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  1. Hi Everyone, Belle, yes, I do a lot of yard work, it gives me exercise and I love being outside.It has definitly helped to keep the weight off. Sorry your cruise(s) was changed. This is why hubby and I haven't booked anything except for a New England cruise Sept. '21 (which I only have about 50% confidence it will sail). A few cruises we were thinking of, a couple were cancelled, a ship was sold, etc. Too much uncertainty. Nice you saw your son/daughter for lunch. Trip with your son. Hmmm. I think you can do this safely. I would make sure to bring some items for disinfecting surfaces. Clorox wipes or clorox spray, hand sanitizer, wear mask, keep distance, avoid crowds, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands....... Today we have a thick layer of brown gunk in the air. No doubt because of the heat wave building in so no spending a lot of time outside for the next several days, blah. Will go out for a little bit today in the backyard; water the raised beds a little extra, might have enough swiss chard to pick and saute for dinner and I think I have some ripe tomatoes to pick. Have a nice day, Diana
  2. Mel, Happy Birthday! Good you are down a good bit from your heaviest, congrats. Jo, good loss. Umbud, great staying the same. Yes, you stay cool too, everywhere in the Bay Area will be HOT. Trish, great loss! Have a nice evening, Diana
  3. Hello, Belle, great poem. Don't worry being upbeat in these times is difficult in general. I stayed the same. I was looking at my weight and I've been the same since April (my lowest point). I'm happy I haven't gained through this thing. Jan, good loss for the week. Hopefully you can get off the rest of this year's gain. Stay healthy, Diana
  4. Belle, sorry you're having a bad eating day. I hear you on your gripes. I spent time in the yard yesterday and today, filled our yard waste bin and worked up a good sweat. Blue sky, warmth, sunshine, ahhhhh. I finally got hubby to help me trim the broken tree branches on our peach trees (there was so much fruit and so heavy). On a good note our trees are now much smaller so we won't have as much fruit next year. We had way too much this year. See everyone tomorrow for weigh-in. Mel and Izena, stay safe from the weather. Diana
  5. Jan, glad you had a nice birthday dinner. Oh how I wish we had cool temperatures like you. It was 95 here yesterday. Next week 100 all week. Should be 80's first week of October.... Mel, how nice you had a good time at the zoo. Sounds like nice breakfasts you are having. The smoke, I've read it has reached the the east coast and they expect it to circle the globe, awaful. Today we have blue sky. Yesterday I spent a little time outside, air quality was a bit better. Might spent some time outside today again or tomorrow. PAC, glad you are getting the treadmill in. You are doing great on your goals. Belle, glad you're keeping us chatting. Diana
  6. Hello everyone, Izena, nice loss for the week and overall loss. Good job! Belle, nice you saw your daughter and with pizza in hand....how nice. Glad your son and daughter are good, staying healthy. We decided to go to the gym today. Before we new it we had been there an hour. Was good for us. Added it to a couple of other errands so it didn't feel so far to drive. Everyone in masks and everyone wiping down equipment, staying away from each other. The gym employees were walking around, making sure everyone was keeping their mask on. We also stopped for a burger while we were out but the smallest size, no cheese and also got 2 small fries but just shared one. Hubby can eat the other one later or with lunch tomorrow. So we didn't do too bad for lunch. Mel, like that you and daughter celebrate your birthdays for a week, I like to do that too for hubby and I. Happy birthday to you both. Our air quality is gross again today (will be tomorrow too). Smells like smoke outside and you can see this brown gunk in the air. Blah. Stay well and enjoy the weekend, Diana
  7. Mel, great you are down. Have a great time at the zoo. I'm a big kid, I still love going to zoos. Jo, congrats on being under 170, awesome. Ombud, sorry you're up. We have some pale blue sky. We can see the sun. Yesterday the air was so much better, I worked in the yard for a little. Today the air is better still. Diana
  8. Belle, thanks for the words. Crazy to think holidays are not so far away. I stayed the same. A win as I am trying most not to gain. Jan, Happy Birthday a day early. Stay well, Diana
  9. Nice to read people are exercising and staying focused on health. Our air quality is unhealthy today and tomorrow but will only be "poor" Thursday and Friday, we've had a little wind and ocean air flow so that has helped and temps 85-90 which helps too. We finally saw the sun the today. Still can't spend a lot of time outside but will don my N95 mask and work outside a little, at least plant some seeds and trim roses. We had to buy tomatoes today ☹️, my plants have nothing (and I have tons of them). No sun for 2 weeks makes for very unhappy tomatoes. Hopefully they perk up for a late fall harvest. Jan, hubby and I love Italy. The food especially. I hope you get to go soon. Take care, stay safe everyone, Diana
  10. Hello, Our air quality today: dangerous. They say bad air quality through next weekend. We did go out to bring chinese takeout home for dinner. We order lots of vegetables. Jo, great loss for the week. Belle, hope you don't gain all the weight back. I exercised today, used my hand weights and rode my stationary bike. Jan, wish we had your temps! Happy (and jealous) you've been spending time in the yard. Mel, great you are busy with your wedding cake business. If we ever see the sun again I'm going to plant a Fall garden: swiss chard, kale, cauliflower. Have a good evening, Diana
  11. Hello, Friday afternoon. Ahhhhh, nothing quite nuclear winter..........our air quality here in No. CA is very unhealthy to dangerous through at least Tuesday of next week. We must stay indoors. My yard looks horrible. Everything is slumped over and unhappy. We haven't seen the sun in over a week. Feel so sad for people in Oregon and other parts of the west that have lost everything. Mel, glad you lost something. PAC, good for you on doing the crossfit. Ombud, good you are walking but please be careful with the air quality....Glad your clothes are fitting so much better. BigRed, great you are sticking with your exercise. Awesome. Have good day everyone, Diana
  12. Hello, Belle, thanks for the poem. Hope you're all better. BigRed, great you improving your health. Wish you the best in losing weight, getting healthy. Jan, a loss is a loss. I stayed the same. Happy I could do that over my bday. We tried the gym yesterday (the only one in our area allowed to open). We've decided it's too far to go for regular visits. It's 45-60 roundtrip. So may only go 1-2 days a week. The gym close to our house is only 6 minutes roundtrip but in a different county with a worse virus load so not allowed to open. Have a good day, Diana
  13. Belle, hope that was it for you too. Good news, our county was moved to the next better stage so restaurants can have in person dining at 25% capacity and gyms can reopen at 10% capacity. The gym we belong to has a few locations in our area but only 1 is open, 15 min. drive. We're going to go this afternoon (when people don't don't generally go) and see what it's like. Might try eating out next week, lunch or maybe dinner at 4:30pm. Although at 25% capacity hubby and I were saying it is probably more trouble than it's worth. Have a good everyone. Diana
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