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  1. We cancelled last weekend (50%refund/50 FCC) and got our FCC email today. I called (got through in a few minutes) and asked when I’d get the actual credit to my credit card and she said within the next 7-10 days. The rep was able to look up and tell me exactly what I’d be getting (which wasn’t the case last week when I cancelled) We had booked Air2Sea and she said we should be getting that refund to our card in the next week as well, since our tickets were refundable.
  2. Sorry to hear! We’re on the same sailing, and I was hoping RCCL would expand their 60 policy to include our sailing, but was told yesterday no. (I had sent an email asking if we could have the same accommodation as the May 29-June 11 sailings)
  3. Actually, it’s only for the May 29-June 11 sailings. Ours for May 7, in and out of Rome, wasn’t changed.
  4. I did call and our May 7 Explorer Rome-Rome isn’t covered, although common sense wise, it seems it should. The nice rep and supervisors he checked with didn’t know about the 60 day change. Hope ours is included in the next day or so...
  5. That’s not the case for all - ours is May 7 Explorer (flying to Rome May 5 with Air2Sea) and based upon what I read on CC, I called, spoke to a very nice rep who checked with supervisors etc. and they actually were surprised/unaware that any European cruises were changed to 60 days final payment. Ours is apparently not one, although it would make sense as sooner in time and we still have a few days to 60 days. Anyway, after a very long conversation, he notated our reservation and thanked me for bringing it to their attention and said they’d “escalate” the question... I’ll check again befor
  6. We’re booked for the Explorer on May 7, in and out of Rome - we’ve already made final payment, but wouldn’t have done so if the policy had been 60 days. We also booked the Air2Sea air. Any ideas as to whether it’s worth a call to ask about our situation retroactively? Thanks!
  7. Thanks very much Joanne for the info and the links! Very helpful! (Apologies to Rhonda for hijacking your thread 😊) Elisa
  8. Hi Joanne, I haven’t booked yet, I’m not sure if we’re staying only one of two nights, but would like to stay two. We’ve never been to Amsterdam, and I also need to figure out the logistics of getting suitcases to the hotel after the cruise, then getting us into Amsterdam, and then at some point, getting us from hotel to the airport. (Using metro/mass transit as opposed to cabs) So that’s my next project lol Thanks, Elisa
  9. Joanne, Is this the XO Hotels West? We’re also getting into Amsterdam mid-May and hotel prices have been so high, we were considering staying at an airport (Radisson), but this area seems much more convenient, thanks!
  10. The way they did it on Celebrity, was they had three different themed station settings (which lit up the headsets as either green, blue or red). The DJ/DJs played the songs, so as one ended, the next began. The dance floor was full of green, blue and red dancers and people singing along to different songs! Definitely check it out if you get a chance to see if it’s something you’d enjoy!
  11. It’s actually a lot of fun! We recently came off a Celebrity ship and tried it for the first time! We actually wished it was offered more than just a couple of nights as we love to dance! I suppose it could be better or worse, depending on the DJs choices of songs on the 3 channels, but our particular DJs were great and we really enjoyed it! Glad to hear it’s on NCL as we’ll be on the Jade in May.
  12. We just got off a western med cruise and had noted that we were celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. We got a postcard under the door that said “Happy Anniversary”....🤷🏼‍♀️
  13. Current Constellation thanks to Trishtoro who is currently on the ship, Manuel as CD after Alejandro
  14. Thanks for your report and for posting! We’ll be on the Constellation leaving October 20 from Rome to Barcelona, with some of the same stops! We are sorry we’re missing Alejandro (were with him on a previous Summit Bermuda cruise) but glad to hear Miguel is good! How have you been enjoying the evening entertainment? Have a wonderful cruise!
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