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  1. I wore my keens last week on Getaway and had no problems - you should be fine..
  2. Found one more as I was going through Receipts - Wine Lovers the Musical Menu and Wine List. We really enjoyed this show. The female singer for this show is from the Burn The Floor show. And you got 9 glasses of wine with it. We also signed up for the Circus Dreams show Night 8 and enjoyed that one as well - the meal for that show was excellent. My one remark to NCL - they book great lunch shows on sea days but the Splash Academy is not open during lunch on sea days to watch the kids. :-(. 2019-11-08 Wine Lovers Musical.pdf
  3. We ate at the landshark while we were there, right by the pool. My husband and I had the chicken wrap, our son had the shrimp, and nachos and salsa. With 2 beers and 1 virgin drink I think it was about $70 total. The food was decent (better than I expected) they did not take our room card - you have to use a credit card. On a Harvest Caye note our son wanted to do the zip line and it was $90 per person.. YIKES!!
  4. Yes - we paid tax on beverages on day 1 and on beverages and dinner add on's at Cagney's on Day 9 (that was a surprise). So yes - you will pay tax on any purchases while sailing in the US. I think it was around 9:30 - 10:00 PM on the last night when we left International waters.
  5. So many have asked for Dailies and info from past Cruises. I thought I would scan in and post for all. Attached are Dailies, Splash, Entourage, Fitness, Casino and other misc info from the cruise. The dailies include all paper we got for each day. These are from the November 8, 2019 - 9 Day Western Caribbean on the Getaway Schedule was 1 - Embark 2 - Sea 3 - Sea 4 - Falmouth, Jamaica 5 - Grand Cayman 6 - Roatan, Hondorus 7 - Harvest Caye, Belize 8 - Costa Maya, Mexico 9 - Sea We had an amazing cruise (minus the tendering process in Roatan). I did not take pics of the menus - But I will post some food pics later. 2019-11-08 Casino Flyer.pdf 2019-11-08 Daily Day 1.pdf 2019-11-08 Daily Day 2 Sea.pdf 2019-11-08 Daily Day 3 Sea.pdf 2019-11-08 Daily Day 4 Falmouth.pdf 2019-11-08 Daily Day 5 Grand Cayman.pdf 2019-11-08 Daily Day 6 Roatan.pdf 2019-11-08 Daily Day 7 Harvest Caye.pdf 2019-11-08 Daily Day 8 Costa Maya.pdf 2019-11-08 Daily Day 9 Sea.pdf 2019-11-08 Entourage 13-17.pdf 2019-11-08 Fitness Schedule.pdf 2019-11-08 Mandara Spa Price List.pdf 2019-11-08 Ship Staff.pdf 2019-11-08 Shore Excursion Order Form.pdf 2019-11-08 Splash Dolphins 10-12.pdf 2019-11-08 Splash Seals 6-9.pdf 2019-11-08 Future Cruise List.pdf
  6. And the only excursion is 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon - which still puts us at airport at least 4 hours early.. Note to self - NEVER BUY the NCL transfers...
  7. Has anyone had luck canceling transfers after final payment? Just called and they told me no dice. the only thing I can do is apply $80 towards a post cruise New Orleans Shore excursion.
  8. We are on the Getaway November 8th. We too are super excited!!
  9. We did the free air with NCL for our November cruise out of New Orleans and are generally happy with our flights, really the best option that could have been booked. However, our flight arrives at MSY at 8:39 AM and our flight home is at 6:09 PM. When we booked we got the transfers included. Does anyone know how the NCL transfer service works? My fear is we will be waiting at airport for a couple hours until bus fills up to take to the cruise terminal. And on way home. I do not want to go to airport and wait for 8 hours, we want to explore New Orleans for a couple hours. I am thinking about just calling and canceling our NCL transfers ($40 / person and family of 4) But wonder what is best way to handle luggage while we explore. keep transfer and go check in luggage early then explore, or store luggage somewhere and do tour? If anyone has experience in New Orleans any insight would be appreciated.
  10. It is back working now. Whew.. I was scared there for a couple hours..
  11. Is anyone else getting this error message today? I have tried 2 different browsers. Plus when I log into my NCL account the "Lets Get You Upgraded" screen doesn't pop up. I am hoping this doesn't mean no more bids for our cruise 😞 We sail 11/08. I have been getting all morning.
  12. As someone who cruises with my kids, (mostly well behaved, but they are kids and they do get excited easily). I can tell you my kids are much more behaved that a lot of the "adults" we have seen on cruises. I also like the person who posted "I'll join them". Don't knock it until you try it, kids are carefree and fun loving, and mine love talking to adults. Some adults need more carefree and fun loving time - maybe dislodge the big stick they got implanted years ago..🙂
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