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  1. I understand you can make reservations from the phone app - daughter and husband will be in another room. Can you request by how many people or do you have to link your reservation with theirs to make reservations?
  2. Just booked October 2022 - how soon do you sign up for the entertainment?
  3. Just got notification this morning that the cruise has been cancelled - disappointed but will start looking for a new one for 2022. Hopefully everything will be back to normal then.
  4. I have been booked for this cruise since January - Barcelona/France/Italy. Final payment not due until February 2021 but saw that Vision of the Seas would be moving to the Caribbean next summer. Looked on line and still showing the cruise I booked on as available. Probably not going due to medical reasons, but wondered what others have heard. Hopefully I can move it out a year otherwise I guess my deposit is gone.
  5. We have cruised with children and now grandchildren. Eastern/Western are both good - though I prefer the beaches on the eastern. With a child that young excursions can be limited. A beach day is always perfect - make sure you bring some water wings for her. The kids club is only for specific hours so you will have plenty of time to play with your daughter. We had one grandchild that hated the kids club - she ended up with us all week and we still had a great time. A lot of wonderful memories!
  6. Signed up for the Med cruise next May 2021 - what do you think my chances are for the trip to occur. Trying to decide which excursions but don't won't to do anything yet since we don't know what will happen.
  7. On a RC cruise next May - none of the excursions take us to the real statue of Michelangelo. Can anyone suggest a tour from the cruise port that would work. We want to see Pisa also.
  8. got back from our cruise - the stop in the Dominican was great. Just stayed at the pool area at the port. didn't eat or drink but saw others doing it and did not hear of any problems. Like this port much better than Margaritaville. Pool was great!
  9. My cousin called me - 3M has now pulled out everyone from their company there. It was in the news in Minneapolis.
  10. All the news this week about the issues there not sure I even want to get off the boat. Definitely not taking an excursion but if you have been there before did you feel safe at the carnival swim areas?
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