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  1. Thanks everyone. I’m super excited. Yes we were in a window guarantee but it came down to the price of what r paid months ago was what theses room are going for now so I called to see moved see if we could move up. The food the aqua class was he same price and would have done that but no handicap room was available and my sister need the handicap room. Now I think even if the aqua class does come available I won’t want to move. The balcony looks amazing.
  2. Well today I went from a window cabin up to the concierge class for my Oct 18th sailing on the Summit for free. So excited now I need to know what all the fuss is about. I see you get priority boarding but from what I hear that is no longer happening. With 300 or so people it is not real needed. Then I see priority seating selection in the dining room. Again not really needed. A bottle of wine in you cabin. We have the drink package so again not needed. So can someone tell me what I get to look forward to? I’m just happy to have a balcony, also We are in cabin 7212 and 7208, very back of the ship. Anyone can tell me about those rooms? Thanks
  3. If you get the wi-fi package would that include texting? or just something like facetime? Thanks for your input
  4. Any chance Abby that you could ask if they can tell you how full the Sept 11 2021 cruise will sail at? 50% 75% capacity?
  5. I was told by princess today. ( yes I know that the two are completely different companies) that the 72 hours from from the time the ship set sail. I ask so does that mean if I sail at 6pm on Saturday and take the test Wednesday morning I could have problems? She said “ yes I could do to be safe do it after 6pm Wednesday or better yet Thursday morning”
  6. I am will to expand my sister not so much.
  7. Can someone tell me what kind of soda or pop is on Celebrity. My sister is a Dr Pepper drinker and I like root beer. Thank you
  8. Thanks! Hoping they change requirement for my September 11 cruise.
  9. If my cruise starts on Sept 11 2021 and I need a negative Covid test 72 hours before my cruise when do I need to take the test. We plan on flying into Florida on Sept 9th at 830am and we don’t get to Florida till 530pm. When should I take the test?
  10. Not sure if everyone knows this yet or not but if you use oxygen or on dialysis you won’t be able to cruise this year. My sister is on oxygen and we just found out today that we cannot go on our November Mardi Gras sailing. So disappointed but I understand. Changed it to as Alaska cruise May 2022. Fingers crossed.
  11. There are two people that stand out in my mind. I wish I could remember their names. One was from a man. He traveled with his wife and then his wife and son. He made a few reports going to Disney and U.S before and after his cruise. Lots of photos and lots of details. I believe he was from Utah. Next was from a lady that traveled with her dad. She lost her dad a few years ago. Again can't remember her name but if any one knows who I am talking about they always had great reports.
  12. Thank you. My sister will be glad to hear that.
  13. I have been looking at the deck plan for the Freedom. I can not tell if you can get to the Serenity deck if you are in a wheelchair or scooter. My sister can not do stairs so I am hoping that someone can tell me if she will be able to get to the serenity deck. Thank you
  14. I have a window cabin now on Carnival Freedom for May 2021 but thinking about upgrading to a balcony. Is there a better side to be on? I'm thinking because it is round trip in really does not matter. Thanks for the help. Minniegidget
  15. Question do you know if your deposit was non refundable. If so do you know if they cancel will you get that deposit back? We booked a casino rate and the deposit was non refundable so I’ m worried that we will lose our 200.00
  16. I do not them them but my sister dies and looking at hers right now are so bad. Nothing for a 7 day cruise in August or September.
  17. Just wanted to add my thanks to you Gregg for all the updates all day. I have a friend on the ship and it was nice getting updates so I could pass them along to friends and family
  18. So maybe by November she will have one? That’s great news. The dive in movies are one of my favorite things on a cruise ship as I normally don’t go to the movies at home.
  19. Just looked and it does not say she is getting dive in movies. That’s sad still going to have. Blast going to Hawaii in November
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