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  1. For planing purposes, Mr Trump will be in Copenhagen on an official state vista 2-3 September! He has asked his staff to look into buying Greenland from Denmark. Expect congestion in Copenhagen on these dates!
  2. Think of Labadee as a place holder for Cuba when it opens back up in 2021.
  3. Posters here worry and complain about the wrong things. It this is the most important issue in your world, feel very sorry for you. The "tier" systems used by cruise lines is, at its basic, just another way to make more money off passengers. Maybe cruise lines need to go back to the days of ocean liners when ships were divided into First, Second and Third classes with separate dining, theaters, pools (usually only First had a pool and it was inside) and lounges.
  4. Just booked Connie for the ABC itinerary out of Tampa. Easy drive for us to the port and very easy access to port parking. Corralled an S1, my spouse's favorite cabin. Don't give upon on Dubai. Several years ago we did 17 days Mumbai-Pireaus on Azamara and it was great. Included Dubai - the visit to the Burj Khalifa is not to be missed. Northern Arabian Sea and Red Sea transits, stops in Aqaba and Eilat, Suez transit, Cyprus then into Pireaus.
  5. Another reason for Connie being home-ported in Tampa is access to Cuba in addition to the faster access to western and southern Caribbean ports vice the crowded eastern Florida ports. By late January 2021 Cuba should once again be a big cruise draw. RCI's previous Cuba ship, RCCL's Empress of the Seas, is dated and really wasn't satisfactory for Cuba.
  6. The current Gulf "problems" are a self-licking ice cream cone. All fabricated just like WMD in Iraq in 2003. With the Florida eat coast ports becoming crowded and the easier access direct south into the Caribbean, Tampa is becoming a great location for both passengers and cruise lines. And it has one of the best airports in the US with international connections. The only cruise restriction in Tampa is the clearance under the bay bridge. The behemoths will not fit.
  7. How true. CC contributors quickly forget that they are just a tiny segment of any guests on a cruise, usually around 8 percent. Not really enough to matter when it comes to cruise line policy or even a consensus of experiences.
  8. Agree. Same on Regal and Majestic. Will give Enchanted a try next year.
  9. Installed the OceanMedallion Class app on my iPad this afternoon in anticipation of our upcoming September cruise. Filled in all the data required to activate and was a happy camper until the segment for purchasing Medallion holders... Since the Medallion comes with a lanyard and we already purchased wrist bands from Amazon, the "basket" was empty on checkout. Princess website didn't like that and sent me into a "do" loop within the app. Not fun. Looks like we will have to wait until check-in to get it fixed. Guess this is what Princess calls "aggressive marketing." The cruise card was so much easier.
  10. Everyone likes to conveniently "forget" that the sole reason d'être for the "Medallion" is to help Princess separate you from your money. The only reason. Its not to make things easier or better for passengers. Caveat emptor - be very careful how you use their apps and where you use them. Watch your account closely.
  11. Not sure why this is of any concern to passengers. Its not like you have a choice... Did notice the glaring absence of any women senior officers... Princess is behind other cruise lines in this respect.
  12. The buffets on Royal/Regal class ships are the best in the cruising fleet. We eat there instead of the MDR, which we find to be too noisy, slow service, and less than adequate offerings. Its been many cruises since we have dined in an MDR on any ship. The Royal-class buffet offer an overwhelming number of choices, to include ethnic selections that vary by night. Wonderful. And we can talk with each other...!
  13. Aviophobia... There is always the stagecoach... In Europe rail travel is the way to go, especially the high speed rail systems which can reach speeds above 300kph. In Asia some rail systems support speeds above 400kph. In the US we are still struggling with inter-city rail, as well as intra-city rail... Your are safer on a commercial airplane (except the 737MAX) than in your car.
  14. Changed itineraries and ports caused by security issues are usually well compensated by Azamara, to include airline change fees and pre-paid hotel reservations. Had this happened several years ago for a departure out of Istanbul changed to Pireaus. Currently ships are transiting the Straits of Hormuz without incident. Safer, as a poster said, than visiting the US. Azamara, and other cruise lines, would not put a ship/passengers at risk. However, they do rely on various national government alerts and warnings to make the decision to go/no go. Current US Travel Advisory for the UAE is to Exercise Normal Precautions, the lowest threat level. Travel/state.gov provides current information and offers STEP alerts (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program).
  15. Cruise ship passengers need to realize that itineraries and port scheduling are planned some 2-plus years out. Discussed this with an Azamara Captain/Master several years ago: Headquarters sends the ship a proposed port schedule well over two years out and asks the Master to do detailed planning, which he does in conjunction with the senior staff. The ability to safely navigate between ports, berth suitability, and port/country security are all considered. The Master returns the proposed track/schedule to headquarters for approval and they port concurrence. Once approved, more planning and track decisions follow to refine the schedule. Weather, local turmoil, infrastructure challenges, etc all impact the schedule/port following release of the public itinerary. Azamara does not change ports/schedules just to inconvenience its guests...
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