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  1. We used 2 certificates on one cruise last winter. I think NCL just keeps extending the promotion. But you never know when it will end. I also thought that $100 OBC was just on certain cruises.
  2. You will survive ! And spend very little time in your cabin. But $$$ talks. We are balcony folks and very frequent cruisers. But a few years ago I enticed my husband into a last minute cruise inside cabin because of the great price. The other option was not going at all! We spent a lot more time in public places.
  3. Same thing has been happening on NCL. We reached Platinum Plus after 40 years of cruising with them. Now people are getting there much faster by booking suites and booking early!
  4. Priority debarkation does not exist. You just get a gold luggage tag that puts them in their own area. You still have to get yourself off and there’s no priority there. You can’t get past the lines. And if you leave during self-assist and you don’t have your luggage with you they won’t let you in the luggage area on the dock until all luggage is off due to the small fork lifts moving all about.
  5. The mini bus to horseshoe bay is $7 /pp each way? how do you pay? Cash on the bus? Or do you buy a token or pass ahead of time?
  6. Thanks for your quick but disappointing answer. Definately not worth bidding then.
  7. Is the beverage package included in all Haven bookings? The reason I ask is because I am thinking of bidding on an upgrade from a sail away balcony to a Haven cabin. Will my bid include the beverage package?
  8. We too do sail away and have always been pleased with our room assignments. The savings is significant. The so called “free” perks are really quite expensive by the time you pay more for the higher category cabin plus gratuities on the beverage or dining packages.
  9. The Crown to Bermuda and “who let the dogs out” woof woof woof woof!
  10. I have been sailing NCL since the early 1980’s and I too don’t remember any specialty restaurant without a surcharge. For a number of years La Bistro was the only specialty restaurant and the charge was $5/ pp. I do remember th La Cuchina being free when it was first introduced.
  11. Is there a self-service laundry on any Royal Caribbean ships? specifically Ovation of the Seas?
  12. I’m thinking of asking for Caesar salad with dressing on the side and beef entrees with gravy/sauce on the side. I’m hoping I’ll get salads that aren’t limp and wet and beef that isn’t hidden with sauces and maybe better looking.
  13. Is there a charge for the beach club or is it a public beach?
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