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  1. Hello cruisers, I haven't been around for a while, but preparing for our upcoming Liberty cruise, so of course I'm back on CC :-) Our flights home don't leave until 7pm, can we pay to stay on the ship longer? I think they offered that on Norwegian. Pay an extra $100 pp and debark at 3pm or something. I guess we could also do a post-cruise excursion, but that would only kill a couple of hours. We debark in Newark btw. Suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Why Marseille is a fine place to stop on a cruise, where you should go and what not to miss. Historical background too. This is a podcast which is radio on-demand, you can listen on the website or download form iTunes. http://joinusinfrance.com/episode-37-marseille/
  3. You could take the TGV train to Reims and visit Champagne houses, all by yourself. This travel podcast tells you how: http://joinusinfrance.com/13/
  4. Ajaccio is Napoleon's home town, he's not my favorite French ruler, but he had a big impact on history. The museum devoted to Napoleon in Ajaccio is pretty good, not really big, you can spend an hour there. It closes over lunch time BTW. Another thing to do in Ajaccio is to visit the cathedral: Notre Dame de l'Assomption. I love that modern stained glass: Honestly, Ajaccio is one of those towns that almost anyone can visit on their own, and you can even get back to the ship for lunch it's so close! Have fun!
  5. And this is the view from the deck of the ship. You can see how close the town is.
  6. The beach is right near the ship too in Ajaccio:
  7. In Ajaccio the ship will most likely dock right in the city. I was there on the Adventure of the Seas and it was really nice to get off the ship right next to small boats within 5mn walk to the old town. A very easy walk and a pleasant town. I didn't feel the need for an excursion, there was plenty to do on our own just looking around and taking pictures. We speak French so maybe that was easier for us, but I think it's a town where you can take it easy. :D
  8. If you're considering renting a car on one of your stops in France but you're not sure if it's a good idea or not, check out this audio podcast http://joinusinfrance.com/16/ Lots of tips and explanations and encouragement too. Renting a car in port is not for everyone, but if you're travelling in a small group you fill the car and you can save you a lot of money on excursions. I've rented cars in strange places while on a cruise stop somewhere and it's always been a good experience, but quite intimidating. I'm not sure I would have done it before the GPS, but technology solved that for us. Now we can go where WE want to go :D
  9. You know how French people have this reputation of being rude? :( Is there any truth to that? How can you get around it? There's a travel podcast that answers these questions: http://joinusinfrance.com/9/ And have you heard stories about tourists who show up in France and they can't use their credit card? :eek: What about those store hours? Do they EVER open? Yes they do, you just need to learn when: http://joinusinfrance.com/10/ Happy cruising!
  10. City buses are equipped to take on a wheelchair. I know for a fact that they do in Paris. I have no idea if port shuttles do or not. It's possible it'll depend on the shuttle that pulls up??? Travel podcast for great general information about France and Paris: http://joinusinfrance.com/
  11. Travel podcast about Paris and France in general: http://joinusinfrance.com/ Good information about general things to know about France and places to visit.
  12. Nice is not that different from Cannes. You might as well stay put. And for the most part in Cannes I walk along the beach and look at people and stop at cafés. It's not a happenin' place other than when the Festival is on.
  13. If you're a nurse you've heard of hypoglycemia? :confused:
  14. Jolimont


    I'll second that recommendation. Public transportation to the Vieux Port (by city bus or port shuttle), walk around the Vieux Port and the small streets nearby. Get a public bus (or tourist train) up to the Cathedral (interesting church and a nice view from up there). Have some bouillabaisse at a local restaurant (can't recommend one, didn't write down the name). And go back to your ship happy. The part of Marseilles tourists go to is really lovely and if it's your first time there, stay there and enjoy it. You can rush off to other lovely cities in Provence some other time.
  15. If your credit card doesn't have a chip in it (in other words is a typical US card used by swiping) you will not be able to use it to pay for gas at self-serve gas stations with no attendant--90% of them in France today. And you won't be able to pay your toll with that card either. Make sure you pull up to the boot with an attendant (again, not many of those around).
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