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  1. Yes, my first thought was Princess - Royal Princess. I wish it were RCI, but not counting on it.
  2. Is Uber usually available at the train station in QC?
  3. We will be doing the same on the Snowbird Migration Cruise in October. There are enough of us doing it that they offered two pick up times directly at the ship. We had booked the regular tour on their website, along with many others from our Roll Call. Later we all received an e-mail offering the ship pick up options. Afterwards a group of us are going on a quest for lobster rolls!
  4. Thanks for starting this thread. I look forward to it every year!
  5. I have done 3 TA's in the last 3 years, all in September or October. I am unable to vacation past the first week in November due to my job. So, there are TA's that start earlier.
  6. Yes. We are booked on the May 8 TP with you. What I meant is that I really want to do that cruise. However, if they redeploy the Ovation away from Alaska in 2021, which I know could never happen Lol, they would cancel our TP. Since we are so far out I will just feel better once they release the 2021 Alaska cruises as that would lock us in for the TP.
  7. We are booked on the 4 hour Oli's Trolley Tour in October. It looks like it is a short walk from the pier. (I put Cruise Ship Dock int Google Maps and it came back as Town Pier - I hope that is right.) We booked the 9:30 AM Tour. Check-in is at 9:00 AM. Our ship arrives at 7:00 AM. I figure that will give us plenty of time to tender and get to the meeting site. Is there a place near the trolley where we can pick up a snack to carry on the tour?
  8. I don't believe the Ovation has any mechanical problems. I am also booked on the two cruises following the dry dock. I am just waiting to make sure that they won't redeploy the Ovation from Alaska in 2021. If she does not go to Alaska then the TP would be cancelled. I won't be booking airfare or anything else nonrefundable until I see the Alaska itineraries in effect.
  9. We are also booked on the Ovation April 25/May 8, 2021. We are sailing her from Japan to Seattle on the last leg. I will breathe easier on that booking this far out once I see the Alaska itineraries for 2021 listing the Ovation. So, I will be looking for those new itineraries, too. We actually have a cruise booked for fall of 2020 that we plan to cancel. But, I am holding onto it "just in case" something happens to the Ovation cruise. It has a NRF deposit and a good price and I don't want to throw any of it away until I am sure that the Ovation itinerary won't change (not unheard of).
  10. I can't answer your questions as we have never been to the region before, but I am interested in any answers you receive! We are going to spend 3 nights in Montreal and then 3 nights in QC prior to our Snowbird Migration cruise this October. We plan to take it easy while there, but so far have booked the HOHO two day sightseeing bus in Montreal in addition to a walking tour of Old Montreal. We would be interested in any good places to "Hop Off" the bus! In Quebec City We have a Visit a City One Day itinerary mapped out, mostly walking. I have used Visit a City plans before (customized to our interests) and they are very good. We have also booked a trip to the falls and the monastery with our Roll Call Group on Day 2 in town. We are on the ship for an overnight after boarding. We booked the Sugar Shack dinner and experience through the ship on the first night and then we have a walking food tour with our group on our Day 2 of the cruise, before leaving port. IN QC I am most interested in "must see" places on our day on our own with the VAC plans. It looks like a lot, but almost all can be changed, if needed. Hopefully, you will find some really good options off things to do!
  11. Will he be the CD for the Adventure Snowbird Migration Cruise?
  12. OK, I had to Google "Poutine", LOL! Sounds like a heart attack on a plate.😂 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poutine Recipe: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/poutine-recipe-1973715
  13. Is that held by RCI or the TA who canceled it?
  14. I booked a cruise using a NRF deposit sit Travel Agent "A" for Sept 2020 ($900 deposit). We have since booked another cruise for April 2021 using Travel Agent "B". If we cancel the September 2020 cruise I know we would forfeit $200 off of the deposit. Would we be able to apply the $700 difference to the April 2021 cruise, even though we are using another TA? How would that work?
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