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  1. Same issue for me on iPhone. Can’t log into the App and no content showing.
  2. Royal Caribbean has indicated that their first cruises will be just a few ships on short itineraries primarily to their private islands. Once those go well they will add more ships and longer itineraries, but it will take several months to have all ships sailing again. I would not expect cruises from Tampa until March or April at the earliest, assuming the first cruises sail in December or January, which is questionable at this point.
  3. If this has already been posted, I apologize. I did not see another topic already started. Just what Carnival and the cruise industry needed this year, more issues. https://www.carnival.com/legal/substitute-notice-data-breach?icid=advisory_substitute_notice_10132020
  4. I have found the discussions regarding jelly and jams extremely humorous and interesting and don’t consider it off topic at all. [emoji848]
  5. I’m not sure most cruisers will be happy being put off the ship at the first available port to be treated and / or quarantined when they, or someone in their traveling party, test positive for Covid. That seems to be the plan for anyone testing positive. Hopefully there will be reasonably priced travel insurance policies available that will cover the treatment and return travel, since many health insurance policies don’t cover treatment onboard a cruise ship or in a foreign country.
  6. “The CDC requested that the order be extended to February 15, but compromised with the White House Task Force to extend until Oct. 31 four days before the Nov. 3 election.” https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/09/29/cdc-no-cruising-until-oct-31-four-days-before-election/3508836001/
  7. This is one of the reasons the cruise lines have indicated they will take several months to get back to sailing a full schedule on all ships once cruises do start sailing again. NCL said they expected it to take 4-5 months to have all ships sailing again. This means there will still be many cancellations even once some ships begin sailing again.
  8. Some cruisers will not be happy with this, but the proposal applies to the crew as well (as it obviously would need to): “CLIA spokeswoman Laziza Lambert said that means passengers won’t be allowed to venture off on their own. “Guests and crew would only be allowed to partake in preplanned excursions within well-defined boundaries,” she said in an email.” I can’t imagine working on a ship for months at a time and not being able to get off to be on my own for a few hours during what little free time I may get. Many crew members go ashore to use Internet cafes, shop for basic necessities, have a meal or drink somewhere besides the ship, spend time at the beach, visit friends or family, etc. Hopefully the cruise lines will arrange for ways for them to still be able to do some of these things safely.
  9. I can see the cruise lines limiting the ports for a while when cruises resume to their private islands and their private ports. They could let passengers off without an excursion to shop and eat at Falmouth for RCI lines; Amber Cove, Mahogany Bay and possibly Grand Turk for Carnival Corp lines, etc. Costa Maya could be a possibility since they could prevent leaving the port area without an excursion fairly easily (many don’t even seem to know how to leave the port area there).
  10. That is what has been listed in some of the proposed changes and I believe what MSC is requiring on their cruises that resumed sailing in Europe. Nothing has been finalized for cruises from the US at this point.
  11. There is obviously going to be an inconvenience for some, but the whole country can’t stay shut down until Covid is no longer an issue.
  12. Good to hear. Those that are high risk can still isolate and take precautions and everyone else can get back to some form of normalcy.
  13. We did a lift and shift on our November cruise in late July or early August and it took around 4 weeks for them to process it so that everything showed up correctly.
  14. To each his own, but I care much more more about my money than I do any particular company staying in business. I am not loyal to any particular cruise line or company and not a fan of loyalty programs. To me if a company cannot stay in business by selling their product at a fair price without a lot of gimmicks, then they don’t deserve to stay in business.
  15. The best option is to just take a refund. That way you can do whatever you want with the cash - take a land vacation, book another cruise on any line you choose once cruises start again, save it for retirement, etc. We had two cruises booked and took a refund on the first one that was canceled. We did a lift and shift from November on enchantment of the seas to November 2021 on symphony of the seas only because we had a really good rate that was 1/3 of the same rate on Symphony and a refundable deposit. If things are not back to normal by the time our final payment is due, we will create request a refund of our deposit.
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