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  1. Sunny AZ Girl

    Choice Air seems to cheap

    It has worked for us on Delta many times the same way. I use points most of the times to fly domestically, but Choice Air is the way to go to Europe! We are considering a cruise to Japan in 2020. Are the prices on Choice Air to/from Asia as reasonable as those to/from Europe?
  2. Sunny AZ Girl

    Deployment 2020-21 booking season begins

    I also like the Serenade itinerary better than Ovation's. When do you think the Hawaii - Australia bookings will be open? I am considering either that or a TA from Europe with friends.
  3. Sunny AZ Girl

    Deployment 2020-21 booking season begins

    I know that I saw Serenade to Hawaii in September 2020 yesterday, but it is gone now. It looked like a great itinerary.
  4. Sunny AZ Girl

    Deployment 2020-21 booking season begins

    Will the Serenade be heading to Australia after the September cruise to Hawaii?
  5. Sunny AZ Girl

    Portland, Maine

    What beautiful pictures and a great blog! Thank you for sharing. I am thinking that we will copy your day.
  6. Sunny AZ Girl

    Millennium Ocean View cabins

    Thank you all for the above very helpful posts. So, it seems as if my fears are unfounded. Now to wait and see if these cruises will actually be released soon, if they are still affordable and then to decide on Decks 7 all the way forward or Deck 3 forward of the front elevators. Next question about the Deck 7 cabins - It looks as if 7000 & 7001 are smaller than 7002 & 7003. Is that true, and is the configuration very odd in those two side cabins? Also, is the bed in front of the window so as to obstruct the view? Thank you again, in advance.🤗
  7. Sunny AZ Girl

    Millennium Ocean View cabins

    We are hoping to book the B2B Transpacific/Japan on the Millie in the fall of 2020 once the itineraries are released. We have never sailed Celebrity before and so we really don't know the ships. We would probably book an ocean view. After doing a search I only came up with older threads that stated that the cabins in category 6 on Deck 3 are great with larger windows, and also that the forward facing cabins on Deck 7 are really large with big windows. While I am confident that the ship layout hasn't changed much if any in the past few years I am wondering if there is any new information that may be helpful regarding this cabin choice? My concern with the Deck 3 cabins is if there is noise from the lounge areas above at night? Also, there is a blank area above the Deck 7 cabins on the Deck Plans. Is there noise from that area? (We were directly above the crew gym, which was a blank area on the Brilliance of the Seas and there was loud music and slamming doors at night). Thank you for your help!
  8. We have 8.5 hours in port. So, doable if we decide to try it.
  9. I am also interested in car rentals in these ports if it is worth it. I am confused about Pei, though. Some say that the car rental is available, others have had bad experiences.
  10. We are interested in the Millennium to Japan TP in 2020. I am thinking that will be the Nov 6 announcement?
  11. Sunny AZ Girl

    Adventure Deck 12 New Cabins feedback?

    We are booked in 1824 next year. I would love to see pictures of these cabins specifically on the Adventure. Are they upgraded from the older cabins on the ship like the newer ships?
  12. Sunny AZ Girl

    Brilliance- any recent cruisers?

    We were on the recent TA and the 5 night Caribbean following (21 nights total). While both cruises were excellent and would do either again, we felt that the ship is showing her age and could us a good refurbishment in places. Specifically, quite a few failed window lights (foggy windows). My husband has been in the window glass business for most of his career, so he focuses on these things. It could use some more paint in places. On the plus side, the carpet was all replaced in the recent drydock and the furnishings seemed to be good, especially in public places. I don't believe the cabins were refurbished, but our OV cabin on the TA was in excellent shape. However, our balcony cabin on the 5 night was pretty rough. The balcony was rusty in places and the bathroom had a lot of wear showing. Our main complaint on the TA was the ongoing construction on Deck 6 directly below our cabin (7000) It sounded like a jackhammer going off from 8 AM until evening and nauseating paint fumes driving us out of the cabin during the day. After several days of complaints our entire row of cabins had a meeting with the guest services manager and they agreed to stop construction on sea days and only do this in port (this was a TA, so lots of sea days!). We were also all comped 50% of our cruise price. I would think this work would be done by now. Apparently they were remodeling the crews gym. Also, the crew uses the gym 24 hours a day, so some of us were awakened by loud music and slamming doors at 2AM. This was also put to a stop by management. The ship was very clean all over on both cruises. No complaints at all about general maintenance. Cleaning going on all the time. We were happy with the food. Good to excellent. The Park Cafe in the Solarium was our favorite lunch place. The crew is one of the best and will bend over to please. Overall, nothing on the ship really would cause us to not sail her again for the right itinerary. The 5 night is a nice break and very enoyable for a short cruise. They try to offer all of the activities of a 7 night, compressed into 5. As mentioned above you don't have all of the bells and whistles of the newer and larger ships on the Radiance Class, but they make up for it in the excellent service and the more intimate feel of the ship.
  13. We were on the September 17 sailing and stayed at the Springhill Suites Old Montreal. It was a nice hotel with a lot of restaurants around, and we could walk to see the Old Montreal sites easily in the morning. After lunch we grabbed our bags and took a taxi to the bus terminal. Orleans Express was $25 pp with bags (no refunds and no changes at that price) for the trip to Quebec City. I highly recommend both the hotel and bus. Thank you! I will keep that in mind. 😎
  14. Thank you for the response. I thought that you had stayed overnight. We may be flying into Montreal, so looking at all of the possibilities.
  15. I am enjoying this review. We are looking forward to the same cruise next year. I haven't read it all yet, but you have already given me some great tips! Question is - where did you stay in Montreal?