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  1. Hey Jared, I was in the center of the ship on the 8th looking down at deck 5. Looks like they have 4 around the ship.
  2. That is so cool you were there in 92. I bet it was awesome seeing those replica ships. Hopefully you get on a ship by 2020 but if not, you have a very big milestone anniversary in 2022 😁
  3. Hey there, Thanks for reading my Hawaii review. That was by far the greatest vacation of my life. We did so much in such a short time. I hope you get back there soon. I loved the helicopter tour and didn’t think about getting air sick but I was feeling it the last five mins. My motion sickness seems to have a mind of its own. Sometimes I don’t feel quite right on a flight landing and other times I’m great. I don’t take the non drowsy Dramamine or use the scopolamine patch unless it’s a dire emergency. They make me feel lethargic and dry me out. Food and drinks don’t taste good either so I try to avoid them. I feel so bad for motion sickness sufferers! It’s not fair. I would love to go out deep sea fishing but I don’t dare. Thanks again for finding this post!
  4. Hey pghsteelerfan, I remember great reviews from you. Thank you for following along and I do hope you find some good info on my Hawaii cruise. I’ve sailed from San Juan twice and flew in the day of... ugh. I won’t do that again. I will allow some more time to explore such a great place. We really want to climb the summit of El Yungue. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks Jamman, I have learned so much from your reviews and feel like I know your wonderful family. I never had a thirsty red frog but every time I watched someone order one I looked over just in case it was you. 😂😁😂
  6. Hey Anyislandwilldo, Yes, it’s mesmerizing isn’t it? The talent that we get to enjoy just blows me away sometimes!
  7. Hi JaniceB, You stuck with me to the end of my long winded review. 😂 thank you!
  8. Thank you so much fla97. It is hard to put my sense of humor in writing. I’m glad you got me 😉
  9. Hi DebOinKC, I enjoyed this itinerary and had a few hours in the morning to just relax and enjoy pulling into port for 2 stops. 8am is great but I often miss a lot by being at breakfast or getting ready.
  10. Hey flwinejunkie, Im not real sure how this ducking thing works but there is a little piece of paper attached to the duck with a fb or insta page so you can # the person and they will see that you found the duck. Unfortunately I don’t do social media except for my reviews on CC so I couldn’t let the original people know. That’s why I relocated the little guy.
  11. Final Thoughts I had a wonderful time on this cruise start to finish. I had some downs with the headaches, insomnia, motion sickness, sore throat, head cold, and the throbbing fire ant bite!!! Even with all that, this cruise was one of my favorites. Memories made with good friends is always the best medicine!! Regrets I had a few… I still haven’t made it to the Alchemy Bar. I didn’t get that warm chocolate melting cake. I regret not getting on that ropes course!!! Special Thanks… A shout out to the bartenders at the Red Frog… They work all day elsewhere and then work all night there. Patrick, Jay, and Lorena... We all loved you guys. Thank you for making this cruise so special for us!!! Our servers Malcome and Gusti did a great job every single night. Service was always fast even on those hectic elegant nights. Our room steward Luki was great, we had twice a day service and never had an issue. Random Thoughts… My friends feel like the bigger the ship, the more crowded because the extra decks are just for thousands of more cabins. On the Pride, we did not have all the waiting around in lines all the time. I didn’t feel that strongly about it. I was impressed with the staff on the Breeze. Each bar had a minimum of 2 bartenders and I never waited for a drink. Also, my past two cruises, I was never asked if I wanted a drink with dinner and on this cruise, they asked every single night. We did not have any spring breakers to speak of. It was not a rowdy crowd that I noticed. I never saw anyone that had 1 too many or anything out of line. The floor in the buffet area is very slippery especially if you’re wearing sneakers. I never ordered room service and I never saw the menu but somehow it got packed into my paperwork. Since I stole it, I am attaching it for you. Also, on the last day I noticed this outlet in the bathroom. That could have come in very handy if I had only seen it sooner. We always collect magnets on our travels. I would recommend Go Port Canaveral. They took the stress out of everything, at least for me. I enjoyed the Breeze, and thought this was a great itinerary. I would do this again in a heartbeat. I recently met up with my buddies and we reminisced about our fabulous week. We all agreed we could not do a cruise more than once a year because our poor bodies could not take all that we put them through during one week. Haha Thank you all for following along. Happy Cruising CC Fam!!!!
  12. Day 9 - Debarkation I woke up at 1am and couldn’t fall back to sleep so I was a zombie. I managed to get it together and we had everything done for self-debarkation at 7:35. We ran up to the buffet for a quick bite to eat but I would have made out much better getting a burrito. DH got an omelet. It took just as long for him to get the omelet as it did me to wait in line for the buffet. We were back in port but for some reason our phones weren’t working so we had a little miscommunication with the group on where and when to make our exit. We finally met up and then we saw the line of people trying to get off. It seemed a bit chaotic and Donkey kept telling everyone not to come down. A rep came over and was planning to send us back, but DH flashed the Platinum card and she let us pass. Once things got moving, we were off quick. They asked how many in our party for customs, so we all got to stay together. Once outside, we immediately saw the signs for Go Port Canaveral. We were almost the last on the bus and then the bus pulled over to the Sunshine and picked up just a few more people and off we went. They dropped us off at a centralized location at the airport and it took awhile to find our airline ticketing and baggage drop off. We had to go up to the 3rd floor, I think. I’m happy to report all went well with the flights and we walked into our front door at 5pm.
  13. We went to Pixels to get my photos and then to the fun shops. The gang headed to the Red Frog to wait for Travis to start his set, but he wasn’t coming on until 10pm. DH and I decided to suck up as much fresh air as we could, so we headed to the Tides Bar and just chilled out. Eventually we went back to the cabin. We have another ritual and that is never packing one thing the night before we leave. So, we had the alarm set for 6:30 the next morning. He went to bed around 9 and I went scouring the buffet for sweets. That baked Alaska just did nothing for me. Oh and I did stop off at the tides bar and got a white Russian to wash down this plate full of desserts. 😲 I was really trying to squeeze in all the fun I could.
  14. Here’s a few more random pictures. I did not want this day to end! For dinner DH had alligator bites, French onion soup, shrimp cocktail and roasted pork. I had the shrimp creole and finally had dessert. It was baked Alaska and I only asked for it because I had no idea what it was. Turns out it’s not that interesting and I should have had the WCMC. Our wait staff all joined in to sing us goodbye. That’s my least favorite song in the whole world. Or at least it was at that moment.
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