
  10. I know that the Jewel just went through a dry dock so I'm not sure how much has changed from when I sailed on her in June 2018 but I agree with david_sobe that the Spinnaker Lounge is fantastic. We spent a LOT of time there just hanging out or playing games or doing dance classes. A large and inviting space with huge windows so you have a great view even if you're not sitting at the window. I didn't like the jogging track as it gets very narrow at the back of the ship and you are constantly having to stop or move around people who are just hanging out and watching the view (this was during jogging track open hours). I also found that O'Sheehan's wasn't as accessible and feels less open than on some of the other ships I have been on. This is likely due to the fact that it seems to be plunked in the middle of a bunch of staterooms rather than on a floor with a number of other public areas. I did like the fact that the casino was kind of out of the way at the front of the ship. This meant that you didn't have to walk through it and all of its smoke on a regular basis. Nor did the smoky smell permeate other restaurants nearby. I also liked Bliss Lounge which was well used for games, dance classes and just dancing. Sorry to hear that they got rid of the private karaoke rooms though as we enjoyed using those. Overall, I enjoyed the Jewel and all the wonderful staff on-board. I prefer the bigger ships but I wouldn't hesitate to sail her again.
  11. Looking forward to your review Alyssa! We are sailing the Bliss at the beginning of March and cannot wait!!!
  12. I was considering visiting the botanical gardens as well on my upcoming stop in Nassau. So, I would also love to hear if anyone has visited the gardens and what their thoughts were.
  13. Is this same set of puzzles as on the Getaway? Really enjoyed the "escape room" there but wouldn't want to do the same thing again. Thanks, Wendy
  14. What a fantastic idea for the gift exchange - I love it!!!! Did everyone seem to enjoy it?
  15. We were on the Getaway about a month ago and there were also 2 days where there was a free lunch buffet at Moderno. One was Tastes of Spain and the other was Tastes of India. They were very tasty. Sent from my BBB100-1 using Forums mobile app
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