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  1. With our 25th cruise coming up on June 9 (10 with Carnival and the next 2 are Carnival), I have to say I would vote for more maintenance. I won't cancel cruises due to the Triumph but I know more regular maintenance could prevent problems like this happening. this should be a wake up call for ALL cruise lines. Barb
  2. yes, absolutely. These ships (any line) should have more regular maintenance. I'm very glad that the Triumph wasn't in really bad weather. This could have been an even worse event for Triumph.
  3. Has anyone heard when HMC will re-open?
  4. Hi Cruise a hoy! I work 20 miles south of PHiladelphia. 5.8 earthquake.....I googled and apparently Colorado had a rare 5.3 yesterday... :(
  5. trvlexprt. just let 5243 on Pride go......aug 28 sailing call Heidi 1888-333-3116 ext 132. great cabin...says obstructed view but it is fine...........I'd hurry
  6. Does anyone have an email address for the Maitre 'd on Pride? Thought I would try for a table for 2 - it is my husband's 60 birthday........ Thanks! Barb C
  7. Hi DSMAGICCITY, I tried to email the maitre'd on Pride...it didn't work with prmaitre'd@carnival.com.....can you double check the spelling for me? THanks SO MUCH! Barb C
  8. Thanks for getting back to me Teeara! Appreciate it!
  9. Friends are leaving on their 1st cruise on Summit next Sunday from OSJ....once on board can you leave again? They should arrive by 1pm but will not leave port until 830. We've never done this before so I didn't know what to tell her. Thanks! Barb
  10. I agree with the OP. For my husband and I it is not so much about FORMAL wear. Carnival is allowing sweat pants and flip flops (as I have seen as well) and that does lower the standard for everyone! Seeing people dressed inappropriately never ruins my cruise but it does make me wonder how far will Carnival go? I love to get to know as many staff personnel on board from different countries and a conversion with our room steward last Summer (he is from India) will always stick in my mind. He said what he has noticed over the years is a disregard for looking your best. Standards are going out the window. He didn't say but I got the feeling he was talking about Americans haha. Maybe a good rule of thumb would be to dress like you are going to a wedding on formal night. Just my humble opinion.
  11. I used to take my french press, then my one cup mylitta and have hot water delivered..it NEVER tastes like home coffee (or land coffee :)) I really think it is the potable water...if you are that picky a coffee drinker (as I am as well) you won't be satisfied.....just make the yucky coffee part of cruising and get a good cup when you get to each port. Just mho. Barb C
  12. Glad they are all home safe and sound.....passengers and crew.
  13. It could have been so much worse. I think it reflects on the crew that no one was seriously hurt and they got the fire out before a tragedy occurred. Must have been frightening.
  14. Hi Cruiser 930! You will love Pride, my DH and I have been on her twice now and she's grown on us....don't forget to go to David's SUpper Club...it is a wonderful experience...especially for a honeymoon couple. Go for the extended balcony...my dh doesn't like aft but both times we stayed in 6226 plenty of room on the balcony. enjoy enjoy!
  15. Thanks E46343, Love the Pride, we are going on the 8th, can't wait! I totally agree about the door slamming. If you slam it once you would think not to do it again! We were on RCCL in APril and had a wonderful time except LOUD neighbors....it's a shame when people are not aware their behavior adversely affects others....a little manners go a LONG WAY! Thanks for your review. Barb C
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