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  1. What about a coin - it it ok to give perhaps a €2 coin?
  2. What currency do you tip in - When we sailed from Florida it was easy with dollar bills In Europe you have euro and would end up using coins? We are from Ireland so the norm is to round a bill up but how would this work on the ship when everything goes on your bill. I don't mind tipping but €5 (the first 'paper' money) would seem a lot for one drink Is it ok to tip with coins - seems strange?
  3. Just wondering does anyone know when you have booked with a TA do they organise your refund or do you request yourself? I got a confusing email from Royal. Also regarding the 125% future cc - can you apply this to an existing booking - ie we have a booking for August 2021 - can the 125% be used on this?
  4. When you email Royal via website inquiry how long do they take to get back to you? Sent one about balance owing on Monday and have not heard anything back.
  5. Surely there will be an announcement this week? Anyone know of any scheduled announcement or web conference?
  6. This link explains it https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/frances-mandatory-quarantine-for-those-coming-from-abroad-explained/
  7. Regarding France it depends on where you are coming from. EU and Uk no quarantine but elsewhere yes there is a quarantine.
  8. When you arrive in Dublin or an other airport you have to provide the address at which you are 'isolating' at for the next 14 days. The authorities can check if this is the case. I'm not sure what happens when you leave.
  9. Yes 14 days Also where are you staying - no hotels are open until at least 20 July
  10. It wont sail. Ports wont be open. I live in Ireland - two of brilliance's ports are here - Cork and Belfast. Ports will not allow cruises to dock. The government wont even allow us to travel further than 5km from home at the moment. Hotels are closed until after 20th July at the earliest. We have no weddings only small funerals. Anyone coming into the country has a two week quarantine. We have a 5 phase plan to open the economy up and it will be September at the earliest before any big gathering. Amsterdam/Copenhagen are approx 2 weeks ahead so might open slightly earlier.
  11. Just to add it used to be the case that if you sailed from barcelona there was a spanish tax applied to all purchases - this is not the case for sailing from Rome . The port in Rome is further away though.
  12. Great saving we are a family of 5 so a GT on harmony was nearly €25000, we would never have that much to spend so i'm delighted.
  13. Yep Uk call centre I mentioned that I needed to know if i could definitely lift and shift if I booked as it was an important factor in my booking.
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