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  1. Okay Izumi looks the best of all the food I have seen so far! My 7 year old wants exactly what you ordered! He is such a sushi foodie!
  2. Love your review! Your photos are amazing! Congratulations on your engagement! Maybe a honeymoon in Europe is in order!? He is such a romantic!
  3. At Nachi Cocom was the water calm or was it rough with waves? We are headed there in a couple weeks!
  4. Can’t wait we are on the Allure 10/21/18! Looking forward to your review!
  5. We are on this sailing also!! It's getting so close. We are a family of 5, 2 adults and 3 kids doing our own excursions (not ship sponsored). In Cozumel we are doing Nachi Cocum private beach club...look it up! They only take a fixed number of people a day and its all inclusive!! Roatan we are doing the Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hangout with an island tour (not ship sponsored) and the rest we will just wing it. Trust me if you do your research you will save a ton of money. Like other posters have said, know where and how you want to go! See you in a few weeks!
  6. Not sure why RCCL is responsible. You put on the slippers and you stated that you had insurance for coverage. I’m sorry you slipped and injured yourself but I can’t see how they should give you something.
  7. We did a Canada and New England cruise meant years ago visiting those same ports. It was amazing and so beautiful! I know you will absolutely enjoy it! Looking forward to hearing how you and your mom like it!
  8. if I have chose my time dining and made reservations for each night, should my nightly reservation appear in my cruise planner? Also, if a beverage package has been purchased, should this be there also? Both are missing and I’m not sure if it’s something I should be concerned about. Thank You! Your dining reservation time will be on your calendar if you have MTD. All the reservations I have made for the shows are on my calender also. I printed it just to have a record of the things I booked. The beverage package will show in your order history. I think it would be a good idea to print your purchases so you have proof of the purchases. I used to work for the military and have learned to make copies of EVERYTHING!
  9. We will be traveling via personal car to Port Everglades in October to board Allure. How early will they let me drop off luggage with porters and park in garage? How early will they allow us into the cruise terminal?
  10. I’ve been up since 4 too! I was wondering what time you were getting up! Safe travels today!
  11. How exciting! Will you please post the cruise compasses as I am doing this same itinerary the end of October! Enjoy!
  12. I was 65 days out when items began showing up in the Royal App. Saturday the set sail passes showed up on the app for our October 21 Allure sailing. Now waiting for documents.....
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