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  1. I really like Fort Lauderdale. It is a very walkable, relaxed, place. Last time, my sister and I went to the Bonnet House, a historic home and gardens. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours before heading to the cruise port.
  2. We took a half day rock climbing and zip lining excursion through the Carite rainforest (about 45 minutes distance from the port). There are many tour operators to choose from, check Tripadvisor. We used Rocaliza and they were great.
  3. As always, it is great fun to read your reviews and to watch Sakari grow. What a cutie! I grew up in NJ, where pop is "soda." My Midwestern friends all say "pop." However, if it comes from a gun, I think it should be "pop gun" not "gun soda." Just sayin'! Thanks for taking the time to do this and I hope you are feeling better. And yes, that proprietary charger for the Olympus is a pain to replace on the fly. But seriously, you're a paying passenger and if the ship's shops can't stock a replacement, they should provide a charge cheerfully and without complaint. The hassling seemed really petty, IMO.
  4. And I love yours! For the record, Denise's Portuguese is much better than my German. :rolleyes: Also for the record, I'm a working mom with kids around the age of your son. I have enjoyed reading about your family adventures but I also love seeing how the two of you interact when he's not around. Your relationship is beautiful to see.
  5. The plaque commemorates a man and his wife, the fifteenth generation to hold an entailed estate (the kind of property awarded to members of the nobility). They made a sacred vow (voto) to erect this statue dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  6. One of the funniest things I have ever read! Have you considered stand-up comedy?
  7. Thank you so much for your review. It's a good 10 years until my kids will be finished with college and probably a good 15 before I retire, but you have certainly provided food for thought, should good health and financial security continue to smile upon me! You provided just the right amount of detail to retain my interest throughout. I loved your positive attitude and your ability to appreciate whatever came your way, be it over-the-top luxury, heart-rending poverty, unusual food, unique flora and fauna, or sites of deep historic or spiritual significance. And naps! You took the inconveniences (Noro & piracy risk, missed ports, changed itineraries, iffy weather) in stride. And you really conveyed the special aspects of every place you visited as well as the opportunities for fun and camaraderie on the ship. Thanks again for sharing your journey with us at home.
  8. Yes, I saw that somewhere, but I don't think our paths crossed. I am class of '87. And I'm also a teacher - go Patti!
  9. I found this review after having read your most recent Spring Break review. I want to applaud the resilience of your family. So many people allow themselves to become bitter over the small disappointments that life brings (oh no, my food arrived cold! Why did that other person get to cut the line?) You have experienced one of the greatest losses imaginable and I see that you are able to appreciate what life has to offer despite your personal tragedy. There is no greater gift to share with your son, Ryan, as he goes through life. I am truly sorry for Kevin's passing and I hope that you continue to feel his spirit. p.s. I grew up in Union County, went to Rutgers, and then lived in Baltimore, so I also enjoy seeing familiar points of interest on your trips to various ports
  10. Thanks for another great review. I appreciate the high quality and composition of your photos. You and your family always seem to be having such a great time. And Sakari is getting so big! She seems like a fantastic kid - full of life and energy with the tiniest bit of goofy mischief to round it all out. Have a great time in Bermuda!
  11. You can always get a steak or chicken breast or salmon, accompanied by baked potato and steamed vegetables from the always available side. It's basic comfort food. You also might want to send her to the buffet from time to time. Lots of variety, including made to order pasta.
  12. For a European trip from the States, I'd lock in airfare and accommodations 6-9 months in advance if the prices looked good. Also tickets for any DIY attractions that are in heavy demand. For a Caribbean trip from the States, it would depend on the season of travel. If it were peak demand, I'd start looking within a 6-9 month advance window and would book when I saw a good price. Packing - I start putting stuff in a pile in my suitcase about 2 weeks before and get serious about 2 days before the trip. I'd say that neither of you are crazy. Go with what is least stressful for you. I tend to plan in advance and DH is very last minute (booking travel arrangements less than a month prior to a trip). Cutting it that close drives me nuts - higher prices/less choice.
  13. Ginger pills really work well for me. I start taking one on the day prior to the cruise. If I have to up the ante, sea bands and/or non-drowsy Bonine. I was very prone to car sickness as a kid, FWIW.
  14. I have begun researching river cruises and personally I find a spreadsheet (or some close note taking equivalent) to be very efficient as they all start to blend together fairly quickly and if I don't keep track I then end up doing the work all over again. For me, I hate being nickled and dimed, especially if I'm paying for an upscale experience. So, for example, if the price ended up working out the same for tips included vs tips added, for example, I'd probably pick the more inclusive company because it would correspond more to my idea of "luxury." Then again, if there was a significant price differential, I'd be willing to pay a la carte. And the only way I could figure that out would be through a spreadsheet or similar. But that's just me.
  15. This may have been covered but I haven't read all 63 pages of this discussion. If you are quarantined in your cabin, due to illness, then you are slapped with a "convenience charge" to be able to eat, when there are no other options available to you? Seems like adding insult to injury. It also seems like a surcharge that would unfairly affect the elderly or the physically disabled who might NEED to use room service more often due to mobility issues. Then it becomes discriminatory against certain categories of passengers and should be very hard for NCL to defend. Just my opinion.
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