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  1. From our recent experience on Oasis … you will be able to book once onboard, but not before.
  2. We cruise with various lines. Royal was never overly formal line. Less formal that Celebrity or Princess for sure. How surprised we were when in Oasis in September we experienced one of the best dressed crowd in years. On “dress your best” night almost 100% were dressed pretty formal, but even outside of them numerous men wore suits or sports coats. I suppose people missed opportunities to dress up.
  3. Yes, I just love breaking rules.. i didn’t see signs. I wasn’t there alone. Less people, yes.
  4. In September I wandered to South beach. It looked nice, pretty empty (we were on Oasis with 2100 pax) and we will go there on Thanksgiving cruise
  5. I had very good snorkeling at CC several times from Chill Island in September I didn’t Snorkle , but saw this. People said Snorkle was great too 33B5340A-C26A-4459-B3A1-9177CF8185AF.MOV 56F5ED3B-6BF9-4AB5-AA1A-F3E6FB0D0AB3.MOV
  6. We sailed as elites on Celebrity even though we had 6 cruises at that time. Because we were D with Royal. We automatically got Elite status although points stayed the same. On Celebrity you need 300 (I think) points to be Eliite. Celebrity continues to offer Happy Hour with unlimited drinks, but with their new packages were everything is included for small difference most people have classic package anyways.
  7. No.. But if line is faint, you might not notice it right away and result will be inconclusive. They do ask you to show result and QR code is right next to it, in case you want to re-use negative result of your spouse. This is not scientific test as antigen only shows positive result if you are already sick today, not just infected, but considering all people are vaccinated risk is low. You just need to realize that it is a stressful procedure and people are anxious. We were after one by one CVS cancelled our main and insurance appointments (2 hours before scheduled appointment). We were glad we ordered 2 (1 for each) tests as a double insurance... and could not afford to not pass it due to silly mistake.
  8. I do not feel it is hoarding. After CVS cancelled 2 appointments in two (!) days on us in September and ordered kit was the only thing that saved our cruise... we started thinking about having tests for upcoming cruises. Especially after people started posting that shortages of BinaxNow are starting too.
  9. Tests requested in September had Oct 5 as a date, so would work for us just fine now! Because of this date we thought that new tests will have at least this date. Oh well. By the way when we tested in September I also did not feel well. I had was worried it was Covid19 even though we work 100% from home and when we get out it is mostly ocean beach. Anxiety...
  10. By one from Royal/optimum. It is a home teletest which you can perform at any place with good internet connections. You will get result in App and in PDF sent to your email https://store.optum.com/royal-caribbean/ It saved our cruise after 2(!) CVSs cancelled our appointments
  11. For the first time I would go to Coral World park and spend some time on Coki beach.
  12. I am a bit confused. On Oasis in September it was any drinks up to $13. I am checking bar menus on Anthem and same drinks cost $14. Will we have to pay $1 for each of them?
  13. On tablet it’s ok, on phone it’s too small. It was much more convenient in Tapatalk. I use 5-6 forums on Tapatalk. Great design and functionality
  14. I wish our cruise was 12/23. its 12/24… Btw from what I remember from September there is about 3 hours difference between time we were tested and time test was registered. Maybe it’s time zone difference? So maybe we can take this test really really late on 12/21 and will be registered on 12/22? 🙂 This is if course if it will be difficult to obtain appointment or new home test PS. Cruises become such a difficult process even for well organized and experienced cruisers
  15. We were so worried about potential shortage (and two CVSs cancelling on us in September) we rushed ordering kits…
  16. I thought so too, but I checked this document https://www.emed.com/hubfs/Case 01269955-COL-03030 BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Home Test Product Expiry Update - Customer Letter EN - US.pdf?hsLang=en Old and New Expiry dates (our LOT is 139520) and it says
  17. I do not see it in App Store! on my Iphone 12.. Strange...
  18. We already ordered and used tests for September cruise and it had Expiry date 10/05/2021 (produced on 02/08/21). Which was extended by 3 months. Now we ordered more tests for our Thanksgiving & Christmas cruises. New tests have earlier expiry date 09/21/2021 (produced on 01/25/2021). So they are extended only to 12/21/2021 They will be good for Thanksgiving, but one day too early for Christmas cruise 12/24/2021 😞 Not sure why they are sending older tests, but they do! So do not rush with ordering tests
  19. We cruise 5-6 times a year now. I can compare... Yes, groups are self initiated, and in some cases are not created soon enough, but .... I am here and there, so ...
  20. What is a name of App? I think I had it, but do not see it in store. I have iphone 12 Pro
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