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  1. We loved the Hilton Molino Stucky. So easy to get over to St Marks on their water shuttle, but nice to come back to the quieter little island with lovely restaurants nearby and the hotel is stunning. The water bus stopped right outside and took us and our luggage right to the Cruise port.
  2. Just our luck! First Cruise since turning D+ and we were keen to see the Concierge lounge on Anthem -
  3. Can D+ use the Concierge lounge or is it just for suite guests and Pinnacle?
  4. Villefranche is just lovely to walk around, and also the ocean is great for swimming, but the beach is pebbly. Villa Rothschild is an incredible place. The house itself is stunning, and the gardens are just beautiful. I’ve only ever visited the house from Nice, so not familiar with the walk, but well worth the visit.
  5. I had our refund two weeks after cancellation, and my FCC on the date stated in the email. They asked if they could apply the FCC to the balance of our next Cruise, but as it’s valid for two years I said I’d like to just hang back with that and decide myself which Cruise to apply it to. if I hadn’t had my FCC or deposit by now I think I’d be calling them to see why?
  6. PS we are looking for the exact same sailing for 2021 - so I’ll watch for your responses with the same interest. We’ve done that crossing before with celebrity and then had a week in WDW - but £2000 would be perfect!
  7. I agree with you wholeheartedly. We were very upset when our trip was cancelled and felt there wasn’t any real alternative except Anthem from Southampton to ports we are already very familiar with. All our promotions were taken from us, such as, included gratuities, WiFi and a drinks package. The price on Anthem for a JS was £2000 more than on Independence, losing us our JS and double points too. I felt on the whole the British contingent had stamped their feet for a few days but then had let it go, when really RCI needed to know that this was not an acceptable way to treat loyal customers. I took the time to write a letter outlining my disappointment in their decision and their utter disdain for all those affected. I told them we were aware that Anthem prices were raised overnight, and that agents had been told not to honour any previous sailing promotions. I received a phone call in response and our drinks packages were reinstated. However, later that week all sailings on Anthem included a drinks package so I’m afraid the letter had little impact it just made me feel better.
  8. I would take Hermitage plus 3 hr city centre. We were there last Friday and Saturday (Brilliance of the Seas) and I think the Hermitage all day would be boring for a 6 year old. The shopping street looked good I wished we’d have done that part but we didn’t get time.
  9. We feel the same- prefer the US ships - P and O just not for us
  10. I had the same happen with my deposit for Anthem having to be paid before my deposit from Indy was refunded. I called yesterday to see how long it was going to take to refund and the agent said two weeks from the date of cancellation which was May 9th for us. I was hoping it would be before we sail on Friday so the new deposit would be covered by the old deposit refund- not so it seems.
  11. Our email arrived last evening too. We have had £1200 GBP to be used by May 31st 2021. We have already booked Anthem so will use that towards the booking.
  12. The ‘incident’ line agent told me too that they had been told not to honour any promotions from Independence bookings. So unfair.
  13. We’d had JS on Independence but it was an extra £2000 to book the same on Anthem- so we opted for balcony. We also had an all inclusive package that included premium drinks package and gratuities, but the agent said they had been told not to honour any previous independence promotions. We are actually paying more on Anthem for far less even with the 25% cruise credit but this cruise is a celebration so we didn’t want to just let it go.
  14. I was told last night by the RCI ‘Incident’ agent that it was off the Cruise fare, he even worked ours out so we could use it against our rebooking.
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