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  1. I really can’t see RCL going bankrupt. I went over their limited financial data provided by financial websites and they should be okay cash wise to survive a few month disruption to their business. If this continues then I see a delay in the next wave of new ships first, followed by layoffs and if that doesn’t stop the bleeding then you might see the start of rumblings of bankruptcy.
  2. Right now on our December 2020 sailing for Australia by my rough count we have approximately 525 rooms available(give or take for guarantee rooms, but guarantee rooms are selling at the same price as if you were able to choose, so probably not a big discrepancy) I think there a few more cabins available than previously. I know the longer this goes on the worse it is going to get for the industry(ships being quarantined, families not wanting to let their most vulnerable members go, the general misconception that cruises are dirty and it’s easy to get sick on them). If people don’t book and some continue to cancel which will probably be the norm, we’re probably going to be looking at sailings with barely 50% capacity.
  3. Hey Jim. Definitely playing by ear as well but for a trip that we’re going to take maybe only once in our lifetime gotta have a backup plan just in case. We’re currently slated to spend 3 days in Singapore before we head to Australia for a week before the cruise. Would Australia ban people coming from Singapore if there’s an outbreak there? Maybe, but I’m not waiting until 2 months before the cruise to start planning that out. I’m sure the Australia cruise will go ahead. I’m guessing they let those Asian cruises know by mid/late July. I’m guessing they’re going to need at least 2 months to try and sell as many cabins as possible.
  4. I can’t really see them putting a second ship in Australia. It looks like our cruise is having a tough time selling cabins. Who knows how many people might cancel those Australia cruises out of fear/precaution. I think they’ll send her down to the coast and do Mexico/Panama Canal cruises.
  5. It is so hard to say with such a situation as COVID-19. We are scheduled to be on the Eclipse in Australia in December. Her previous cruise leaves from Singapore and the one before that does SE Asia. We’ve decided that we are looking into alternatives in case we cannot board the ship because of some sort of outbreak(highly unlikely, but......) My non expert/highly unlikely guess If Eclipse is redeployed from Asia is that she will do a couple of Pacific coastals followed by a cross pacific to Hawaii and then a South Pacific to Australia. my guess for you would be that if Millie is redeployed it will be to somewhere she already is or to where she is going after she is done with Asia.
  6. Thanks everyone. Does anyone know if they accommodate dietary restrictions? I’m allergic to shellfish.
  7. Was looking at doing the Chefs Table dinner on our upcoming sailing on the Eclipse but they have it scheduled at 5:30 on the first night. Seems very odd to me considering we leave at 6:30 and would be right around the time we would have the muster drill. Does anyone know if they ever add extra evenings?
  8. Haha. My bad. Don’t know why I thought M-class. 😀 Its the S-class ships. ☺️
  9. At the top of the webpage there is a forum for cabins on the M-class ships. It provides a bunch of info on where it’s located, noise etc. They can be organized by room number so you can see what your specific room is like.
  10. We are about 10 months out from a cruise to Australia on the Eclipse. I decided to do a check as to cabin availability on our ship and I couldn’t help notice there are still almost 700 cabins still available. I understand that Australia is a long way to go for the majority of people who cruise and that this is the last cruise prior to Christmas (it finishes Dec 23) so I’m just wondering if this is a normal amount of cabins to be available or should I be on the lookout for a price drop soon?
  11. While on the Silhouette this past November we were in select dining and noticed the same thing on the nights we went. We also noticed that we were being seated in the same area at the same table every time. Luckily for us we were by a window so that wasn’t too bad. The first couple of nights were fine. But as the cruise went on we found the service slowly deteriorated. On the second to last night we waited almost 15 minutes for our waiter to come by. The only reason we stayed was because it was lobster night and my partner was looking forward to it, so we stayed. It was definitely very frustrating.
  12. I do remember. Those were two great tours. I’m still looking for an arincini that rivals the one we had that day. Its still the first cruise I bring up when people ask me about cruising. I do believe it was my favourite. I hope things are all well with you. Happy cruising!!!😄😄
  13. 5 points compared to 3 for a veranda
  14. I sailed in my first CC cabin this past November on the Silhouette and really the only bonus to it is the points. We booked it because it was only $100 more than a veranda at the time. So it was more of a points grab. We are sailing in another one In December for Australia($50 more than a veranda at time of booking). Once again a points grab. We probably won’t look at one again unless the price and location are right.
  15. Roll calls are also a great place for solo travellers to meet people. I went on a couple of cruises to the Mediterranean a couple of years back. With the help of the roll calls I was able to join people that had similar tastes in excursions as I did. I think because I was a solo they made sure I never felt like I was a solo cruiser. These two cruises were amazing. I met so many wonderful people and it wouldn’t have been possible without the roll calls.
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