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  1. Globehoppers

    Celebrity Move Up

    Its simply another way for the cruise company to take your money. Some airlines are also doing this: you can submit a bid to move up from steerage to another class.
  2. Globehoppers

    I Cancelled My Journey on the Edge...

    We are scheduled to give Edge a try in February 2019. Specifically booked the cruise in March 2017 as a quickie 7-day Caribbean. Some things worth considering, not in any specific order: - Less than 5 percent of "cruisers" are on CC, not a large sample. - A cruise ship is still a cruise ship. A car is still a car, even when one compares a Dodge to a BMW. - Only so many ways you can put lipstick on a pig (with deference to Palin). - Traditions die hard. Some still believe that "cruising" requires formal dining as was required in First Class on the great ocean liners. - Change is not always appreciated. Edge is "edgy" with change. - Expectations of something vastly different than a similar Solstice class offering are unrealistic. - Celebrity has made pricing of an Edge (and Apex) cruise stupidly expensive, to include on-board costs. Same cabin (A2) we booked nearly two years ago is now more than doubled. Price gouging encourages poor reviews. We are looking forward to our one-week adventure on Edge and approaching it with an open mind. It will be a change for us from more extended travels to Antarctica, China/Tibet, Australia/New Zealand, weeks in the Swiss Alps, etc. And note that we would never consider a Carnival cruise of any type to any destination.
  3. Globehoppers

    The”show” is spilling out of Eden

    Oh, the HORROR!
  4. Globehoppers

    Air Portugal

    Flew TAP Business class twice across the Atlantic last two years with on ward connections from Lisbon. Great prices, good airline, comfortable and good crews. Better than US airlines.
  5. Globehoppers

    India Shore Excursions & Golden Triangle

    India's "Golden Triangle" of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur can be covered, maybe, in 4-5 days. An overnight from Mumbai to Arga is possible via air, but would miss the other cities/attractions. We use and were very pleased with "Magic Tours of India," also called "Magic Tours of Delhi," for our 5 days of travel around the GT. Excellent pricing and continuous involvement by the owner in planning the trip for three of us. Note, we did this as a pre-tour to an Azamara cruise Delhi-Pireaus.
  6. Just back in the US from a wonderful visit to Australia and New Zealand: Princess land tour of Australia and 13 days on Majestic. After sailing Royal and Regal (twice) found the food and service on Majestic spotty, if not lacking. Food selections were limited and what was available not up to Princess (Royal and Regal) standards. Several fellow cruisers noted this might be do to the kitchen staffs having been selected for Chinese tastes. However, even the Asians on board appeared to stay away from "western" meals. Service was hit and miss and totally dependent on individuals. Management of staff appeared to be almost totally absent. On the positive side entertainment was well done and shops and customer service staffs were responsive.
  7. Globehoppers

    How does princess air component work???

    Its generally much less expensive to book via EZAir or any other cruise line air booking service for international flights. Less so to no real benefit for US domestic flights. EZAir offers excellent business class prices, as well. Except to/fm Australia. Those prices remain high...we just returned to the US from Australia flying Virgin Australia - excellent flights.
  8. Globehoppers

    What Gratuity to Leave at Specialty Restaurant?

    The "problem" with gratuities in the US is that American businesses do not pay waitstaff living wages. In most non-US countries waitstaff can be a career and people are paid accordingly. Depending on our engagement with the waitstaff in a specialty restaurant we will leave a cash gratuity of $20, maybe more. These generally young people from less advantaged countries work hard for their money and should be compensated accordingly. Its not easy for junior staff (non-officer) on a cruise ship.
  9. Globehoppers

    Soda (Only Card)

    Try the 6-pack of soda, mix and match, for $15. Great for the cabin and still a decent price.
  10. Pricing is also very route sensitive. In May we returned from a T/Q with additional ten days in Switzerland. I searched many options for the return. Settled on a great EZAir option from ZRH to FLL via JFK. It was $500 less each than similar flights from Munich, Frankfurt, Geneva, etc., back to FLL via NYC. Routing makes a huge difference. Also check code shares at the code share airline itself. Year and a half ago we flew to Ushuaia for an Antarctic cruise departing Miami via Buenos Aires. Delta's price was triple (yes, 3 times) what Aerolineas Argentinas was asking for the same seat on the same flight/airplane.
  11. Be careful with Option 1. In the age of data management, airlines are now tracking those who do not use the return segment and in some cases have been known to block you from flying with them.
  12. Airlines buy fuel futures and price accordingly. As with gasoline, prices jump quickly at any hint of an increase. At the moment crude futures are fairly stable around the $70-75 level. However, any uneasiness in global security/politics will jump that quickly.
  13. Globehoppers

    Currency for tips

    Incorrect. On an Australian/NZ Princess cruise next months and the currency is AUD. Includes gratuities. Ashore always try to tip in local currency which saves the recipient the cost of the exchange.
  14. Everyone needs to remember that crude oil prices have jumped about 60 percent since November 2016, from $45/bbl to over $72/bbl. And they are still climbing. Expect airfares and cruise fares to follow the same trend, especially since those businesses look at crude costs 6-months to years out.
  15. Globehoppers

    For those of you that think of moving on to Viking

    We have stopped going to MDRs. Period. Last time was on RCI's Oasis traveling with a pack of friends. Horrible experience. Noisy, slow service, bad food, you name it. We do enjoy Celebrity's Blu when their itineraries makes sense. Otherwise, it the Buffets of which Princess's Royal class supersedes all others win selection. Azamara does a good job with great food in theirs, as well, especially with "ethnic" nights. Edge in February so we will experience the varied venues first hand.