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  1. I like the non-alcoholic beer. They offer Heineken 0.0 on the ships but right now I can only get those during happy hour. Now it sounds like I can have them while at the pool - or at CocoCay during my June cruise. Super happy about the "temporary change" and want to keep it - well - at least this one.
  2. Keep this and get rid of the lounge. This would be WONDERFUL for me! I don't even drink but would like my NA beer during the day!
  3. This is nothing more than a power grab. The CDC director is political so don't believe a word she says. They want power and have no intention of giving it up. I feel so bad for this continued harassment of the cruise lines from the CDC. I wish we could vote their butts out of power! Time for the cruise lines to just looks elsewhere. Hopefully more ships out of more foreign ports that Americans can fly to (without ANY restrictions according to the CDC). The CDC is freakin idiots. All they have managed to do is harm the US and benefit other countries. BTW, I will
  4. I would not "jump ship" as you say. I am thrilled and so thankful that Bahamas agreed to allow cruising and because of that, I want to support them. So while cruising from FL is easier - I would still be super happy with the cruise I booked!
  5. I was pretty bummed when I saw this news. I was to take my first ever Azamara cruise last December but of course that was canceled. I did move it to this November though before it was canceled so didn't use FCC. However, I have paid over $2000 toward it. If I didn't have such a great room at a good price, I think I would cancel. But for now I will just wait and see and hope for the best. I will reevaluate when final payment is due and decide. I do assume that part of the purchase is that not only does Sycamore get the assets - but they also get the liabilities - which means t
  6. Thank you! I emailed Azamara to see what cruises are available for lift and shift for me since the Africa cruises in 2021 are 3 days longer. If they have anything that looks good - I will do it. Otherwise I think I may just cancel. This whole thing makes me so very sad for the cruise lines. I cannot even imagine the stress the CEOs are under. My heart just breaks for them every day and all the people whose livelihoods are impacted.
  7. I am thinking of Lifting & Shifting. I am on December 12, 2020 cruise in South Africa and would like to switch to Dec 2021 or Jan 2022. However, on the website it looks like only cruises that were part of them canceling are eligible for Lift & Shift. Is that not true? Those that have successfully done a Lift & Shift - what were the restrictions? I do have refundable air through ChoiceAir so any clue how that part will work?
  8. I have a cruise booked for August 10 and hope it sails! I recently booked this knowing there was a 50/50 chance. I would cruise tomorrow if I could!
  9. Does anyone have the email address for dining that we can make sure our reservations are linked for dining? Or to have them link us for dining? I know I have seen this posted in the past but was not able to find it using the search feature.
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