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  1. Sunny AZ Girl

    Tracy arm excursion from Juneau

    From my research the travel time is part of the experience. The possibility of seeing whales, seals, and even bears is part of the draw, not to mention the beautiful shoreline itself.
  2. Sunny AZ Girl


    Good to know you enjoyed it. We do book balconies about 80% of the time, but we have found we like the larger space afforded in the Large OV rooms on the longer cruises, and if we are doing a cooler weather cruise (like this one) we don't spend much time on the balcony anyway. We do have a balcony for Alaska (scenery) and also for any Caribbean Cruises we book).
  3. Sunny AZ Girl

    Kailua Kona tour guide

    We did a self tour on the Kona side a few years ago and it was a lovely day. We went to the historic park (can't remember the name), two-step snorkeling right next door, a lovely little chapel with many hand painted murals, and another snorkeling park closer to the ship. I would have to dig out my notes to find names, but it is easy to discover what you want to do according to your inteests online. We also rented a car from the King Kam hotel I plan to do the same next September. Hopefully, we will find some new places to explore. I do hope to work a coffee plantation into our tour at that time.
  4. Sunny AZ Girl


    See you onboard!
  5. Sunny AZ Girl

    Montreal hotel

    We have a VRBO rental reserved. Apparently convenient to the sights and very affordable. Plus, we can eat a few meals there if we wish and save some $$$. There is an open air market just down the street that could be fun to pick up some fresh, local food for dinner one night and also for breakfast. We will be there for 3 nights prior to taking the train to QC.
  6. Sunny AZ Girl


    We are on the Adventure Snowbird Migration Cruise this October. Looking forward to seeing the updates. We have never been on the Adventure, but have been on the Explorer and Mariner. We are booked in one of the "new" Panoramic Ocean View Cabins on Deck 12. Has anyone been in one of those? I believe it is category 1L (1824) .
  7. Sunny AZ Girl

    Deployment 2020-21 booking season begins

    That sounds like a lot of fun!
  8. Sunny AZ Girl

    Shore exc sold at the Pier in Alaskan ports?

    Very good reason to book the day of the cruise. Not the normal situation for most of us, but the beauty of the situation is that there are options for all circumstances. God bless you. BTW, I am also a cancer survivor, but I have been blessed to not have had such a hard comeback.
  9. Sunny AZ Girl

    Deployment 2020-21 booking season begins

    I know you like this itinerary, Karen. We would love to have you join us on the 2020 Fall cruise, too!
  10. Sunny AZ Girl

    Kona - renting a car for a few hours

    At one time I had a coupon code for car rentals in Hawaii, but now can't find it. Is there anything out there like that now?
  11. Sunny AZ Girl

    Shore exc sold at the Pier in Alaskan ports?

    I am a pre-planner and do book things very far in advance in order to get my preferred provider. I can't imagine trying to get a tour such as a whale watch at the last minute. I also want to be sure that I have researched any company where I will be getting into a boat or plane with in advance for safety reasons! That said, several years ago I went to Alaska with my DD. We had not planned anything in Ketchikan deliberately. It was to be my shopping day. However, I did want to see the Totem Park. When we disembarked there was a trolley tour at the dock that went to the Totem Park for a very reasonable price, I think $25 pp or around there. It also advertised seeing bears, but it was mid July and I did not see any. But, I did see the Totem Park and it was very enjoyable. However, I would not risk a major excursion to be by chance in Alaska.
  12. Sunny AZ Girl

    Bar Harbor tours and Lobster

    Are Gilbert's and Becky's in Portland or Boston?
  13. Sunny AZ Girl

    North Star question Ovation of the seas Alaska

    Agreed that this thread will probably get moved to the RCI forum. Saying that, we will be on the Ovation in Alaska in May. We are looking forward to the North Star and hopefully will get on during one of our two Glacier Days. Most of our Activities aren't available to book yet, including the North Star. But I am watching for them! Once open, can we book more than once, or are we limited to one booking at a time?
  14. Sunny AZ Girl

    Skagway Excursions Opinions Please

    Yes. We are on Ovation - 11 night cruise. We are excited because of both the ship and the interesting itinerary. Your cruise will be great! We love the Radiance Class ships. Be sure to make it even better by getting to know some people on your cruise before hand. You can do that by looking for your Roll Call in that section of this forum. Our Roll Calls are one of the things that we love about cruising! I took the liberty of looking up your Roll Call for you. It is not extremely active, but you can get to know a few people before your cruise here, Enjoy!:
  15. Sunny AZ Girl

    hubbard glacier

    I went to Alaska in 2010 with my DD and we were in awe of the glaciers. I didn't expect them to be so majestic, even though I had seen pictures. This time I have convinced my DH to go with me (he prefers warm weather cruises, so he stayed home last time). He keeps referring to the glaciers as "big ice cubes". Hopefully, he will be as impressed as I was when he is actually up close and personal with a real glacier! We are fortunate on this one time 11 night cruise to have two glacier days on the ship (Hubbard and Endicott Arm), plus a small boat excursion out of Juneau to Tracy Arm on Adventure Bound. I was able to convince him to go with me because of the ship (Ovation). Hopefully, someday he will want to return because of the majesty of Alaska!