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  1. Thank you for the response. I thought that you had stayed overnight. We may be flying into Montreal, so looking at all of the possibilities.
  2. I am enjoying this review. We are looking forward to the same cruise next year. I haven't read it all yet, but you have already given me some great tips! Question is - where did you stay in Montreal?
  3. Sunny AZ Girl

    Arizona Cruisers 2018

    Norine, the heart is a "Like" button. But if you go to "Activity -My Activity Screen - Content I Follow" on the top left of the threads you will find current posts on all threads you are following. The unread posts are in bold type. You must be logged in to see your content.
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    Subscribed Threads

    I have found one way to see when my subscribed threads have new posts by going to Activity>My Activity Streams>Content I Follow, but I would love a condensed version, accessible with one click and just showing the thread with new posts once, not one line for every new post. Is this possible or am I missing another way? Otherwise, i like the new site. Like anything new, it is a learning curve. But, I am learning it pretty quickly and I am not computer savvy. I have seen improvements since the first day launch and I am sure it will continue to evolve. Good job!
  5. I removed Tapatak from my phone today. No loss. They have recently started charging me for the use of it (0.99/month. It won't break me, but it is the principle). I logged onto the CC website directly with no problem and it is completely mobile friendly. I was even able to add a shortcut to my home page, so I am good. The day the new website was released I couldn't get it on my phone, but no problem today. They did announce from the beginning that it would not be available as an app since the new version would be mobile friendly, so the loss of Tapatalk should not be a surprise to anyone.
  6. Sunny AZ Girl

    Arizona Cruisers 2018

    I am now logged on and posting from my phone. I have Samsung. No problems. It even saved a shortcut to my homepage. I logged into the website directly and it looks good. There is a help thread on the home page. Maybe you can get some help there?
  7. Sunny AZ Girl

    Arizona Cruisers 2018

    I am finding it easier than I thought to navigate to my subscribed threads. I still have to try going to the main website on my phone, though. Baby steps. Still working on pictures I am making myself get up every hour and walking 10 minutes on the treadmill so I am not just sitting here like a lump all day.💪 (I do like the new emoji's🐭)
  8. Sunny AZ Girl

    Arizona Cruisers 2018

    Tapatalk no longer works. I haven't tried the website on my phone yet, but I m uninstalling Tapatalk. Our photobooks will probably go into the trash when we die, too But since I plan to be around a bit longer I will keep doing them. They are for our enjoyment. Not my kids. We do pull them out and look at them more often then we look at SmugMug. I do like both, though. When my memory goes the books will help me remember where I have been as I browse through them in my Assisted Living Room! Laura, I am glad you found a way to lower your inflammation. Good for you!
  9. Sunny AZ Girl

    Arizona Cruisers 2018

    It seems they have fixed the type color and double spacing. Still can't access on Tapatalk. Tapatalk is now charging me $0.99/moth. Not going to break me, but it is the principle. I was going to drop that anyway. I use my phone to access CC at work, so that is a problem that needs to be fixed as I know many people are mobile. They did say that the phone app would no longer be available. Nice weather out. I am enjoying having the windows open. Still working on my pictures of our month long adventure! I have done the first cut/fixing and now I am organizing/second cut and uploading to Smugmug. I will post a link when I am done. The final Picaboo book(s) will be my "best of best" and much quicker to go through! It is disappointing to hear consistently abut the food quality on Princess. When we cruised on her in the the past it was good, but it has been quite awhile. I don't hold much weight on one person's food review as food is subjective and some people take the "critic" part of this board too literally, but when it is repeated over and over by so many people I know and trust then I know there must be a problem. I will never say NO to Princess since we are now cruising primarily for itinerary. Ship and price factor in to our decision, however. But the reviews will make me cautious. I would also like to try NCL again. The reviews there have been very strong. Have a great day!
  10. Another friend of mine is on this cruise. I know you all will love both Tim & Kathy and Anne! I met Anne on our last cruise (the Brilliance TA). She was a single at our MTD table that I put together (same table and waiter each night). It worked out really well. She is single, in our age group and cruises solo. Hopefully, she will be posting on the Roll Call soon.😎
  11. Sunny AZ Girl

    Arizona Cruisers 2018

    Change is hard. I was about ready to set up a FB group for us, too. I found ow to find your subscribed threads. On the upper left just above the forum title go to Activity>My Activity Streams>Content I Follow. I don't like that it shows every individual newer post instead of the whole thread with new posts. I guess I will get used to it. Let me know if you find a better way. We missed you all while you were gone. I have never had a bad cruise, but some stand out as favorites. Looking forward to making a new favorite on the Ovation. 😎
  12. How many of us will there be? I hope some more will join us.:) I did see quite a few 8D balcony cabins available on the SS site, especially on Deck 8. We are in 8520, Deck 8 forward, starboard side. We like to get our steps in on our way to the dining! Plus, the forward elevators are less busy than the aft. We love a wake view balcony, but those are pricey these days, so we will settle for the side view. Regarding dining - we do prefer My Time Dining, so we will stay with that. We have done that for the last few years and primarily end up with a great wait staff and table. As soon as we find one we like we try to stick with it. On this ship we may sign up for a few Specialty Dining meals. No more than 3, though. Wonderland is not to be missed and I want to try Jamie's Italian for sure. Entertainment needs to be booked ahead on this ship, so once that is done dining times may need to be adjusted. No problem. That is one reason we like flexibility. Plus some f our port times are late. We may choose the buffet if we get back to the ship late and don't want to have to get cleaned up. we can link for MTD times and also Specialty Restaurants. Sometimes we have to do it once we board, but it has never been a problem. We will watch for Dining and Entertainment to open up. Not sure when that will happen. This will be fun!